The Adventure Starts Here: June 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Kids Behind The Blog | June 2017

While I'm no longer really blogging, I love "The Kids Behind The Blog" linkup so much that I can't give it up!!!  Not only is it my favorite linkup, but I really love having these monthly interviews of Noah and would really regret it if I just stopped!  In case you are new here, Noah is my "kid behind the blog". He is 4 years old, goes to school 3 mornings a week, and spends the rest of the time home with me.  I have been recording our interviews on video and I love how it documents his personality, growth, and speech development.

As much as I love asking Noah the questions each month, I also have so much fun reading what your and my co-hosts' (CrystalBethJessicaStephanie) kids have to say each month! And in case you are new to the linkup, here's a little background information. We came up with this idea because we are such huge fans of "The Guys Behind the Blog" and wanted to create something similar to do with the "kids that made us mamas".  Each month, we have a set of questions to ask our kid(s) and we will share their answers on our blogs. We sure hope that you will do the same and link up with us each month! We can't wait to read what your kids have to say!

This month's questions were:

1. Do parents get a summer break?
2. If you could change your name what would you change it to?
3. How much do you grow in the summertime?
4. Would you rather go to the beach or to Disney World?
5. What is your favorite kind of ice cream? Least favorite?

A few notes...
1. I have to admit that I take Summer pretty seriously and do tend to slack on my house cleaning and meal planning... so I guess I really do get a break ;)
2. This was my favorite answer this month.  And in case you don't watch tons of YouTube like we do, his first name was from Hobby Kids TV.
3. While his answer was a little exaggerated, Noah does tend to grow a lot over the summer!
4. I should be glad since we will be going to Disney Land next week, but I was kind of surprised he didn't say the beach since he really loves going there.
5. I am surprised he said he didn't like Strawberry... while it's no longer his favorite, just 6 months ago he was asking for it a lot!

I'd love for you to share what your kids had to say this month. Just grab our button and link up at the bottom of the post! Also make sure to stop by CrystalBethJessica, and Stephanie's blogs to see how their cute kids answered!

And as for next month, the link up will go live on July 12th

July Questions:
1. What do you need to make s’mores?
2. What is your favorite summertime treat?
3. Would you rather fly in an airplane or ride on a ship?
4. How would you change the world if you could?
5. What comes after summer?

We really hope you will follow along and link up going forward!  As always, it will be on the second Wednesday of each month, on the following dates:

July 12 | August 9 | September 13
October 11 | November 8 | December 13

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