The Adventure Starts Here: August 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Currently | August 2016

I love "currently" posts because I love documenting what's going on at the moment.  I'm a huge fan of making digital scrapbooks (both for our family and for Noah) as well as using this blog as a scrapbook of sorts.  I've been doing "currently" posts for a while now, but recently changed up the format.  Here's what I've been up to in August...

Cooking: The same things over and over!  I have definitely entered a food rut.  While Noah is a fan of some pretty healthy food, the variety is extremely lacking!  And with Chris working late most nights, I've lost the motivation to try new recipes.  So instead, I've been making the meals that I know we both love and that heat up well later that night (for Chris) or the next day.  I hope to get back into my meal planning groove this fall!  

Eating: pancakes.  This is a relatively new one for us.  This summer, Noah decided he's a fan of pancakes (no butter or syrup for him).  We had them at a friend's house and he's loved them ever since.  I bought the huge bag of Krusteaz pancake mix at Costco where you just add water.  My friend even inspired me to try making Mickey Mouse pancakes, and while I'm no expert, Noah is impressed ;)

Wanting: some new running shoes.  While I have a few pair of fashion sneakers, I haven't purchased legit running shoes in a long time (I'm thinking at least 5 years).  This fall, I want to get into the routine of walking for exercise and think it's time to get a new pair.  

Looking:  forward to cooler weather and all things Fall.  Don't get me wrong, I love Summer.  But they are called seasons for a reason and I'm ready for a change.  The pool and beach are great, but I want to do some outside activities that don't require being near a body of water to stay cool.   

Loving: our pool membership.  Speaking of bodies of water, I've really loved spending the last month at the pool.  I grew up at the pool and I'm so glad Noah seems to like it too.  He's become such a fish this summer and I think this is the first summer in a long time that I've actually swam in the pool rather than just taken a dip to cool off.   

Enjoying:  Our lazy mornings and snuggles in bed.  We co-sleep, so Noah and I wake up in the same bed.  We love taking our time, snuggling while talking about what we are going to do that day.  I will definitely missed these mornings where we aren't rushed to be somewhere.  

Hoping:  Noah will love his teacher and enjoy school as much as he did last year!  I'm pretty sure he will, but I'm a mom, so I tend to worry ;)

Needing:  to exercise more.  I went for a 2 mile walk the other day when the temps were in the high 70s (a rarity recently).  While I did fine, going up the hill with the stroller was harder than I expected and I was tired afterwards.  

Wishing: I could go on a Fall shopping spree.  I love to shop and there are so many cute things out there that I could easily go crazy!  Wouldn't it be nice to shop without worrying about how much things cost???

Feeling: thankful that Noah is such an easy kid.  Of course he has his moments, but in the grand scheme of things, he's a really good kid.  The older he gets, the more fun he is.  I feel blessed to be able to spend my days with him and go on all these little adventures!  

Drinking: sangria.  This is kind of misleading since I haven't had much all this month, but I did enjoy a few glasses this weekend, and it was wonderful! 

Planning:  Fall activities... stay tuned for a bucket list of sorts :)

Debating: how to spend my time while Noah's in school.  This year I will get 3 mornings a week instead of 2 and I can't decide whether to spend it doing blog stuff, running errands, or adding exercise to my routine.  

Wearing:  swimsuits and goggles.  Since we spent the majority of our time at the pool, I rarely did my hair this month and kept things pretty casual!  

Watching: the Olympics... like everyone else in the world!  My favorite events were swimming, diving, and gymnastics!   

Listening to: Chris and Noah play at night while I'm in my office.  Since I spend my days with Noah and Chris gets home kind of late, I like to give them some alone time before Noah goes to bed.  It's pretty amusing listening to them play.  I especially love to hear Noah laugh!  

Reading:  Embarrassed to say that I haven't been reading much more than blogs this last month.  I've really been slacking!  

What have you been up to this month?  

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

10 Things I Learned This Summer

This is our last full week of Summer. This weekend is Labor Day, and Noah starts school next Wednesday.  With summer coming to an end, I can't help but look back at all the fun we had.  I also realized that I learned a few things this summer... 10 things to be exact! 

1. Shower at night.  I usually prefer to shower in the morning... my hair looks it best when I don't sleep on it and I just feel fresher for the day.  But in the summer, we spend our days at the pool, beach, or just sweating out in the hot sun.  I quickly learned that it was a total waste of time to shower in the morning and then go do all these activities and have to shower a second time.  

2.  Sunscreen makes me break out.  While Noah and I both tan pretty easily, if we spending the day out in the sun, I am diligent about applying sunscreen to both of us.  I quickly found that I was breaking out more than usual with all the sunscreen I was applying to my face.  Thankfully I found some Neutrogena sunscreen (my sunscreen of choice)  that is specifically designed to reduce acne breakouts.  

3.  Buy lots of sunscreen at the beginning of the summer.  I learned the hard way that the sunscreen aisles are seriously picked over by August.  I get it, they have to make room for back to school and Halloween (still think it's too early though!), but it is still hot and sunny and we are still spending our days at the pool and beach... we need sunscreen!  

4.  Noah doesn't like the ocean.  While he loves playing in the sand and loves swimming at the pool, he is pretty terrified of the ocean.  He's gone in once or twice with Chris holding him, but he doesn't even enjoy walking by the water or going down to get buckets of it for his sand castles.  I definitely prefer the pool to the ocean, but I hope that as he gets older he can get over his fear.  

5.  I struggle to stay on top of cleaning.  Since our normal routine was thrown out the window this summer, I had a hard time finding the time to clean.  After spending our days in the sun, I had no motivation to come home and clean.  I hope to get back into the groove once school starts.  That or find some money in our cushions to afford a cleaning lady ;)

6.  I have a black thumb.  We attempted a garden this year and it failed miserably!  We didn't even get to the part where we transfer the seedlings to the raised box in our backyard, they all died well before that stage!  I'm gonna keep trying however with potted plants, wish me luck!  

7.  Have a back up pair of goggles.  If your kid is anything like Noah, going to the pool without goggles just isn't fun.  He won't stick his head under and is hesitant to jump in the water.  I forgot to pack his goggles when we went away one weekend and I heard about it constantly!  When we got home, I ordered a second pair that we plan to keep in the car just in case.  And from the amount of goggles I've seen in the lost in found, losing goggles is pretty common, so I think having a second pair can't hurt!  

8.  Humidity sucks!  I love a bright and sunny day, but when the humidity makes the temperature feel 10-20 degrees higher, it's just miserable!  On those days, if I can't be in the actual pool, I need to be inside with the air conditioning blasting!

9.  There is no such thing as too much ice cream!  Between ice cream at home and making trips to our local frozen yogurt shop, we've consumed a lot of ice cream!  I know that once the cooler weather arrives we will naturally eat less, but in the meantime I'm thankful for elastic waist shorts ;)

10.  Noah is a homebody.  As much as he loves the pool and the beach, if he was given the option, he'd stay home and play with his toys (or watch TV and iPad) every single day.  Since this is his personality, I usually like to keep Monday free of plans so that he can recover from our busy weekends.  Not sure what we will do in a few weeks when he has school on Monday mornings, but I'm sure we will figure something out.  

What have you learned this summer?

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Monday, August 29, 2016


Yesterday, Chris and I celebrated 6 years of marriage.  Even though it was 6 years ago, I still remember our wedding day with such detail and have such fond memories of that Saturday in August.  But as I'm sure many of you will agree, the longer you've been married (and once you have kids), anniversary celebrations start to change shape a little.  While Chris and I still acknowledged the day (and exchanged "gifts"), in many ways it was just like any other day.  Noah still woke up early asking to play with daddy right away, we had a birthday party at the zoo to go to in the morning, and Chris still had to spend the afternoon mowing the lawn.  But in addition to our normal routine, there were cards exchanged, flowers given, and a nice dinner out just the two of us.  It was the perfect way to celebrate our life together.  

Chris surprised me with these beautiful roses and some chocolate.  
Noah made me this picture (with Chris helping him spell) :)
My gift to Chris was the Mets game we went to last month and Chris gifted me the gym membership I requested.  

My mom came over to watch Noah so we could go to an early dinner last night.  We went to try out an Italian restaurant in the next town over.  Years ago, a different italian restaurant was there.  It was one of my families favorite restaurants... we had many birthday dinners there as well as my bridal shower.  We have been meaning to try this "new" restaurant for years now, especially when we found out the owners live only a few houses down from us.  We got there at 6 and felt a little strange since the place was empty.  But by the time we got our appetizers, the place started filling out.  The problems you have when you go out to eat early!  But it's exactly how we like it... we get a nice dinner out, Noah gets to play with Grandma, and we still get to put him to bed.  

 top (Stitch Fix) | white jeans | sandals (in black) | clutch (very old, similar)
 ^^^ Noah wasn't really eager to get in a family photo this year.  We finally talked him into it and asked him to hold up 6 on his fingers.  He did manage to get 3 fingers up on each hand, but quickly went back to holding up 4 fingers instead.  Years from now we will probably think this was our 4th anniversary... or that he's really into the peace sign ;)

Dinner at Prezzo was delicious.  We got the Prosciutto Wrapped Fig appetizer special to share.  I got the Lobster Ravioli while Chris got the Linguini in White Clam Sauce.  And we splurged each got a dessert, the carrot cake for Chris and chocolate mousse for me. 

Another year of being married to the best guy I know.  He's not only a wonderful husband, but he's an amazing friend, hard worker, and loving dad!  I'm so glad we were able to celebrate the life we created.  

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Fall Favorites | Rewind Friday

While it's still hot here and we have 11 days until school starts, I can't help but get excited for Fall!  I'm ready for some cooler weather, watching the season change while going on long walks, and spending weekends at the farm and fall festivals!  It will be a couple more weeks until we can do these fun activities here, so in the meantime I will reminisce by reading some of my fall themed posts from last year...

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Our New "Back to School" Routine

In just less than two weeks, Noah will be going back to pre-school.  Last year he went two mornings a week, but this year he will be going three.  While Noah has no problem waking up early, we have gotten used to taking our time in the morning this summer... sometimes we don't even go downstairs for breakfast until 9:30!!!  Since we will need to leave the house by 8:30 on the days he has school, I figured it was time to make a plan on how we will get everything done in time without a lot nagging.  Next week will be the perfect time to ease into this new routine before the "live show".

Noah is a huge fan of Daniel Tiger and the "get ready" episode is one of his favorites.  In case you aren't familiar with the episode, it has a song that helps kids go through the steps of getting ready for school in the morning (as well as getting ready for bed).

Clothes on
Eat breakfast
Brush teeth
Put on shoes
And off to school

We've sung this song in the past and found it to be super helpful with keeping him on track.  While we may switch the order up a little bit and maybe add a few steps, I think the song is so catchy and worth using in our morning routine!  

When creating our new back to school schedule/routine, I worked backwards from when we need to be out the door.  And since kids can be unpredictable, I added a lot of extra time for each step to act as a buffer.  Here's the plan...

7am: While Noah is usually already up by 7, this is when I will have an alarm go off as a "just in case".  We both go to the bathroom and then head back into bed for some morning snuggles.  I may check some emails while Noah watches a show or two on his iPad or maybe read some books.  Anything to help us wake up slowly.  

7:30: Time to go downstairs.  (This is the step I need to stay on top of.  In the summer, we usually lose track of time and snuggle time lasts longer expected.)  I've decided to keep Noah in his pajamas until after breakfast just in case he has a spill.  I will let him watch one show while I make and we eat breakfast.  Once he's finished eating, it's time to get dressed.  While we are working on Noah putting his own clothes on, he still needs some guidance.   

8am: Noah gets to have some play time while I go upstairs to get myself dressed.  I imagine Noah will play with his magnatiles, do some puzzles, or draw some pictures during this time.  Some days, I envision him following me around like a shadow ;)  

8:25: Brush teeth and gel his hair.  In the past, I've had him go to the bathroom right before leaving the house.  But I want him to get used to using the school bathroom, so I think I will have him hold off and instead take him to the school bathroom right before entering his classroom.  

8:30: Put on shoes and grab his school bag.

And off to school!

Wish us luck with the "back to school transition"!

I would love to hear how you manage to get out the door on time for school every morning!  And for more back to school inspiration, make sure to check out these amazing school related posts (and link up your own)!  You have until September 15 to linkup any and all back to school posts. If you aren't a blogger and want to join in, use #2016B2S (B2S = back to school) when you share photos on Facebook and Instagram so we can check them out. Additionally, use that same hashtag to share any photos of your family preparing for the new school year along with any posts you may have including the topic "back to school". Grab our button and add it to your side bar, social media sites and posts to spread the school spirit this fall!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Knock Knock...

On our 3 hour drive this weekend, we had to get creative with things to keep Noah entertained.  Somehow we started telling Noah some jokes.  He got so into it that Chris started looking up kid jokes on his phone.  While many went over Noah's head, he thought they were hilarious and kept asking for more.  He even guessed the answers for two of them!  Here are a few of our favorites...

What do you call a bear with no socks?
this is one of the jokes Noah guessed the answer to!  

How do you get a tissue to dance?
Put a boogie in it!
we've been telling this joke non stop since!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Smell mop
Smell mop who?
Smell my poo... ewww!

Why was Tigger looking in the toilet?
He was looking for Pooh!
and we wonder why Noah's so obsessed with the bathroom humor!  

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Cash who?
No thanks, I'll have peanuts

Why did the muffin/cookie go to the doctor?
It was feeling crumby!

What do elves learn in school?
The elf-abet

Where do cows go on Saturday night?
To the moo-vies!

The best part is that Noah didn't mind if we repeated jokes.  On the way home, he was so excited for us to tell them same jokes and to see if he remembered the answer.  

Do your kids like jokes?  I'd love to hear some of your favorite kid-friendly jokes!  

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weekend Unexpected...

Today I planned to do a recap on our day at the Little League World Series.  We went last year and had a lot of fun, but this year did not go at all as I expected.  If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (megflinn33), you already know what I'm talking about, but if not, here's the story.  

We drove out to Williamsport, PA to meet up with our friends.  We then headed over to the Little League World Series stadium to save some seats.  While it's nice that they don't charge admittance, it means there aren't assigned seats.  We got there two hours before the game and we could barely find six seats together.  Our seats were in the direct sun, so we did our best to stay cool.  The guys took the boys on little trips around the grounds to play games, collect pins, and have some photo ops, and we made sure to have a constant stream of drinks, smoothies, and ice cream.  

And while everyone else (including the kids) handled the heat well, I didn't do so well.  At first it was just the normal feeling hot and sweaty, but when I stood for the national anthem, I felt like I was gonna fall over if I didn't sit down.  Chris was out walking with Noah, so I texted him to come back.  We left Noah with our friends and he was gonna walk with me to the bathroom.  I barely got down 2 steps before I was seeing black spots and had to sit down before I passed out.  The ushers immediately came over and told me they'd call for help.  I was then walked over to first aid, which was air conditioned, and given some cold water while they checked my blood pressure and sugar level.  My blood pressure was low, but didn't raise any red flags.  And Noah was excited because he got two first aid pins.  I joked that he should thank me for getting sick so that he could get some special pins most kids wouldn't collect ;)  He got so many pins that we just ordered this pin case.  

After resting in the cool room and drinking lots of water, I felt good enough to go home.   The good news is, the kids couldn't really care less about the actual game.  Instead, we headed back to our friend's house where the guys took the boys swimming next door while I rested inside.  At this point, I felt much better and only had a residual headache.  So we continued on with our plans to go out for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  But I guess the heat and the swimming tired Noah out, because he fell asleep while we waited for our table.  He was out!  He stayed asleep the entire time despite being moved from my shoulder to my lap so I could eat my food.  He stayed asleep when we checked into the hotel, changed him into his pajamas, and didn't wake up til the next morning.  I guess he really needed the sleep!  

The next day, Noah was up bright and early, so Chris took him swimming at the hotel pool.  Then we were off to meet our friends at Knoebels.  In case you aren't from around here, Knoebels is an amusement park where you just pay per ride and there isn't an admission fee.  We were really excited to take the kids for their first time (it would have been Chris' and my first time too), so we were really bummed when it was raining on our way over.  We hoped that it would stop soon, but it just never gave up.  We finally gave up and decided to find alternative (and indoor) plans.  We found a bounce place within half an hour and an Olive Garden right across the street... win win for everyone!  The kids got to bounce and we got to have unlimited salad and breadsticks :)

So while we didn't get to see the baseball game or go to Knoebels, it doesn't matter because we still had a wonderful weekend with our friends.   And now we know what we want to do next summer!  

Monday, August 22, 2016

School Paper Organization

When it came time to organizing the papers Noah gets from school, I wanted to have a plan set in action.  So last year, I started scouring Pinterest for ideas, and instantly loved Simply Kierste's method!   I immediately bought a file boxfile folders  and labels and downloaded the labels she provides in her blog post.  While I love the label she added to the front of the box, and intend to add one to my box (eventually), right now it really isn't an issue since Noah is an only child ;)   It was super easy to put together and now I have a place to store all of those papers at the end of each year.  And the best part is, that if Noah wants all his school memorabilia when he's older, he can take the box and everything will be in one place.

While I loved this method for storing everything after each school year ends, I wanted something I could have at my fingertips during the year.  I decided to create a school binder with some folders and page protectors inside for all those important papers that come home.  Right now, I have Noah's class list in the front folders as well as some paperwork outlining payment information and medical forms that I still need to submit.   The page protectors are perfect for storing (and displaying) notes sent home from the teachers and drawings that Noah makes (on regular sized paper).   As for the larger artwork, after I photograph it, I either display it in our kitchen or store it in this art box until I make my "art photo album" at the end of the year.

Noah still has a few more weeks left of summer, but once we get closer to his first day of school, I will have him answer some questions with our "first day of school questionnaire". I started this tradition last year and am excited to see how his answers (and writing) changes over the years.   You can download the "My first day of..." for 3 year olds and 4 year olds by clicking on the links below.  If you would like to use the printable but need it customized, just shoot me an email!

I would love to hear how you keep all those papers organized throughout the school year!  And for more back to school inspiration, make sure to check out these amazing school related posts (and link up your own)!  You have from today until September 15 to linkup any and all back to school posts. If you aren't a blogger and want to join in, use #2016B2S (B2S = back to school) when you share photos on Facebook and Instagram so we can check them out. Additionally, use that same hashtag to share any photos of your family preparing for the new school year along with any posts you may have including the topic "back to school". Grab our button and add it to your side bar, social media sites and posts to spread the school spirit this fall!

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