The Adventure Starts Here: June 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Noah's Busy Social Life

Noah and I recently went to the zoo with our friends, Rosie & Lucas.  It's just a small zoo, but I love that it's only 25 minutes away.  We just got a membership and I'm excited to spend many mornings there this summer.  I find that the animals are never close enough to get a good picture of them, and instead I end up taking pictures where you can't even tell we were at the zoo!  The boys played on the playground, went on the carousel, and ate some yummy munchkins (thank you Rosie!).  We wanted to go on the train, but the line was way too long thanks to the 20 buses full of kids on field trips!

Two weeks ago, we had a MOMS Club play date in our new town.  It was at a local park and they even had an ice cream truck stop by so all the moms and kids could have some free ice cream ;)  Noah is getting better and better on the playground! 

Noah definitely loves the pool!  We went with our friends from our building (Nicole & Quinn) during the week and again on the weekend with Chris.  

Last week we were super busy with the new house so we haven't had too many play dates.  But we did get to go to the farm with our MOMS Club and pick some more strawberries.  

We spent the rest of the week either at the new house or shopping for things for the house.  Noah was instrumental in picking out his new bed ;).  And he was always eager to help/supervise, whether it was the painters, our handyman, or Grandpa!  

Now you are all caught up with Noah's social life :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Strawberry Picking

We recently took Noah to go strawberry picking at Wightman's Farm, which is located in between our apartment and our new house.  At this farm you buy a membership for the season and then you can come pick your own fruits and vegetables and get a discounted price on whatever you pick.  We are excited to come back to pick peaches and apples!  On this particular day, the sun was shining but the humidity was low.  We got there a little after 10 and were pleased to find that it wasn't crowded at all. We have driven by for the pumpkin picking and the place was a zoo, so we were relieved to find out strawberries weren't as popular ;)

Noah loves eating strawberries, and now he loves picking them as well!  I am so glad we waited until this summer to take Noah instead of rushing it and going last year when Noah was only 7 months old!  As soon as Chris showed him where the strawberries were hiding and how to pull them off the stem, he was hooked!  We had to go and get another basket to fill since Noah was having such a fun time.  I think Chris was just as or more excited as Noah and was imitating Noah's surprised gasp whenever he found another strawberry.  Noah didn't even try to eat them until I showed him that you could.  Once I did that every strawberry went in his mouth... good thing I waited to show him until the end!

We definitely weren't able to eat all these strawberries before they went bad, but honestly it was more about the experience and watching Noah have so much fun!  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

One Year and Beyond: Bedtime Battles

I will start by saying that if you are looking for advice on how to get your child to sleep more or better, you won't find it here.   We do have a bedtime routine that includes bath with daddy, lotion & PJs, reading books, and then me rocking him to sleep.  We never sleep trained or let Noah cry it out.  We live in an apartment where our neighbor has banged on our wall and complained about crying (Noah crying for less than 5 minutes in the middle of the night while I go get him a bottle).  I can't imagine the outrage if we actually let him cry it out!  Even without the neighbor though, Chris and I decided that we didn't want to go that route.  I understand it works, but we just can't do it.  As a result, I still get up multiple times a night with my almost 20 month old.

From day one, we held Noah a lot!  Between myself, Chris, and my mom, he was held all the time, even when sleeping.  We basically fought over who could hold him next.  It got to the point that it seemed like Noah would only sleep if he was lying on someone.  Chris and I took shifts at night so we could each get some sleep.  Eventually, I transitioned him first to sleeping in the nap nanny, then to co-sleeping with us in our bed, and finally at 3 months he was in his crib.  From 3-6 months, he was a great sleeper.  I recently looked back at the journal I kept with how much he drank and slept each day, and he was sleeping in his crib and through the night... it was amazing!  Then he got his first tooth and it's never been the same. 

At first, when Noah started waking up in the middle of the night again, I didn't handle the lack of sleep well.  Thankfully my mom was able to come help and let me take a nap when it got really bad.  But as time went on I really got used to it (and this is coming from someone who was usually asleep by 10pm and needed at least 8 hours to function).  It's been a long time since I've slept through the night, and I'm now used to sleeping in 3-4 hour increments (on a good night).  To ease the situation, we started bringing Noah into bed with us when he woke up after midnight.  Noah has never been the kind of kid who woke up wanting to play.  He just woke up wanting a bottle and to be rocked back to sleep.  We are working on weaning him off the bottle, but after multiple wake-ups, I usually end up giving in just so we can both get some rest.  It's funny though, because I often ask Chris (usually after a super rough night) if he would want to do anything differently with the next child.  He always answers no, he wouldn't be able to handle the crying involved with sleep training.  And so we continue doing what we are doing.  

When Noah turned 1, I asked my doctor her opinion on the whole sleep (or lack of) thing.  She said that if I'm fine getting up with him and letting him co-sleep with us, then there's nothing wrong with it (as long as we do it safely).  She said she used to have her kids co-sleep with her as well.  But she said that if it ever got to the point where you resented your child because of it, that's when you need to try something else.  I thought that made perfect sense and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  While I would love to get more sleep, I'm still happy with our decision.  I'm not looking for tips or advice, and I know I'm not the one to give advice on sleeping either.  I think that there are many ways to parent and I respect every parents' decision when it's made out of love and is in the best interest of the family.  I try my best not to judge others and hope that they do the same for me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's The Little Things - Noah's Big Boy Room (Design Board)

Now that we've closed on our house, we are busy having the house painted.  While the painters are busy, we will be moving a bunch of our stuff that we had stored at our parents' houses.  Once we officially move in, there are a few rooms that should be able to be completed quickly.  Noah's  nursery will be pretty much the same as it was in our apartment.  The dining room is getting all new furniture delivered, so that should be pretty simple.  The kitchen will require a lot of organization, but not many design choices.  

One room that I am having fun designing from the very beginning, is Noah's big boy room.  I really want Noah to love our new house right away. I hope that by making a room just for him filled with things he loves, that he will feel more comfortable in the beginning.  Noah always ends up in our bed, so I thought it would be a good idea to set up a room for him with a real bed in it.  We are going to put a full bed in the room, so this way I can just go in there with him when he wakes up in the middle of the night.  I want to really toddler proof this room so that he is safe in it even when alone.  We are painting the walls a light gray, a nice neutral shade that should still work if/when we change the decor down the road.  Noah loves red, so there will be a fair amount of in the room, and I will offset it with some royal blue as well.

Chris bought this license plate map print years ago, and I think it will look perfect in Noah's room.  From there I decided to go with a "transportation/travel" theme.  We got him sheets with cars, trucks, and planes on it and I found these prints of different cities from Ikea.  I also love the idea of painting the Ikea spice racks and use them as shelving for books.  I want to hang them low so that Noah is able to grab his books himself.  One thing I'm still unsure about is his hamper (choice 1 & choice 2)... I would love your input!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We bought a house! (The Before Pictures)

The day is finally here... we are officially homeowners!  Chris and I closed on our first house yesterday!  We had the walk through in the morning and then the mortgage closing with our attorney in the afternoon.  We won't be moving in officially for a few weeks (painting first), but we are moving everything from my parents' basement now as well as having new furniture delivered.  I will be super busy these next few weeks driving back and forth!  

The sellers have been amazing the entire time so I shouldn't be surprised that they left the house super clean!  They also left us notes explaining how they left us some of their cleaning supplies (for the granite counters and wooden island), extra light bulbs for the range hood, leftover paint, and many other things.  They also left us a bottle of champagne in the fridge!  They really are amazing and made our first home purchase a very pleasant experience. 

Not only are they super nice people, but the previous owners kept the house in really good condition and had done a bunch of upgrades and renovations.  We are having the house painted and changing a few cosmetic things (very minor things), but for the most part we are just moving in and enjoying the house.  I'm super excited to decorate the rooms and hang pictures on the wall.  I need to find the balance between setting up the rooms immediately and enjoying the process of decorating it slowly.

Anyway, here is our house as it was after we got the keys on Monday.  Please excuse the lighting in some of these pictures, I took them around 7 pm while the men were bringing in some boxes.   

Living Room

Dining Room


Laundry Room

Powder Room


Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom


Noah's Big Boy Room

Hall Bathroom


(office in basement)


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