The Adventure Starts Here: September 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

NYC and a new friend for Noah

After swim class on Saturday, Chris and I took Noah into NYC.  We have been trying to get together with Chris' friend/old co-worker, Amy and her husband (Seth) and son (Jake).  They were going to come visit us in the summer and go to the pool with us, but then it rained.  So finally we found a weekend that worked, and decided that we would meet in the city (since they live in Long Island).

We went to the Central Park Zoo.  We checked out the penguins... it was fun to see Noah so excited!

After checking out some animals (and there weren't many!), we went to get some lunch.  

After lunch we walked over to the Plaza and got some frozen yogurt at Yoart Frozen Yogurt Boutique. They had so many amazing flavors and toppings... it's definitely a must try!

We had such a fun time spending the day in NYC with these three and can't wait to do it again!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 47

Weight:  about 26 lbs. 
Health:  Thankfully Noah is feeling better.  He still has a runny nose and seems congested at night.  We use the nosefrida and vapor rub at night trying to help Noah sleep.  

^^^ When I saw this shirt at Old Navy I knew I had to get it since it looked just like Socks the Fox!

Sleep:  This week was MARGINALLY better with sleep.  This week Noah at least started off in his crib.

Clothes:  Noah wore his new moccasins for the first time.  They fit great, even if he did try to take them off for the first 10 minutes he had them on ;)


Social:   On Sunday, we went over to Chris' parents' house for dinner.  Noah got to see his Uncle Justin!  They got him some sensory balls, a wagon filled with jumbo legos, and some Giants footballs.

On Monday, we met up with the MOMS Club's Walking Group.  I am now the coordinator, and this week we met 2 other moms (and babies) at the Loantaka Reserve.  On Tuesday, we went to Alstede Farms... but I plan to do a separate post on that soon.  Noah and I went over to Owen and Becky's house for lunch on Wednesday.  

Noah and I went to his first "Music & Me" class at the YMCA on Thursday.  It technically started last week, but since he was sick we had to skip it.   Noah had fun, but it was definitely geared to older kids, so we won't be going back.  

Diet:  The other day, Noah wanted nothing to do with his pureed baby food lunch.  However, when I heated up some leftover pasta for myself and gave him some, he devoured it... and made a mess ;)  And of course, Noah loves our afternoon ice cream dates on the couch!

Baby Gear Love:   There have been some days where I've wanted to go for a walk with Noah but I end up not going just in case it rains.  So I finally pulled out the rain cover that came with the stroller, figured out how to put it on, and put it in the basket underneath "just in case".  I hope I don't end up having to use it, but this way I know Noah will stay dry regardless.

Noah also LOVES his walker... he's getting better using it all the time.

Daddy Time:   Chris spends a lot of time on the weekends, and tries to spend as much time as he can during the week from 6:30 to 7:30/8pm while Noah is still awake.

They have fun, but when Noah gets tired, all the fun ends and he has to go to sleep...

Milestones:   Noah had his first bath in the big tub ALL BY HIMSELF!  I was worried he'd be moving all over the place, but he was actually really still and let me clean him without a problem.

Likes:   Noah really likes books.  We read during the day and before bed.  I've put a bunch of his books in a basket in the playroom so that he can "read" them on his own as well.  So far he just enjoys taking them ALL out of the basket.

He especially loves his flip books, thought he already destroyed one of them after only 1 day!

Noah had to wear socks on our way to swim class (since it was colder).  It took him maybe 5 minutes before he got them off.  He had way more fun playing with them.  

Noah still love balloons.  When we stopped at Party City (for birthday party supplies) last weekend, the woman behind the counter was nice enough to give Noah a balloon.  Unfortunately it popped in the car while we went into the next store!  We were maybe gone 20 minutes... what a bummer!

Who needs toys... Noah prefers playing with my soap bottles.  We've given him one of my old bottles and he's now a happy boy!

Mommy:  I love having friends who are teachers that get out of work early!  It means we can meet for dinners on a regular basis and it doesn't mess up Noah's bedtime!  This week I met up with Marlaina for a nice dinner at George and Martha's.  When Chris got off the train he came to the restaurant (right across the street from our apartment) and took Noah home to hang out.  We got to finish our dinner and when I came home, Noah was passed out on Chris :)

Happy 47 Weeks Noah!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Fashion: Baby Edition

I know that everyone says that shopping for a girl is way more fun than a boy. And while they do have some adorable clothes, the stores have come out with some really amazing things for boys lately as well!  

I have to admit that my mom gets most of Noah's clothes... she LOVES to shop for all the grandkids!  But recently I've made a few purchases for Noah and I wanted to share some of my favorites.  Noah's clothes primarily come from Gap, Carter's, and Tommy Hilfiger (where Chris works).  I love that Noah now wears size 18-24 at Gap, because it means he can wear clothes from both "Baby" and "Toddler"... more options!  The weather hasn't quite cooled down enough for him to wear all these sweaters, but when it does he will be one stylish dude!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Fashion

I absolutely love fall.  With the cooler and crisper weather, I love the fashion that is involved.  Below are some pieces that I think are essential in the fall.  I recently purchased a few of them, while I am just admiring the others from afar.  

For me, a casual and loose sweater is a must.  I love feeling comfortable yet put together.  It's definitely a plus when you get one in a fun color like this kelly green!  I think everyone should have a classic black blazer in their closet.  I personally find that JCrew blazers fit the best on me, so despite the higher price tag, I find that they last forever!  I currently don't own a pair of corduroys, but I got into the colored pants trend this summer and think that carrying it over to fall is a definite do.  I personally love pairing this color blue with a black top, simple and stylish.  While I love a trendier pair of pants, I admit that I often end up wearing a simple pair of black leggings.  What I love about these and they are technically jeans!  They have a button waist, but are the most comfortable pair of pants you will ever put on.  And the best thing, is that from far away you can't tell that they are jeans or leggings, so you can even dress them up as if they were black dress pants!  And finally for shoes.  Ever since I had Noah, I've been a fan of flats!  So this fall I purchased these black loafers from Loft.  I'm so glad I did, because it seems that they have since sold out.  (Though they still carry the leopard print).  I didn't end up buying these boots, but I love the idea of a flat boot that isn't too clunky and looks modern.  I ended up buying a pair of black suede ankle booties from Macy's.  

sweater. blazer. leggings. loafers. boots. corduroys

Happy Fall Shopping!  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Olive Lucy's

Two weekends ago, Chris and I decided to try Olive Lucy's in Morristown.  It's a relatively new restaurant, having opened earlier this year.  Chris kept hearing good things about it on Yelp, and even though we hadn't been, I recommended it to a friend of mine who also liked it.  When we found out they had high chairs, we decided to bring Noah and go for an early-ish dinner.  

When we got there, it was pretty empty (definitely not like the picture above).  (Don't worry though, by the time we left the place was full!)  They gave us one of those big booths and Noah had his high chair on the end... it was great to have so much room to keep all the hot plates away from Noah.  The staff was in love with Noah and kept coming by trying to make him smile and laugh.  They eventually were able to by playing peek-a-boo with him.  

I was able to fee Noah his dinner while we waited for our food to come.  We ordered the Lobster Mac & Cheese as an appetizer to share.  It was AMAZING!  There were huge chunks of lobster in there!  (Sorry the pictures aren't better... it's not easy to take food pictures in dim lighting with an iPhone).  

I ordered the Braised Short Ribs with Fingerling Potatoes and Leeks on top.  It was delicious.  The meat was so tender and just fell apart.  I was even able to give Noah some. 

Chris ordered the Spicy Pot of Mussels.  I tried one and it definitely had a little kick to it.  It was also delicious, though I think it would have been too spicy for me after having an entire bowl.  Chris disagreed and said it was perfect.  He also loved the cheese that they had sprinkled on top!

We had an amazing time.  The food was delicious, the staff was attentive, and I loved how they paid attention to Noah and didn't make us feel bad for bringing our baby with us.  We actually saw another couple with an infant carrier come in just as we were leaving.  The whole time we were there Chris and I kept saying how much we liked the decor and would love a wood table like this in our future house.  I would definitely recommend this restaurant and can't wait to go again!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mommy & Me Monday

Chris took this picture of Noah and me yesterday on his parents' deck.  I often find that I accumulate a lot of pictures of Noah with Chris over the weekends.  So it was nice of Chris to take the camera and take a few of the two of us instead.  I absolutely love Noah's smile here... it's so him!  

I'm once again linking up with Leah and Emily for Mommy and Me Monday!  

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