The Adventure Starts Here: July 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Chris' parents, aka Grammy and Grandpa, rented a condo at LBI for a week this summer.  They got a 2 bedroom with a friend of theirs that was right on the beach and had a pool!  Chris wasn't able to take multiple days off of work, so instead we just drove down for the day.   I was a little worried it would be a long drive just for a day trip, but since we went on a Tuesday, we didn't hit any traffic and made AMAZING time (both ways)!!!  

We got there by 10 am and hit the beach.  Since Chris' parents had 2 umbrellas, and we were only planning to spend the morning there, we decided not to set up Noah's beach tent this time.  While the guys were bringing all the chairs and umbrellas out, Grammy and I took Noah out to the water.  He loved it so much in Rhode Island, but I think the waves were a little stronger (and louder) here.  I had him stand in the sand and waited for the water to come in.  At first we were just too far out so that the water didn't hit his feet, so I moved him a little closer.  Well then a wave came in and he got splashed a bit and he did not like it!  Thankfully he cheers up super quick (as in as soon as I picked him up)!  

Noah had fun playing with his sand toys while sitting on the blanket.  I'm sure he would have loved to sit in the sand, but this way was cleaner and I think it helped with him not eating the sand.  We took him back by the water and this time he loved it.  

We went back to the condo for lunch and a super quick nap... really, he only slept for 30 minutes (and did I mention that he didn't sleep at all on the car ride down!!!).  So we reapplied some sunscreen and went to the pool.  The pool was so warm and it was salt water instead of chlorinated.  Noah had a blast just watching the other kids play in the pool with a beach ball.  It was like he was watching a tennis match the way his eyes just went back and forth following the ball.  Then when it was his turn to play with it he was in heaven!  

After some quick showers (which Noah does not like!) we headed out for an early dinner at Howard's.  I got the fried lobster tail... delicious!  Noah just loved eating their bread!  

We left for home straight from the restaurant and I was happy to be home by 8pm and get Noah into bed.  It was a really fun day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 38

Weight:  Almost 25 lbs!  Noah is a tall and solid kid!
Health:  This week has not been fun.  On top of the teething, our whole family got sick.  On Sunday, I woke up with a sore throat and I noticed that Noah was not himself.  On Monday we cancelled our plans and just stayed in to rest.  I still didn't feel great and Noah now had a runny nose.  On Tuesday, Chris even stayed home from work cause he was also feeling sick.   In case Noah had a sore throat like both of us did, we gave him a popsicle for the first time!

Sleep:  Since we got back from Rhode Island, Noah has gone to bed about an hour later and thankfully sleeping a little later too.  He was still getting up 1 to 2 times a night.  Often he wakes up very shortly after falling asleep and then again around 3am.  Him getting sick affected his naps and nights.  The last few days have been bad, with Noah waking up at least 3 times and sometimes taking a long time to get him back to sleep.  The worst part is when he full out screams and only I am able to calm him down.

Clothes:  6-12 and some 12-18 month clothes.

Social:  Noah had a lot of fun playing with his cousins last Thursday and Friday.  We didn't slow down over the weekend either.  But then when we got sick, it made us cancel almost all of our plans and just take it easy.

Thankfully, we were starting to feel a little better on Thursday and were able to do lunch with Uncle Luke before he left for Toronto.  We even coordinated so they both wore their Superman shirts to lunch.

Diet:  Noah tried plum berry barley this week.  He has reacted well to it, so I'm more confident that he will have a good response to the multigrain cereal when we try it again.  We also gave him a piece of hard bread to chew on when we were at Panera.  He LOVED it!

Noah also loves his cheddar crunchies... and so do I!

Baby Gear Love:   We have loved our video monitor for Noah since the first day we used it.  At first we just rested it on the side of the crib and used some 3M velcro to secure it.  We knew from the beginning that it was a temporary solution, but we kept putting it off.  As with most things, Noah finally told us when it was absolutely necessary.  Noah was playing in his crib and I left him for 1 minute to microwave my lunch, and when I came back in he had pulled the monitor down and he was chewing on it!  It scared me so much since I then read that some babies have died from cord strangulation from video monitors that are placed too close to the crib.  Chris and I started researching how to mount it and that night we hung it on the wall using a nail.  It definitely doesn't look as pretty, but at least now I feel confident that he won't be strangled by his monitor!

Noah really loves watching Bubble Guppies in the car, especially our long drive to Rhode Island.  Therefore I love having the iPad!

When we were in Rhode Island, Noah got to try out Aidan's walker.  It took him a little while to get moving, but he seemed to like it.  We are contemplating getting one for my parents' house.

Daddy Time:   Nothing too monumental this week, but Noah and Chris had a few cute little moments this week.  We've had this toy for a while, but Noah has just started playing with it again and he's fascinated that it glows.  Chris also uses this travel like pillow to sleep with at night, and we got this cute picture of Noah and him both using the pillows!

Milestones:   Noah had a ton of milestones this week!  It was his first long car ride, first time in a hotel, and the first time at the beach!

Noah also crawled forward for the first time on Tuesday.  It was more of a commando crawl, but up until today he ended up moving backwards when he tried to get somewhere.    Since then he has been crawling a little more each day.  On Wednesday I put him down to get something from the kitchen.  He wasn't happy and was crying, and when I came back in he was already crawling on his way to find me!

Likes:    Noah likes Poland Spring bottles!  He loves to chew on them and the sound the plastic makes when you squeeze it.  It's the cheapest toy we've ever gotten him!

Mommy:  Being sick is even more annoying when you have a baby that is also sick.  Normally Noah is totally happy to be with Chris, and Chris is more than willing to take over if I need to rest.  But with Noah being sick as well, all he wants is his mommy, especially in the middle of the night!

Happy 38 Weeks Noah!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

And Underneath The Moon

As a kid growing up in Canada in the late 80s, I watched this show called "The Elephant Show".  Not sure if this is where my love for elephants began... who knows!  Anyway, they ended each show with this really cute song, "Skinnamarink".  For those of you who have never heard of the show or the song, here you go!  This clip is a real gem... weren't the 80s great!

Skinnamarinky dinky dink
Skinnamarinky do,
I love you!

Skinnamarinky dinky dink
Skinnamarinky do,
I love you!

I love you in the morning,
And in the afternoon,
I love you in the evening,
And underneath the moon.

Skinnamarinky dinky dink
Skinnamarinky do,
I love you!

Anyway, this song makes me think of my childhood.  Such a simple song with cute hand movements to get kids (and adults) involved.  My mom started singing it to Noah the other day, and he seemed to really like it.  

One thing I realized though while singing it, is that for the longest time I don't think I really appreciated the whole part of loving you "underneath the moon".  My whole life I've never been a night owl.  Sure I've stayed up late before, but for the most part I enjoy going to bed early.  So to me there are three times of day... morning, afternoon, and evening.  Then I had Noah.  I all of a sudden was awake at times that I never been before!  It's a really special love to continually get up with someone every night in the middle of the night (which I've been doing a lot of lately!).  Let's just say, if Chris asked me to get up with him at 3 am to sit with him while he had a snack and until he went back to bed, I know what my answer would be!  But that time I have with Noah, while I'm often exhausted and would love to be back in my warm bed, it really is the best!  After he drinks his bottle and he snuggles his head into that spot between my neck and my shoulder, I know this is what I was made to do.  Only now do I truly understand "and underneath the moon"!

^^^flashback to when Noah was only 1 month old and we really weren't getting much sleep!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone likes the recaps, because here's another one.  So we got back from Rhode Island on Friday night, and then still had a fairly busy weekend.  

The reason we had to drive home Friday night, was because we had Noah's swim class on Saturday morning.  Even though I had a ton of fun doing the class with Noah last week, I gave it back to Chris.  This week however, we took 2 cars because Chris had to go somewhere straight from class.

Chris has been an Adam Carolla fan for a while now and loves listening to his many podcasts.  Not sure how many people know, but Adam Carolla has come out with something called "Mangria"... sangria for men.   Anyway, for a while it's been sold online, but it's starting to be sold in some liquor stores.  So Adam was here in New Jersey doing a bottle signing and appearance and Chris wanted to go.  Originally we talked about all going, but Noah usually takes a nap when we get home from swim class, so I figured it was best if I took Noah home and Chris go on his own.  I also don't know how I feel about bringing an 8 month old to a liquor store???

So while Chris was shaking Adam's hand, I was back at home doing all the laundry from our trip... isn't it amazing how much there can be from just 2 days!?!  Saturday night, when we couldn't decide what to make for dinner, Chris suggested we try this new tap pas place right down the street from us.  Since it was so close, Chris decided to just carry Noah and I brought a bottle, some snacks, and the high chair cover.  However when we got there they told us they don't have high chairs!  It's funny, cause on the walk over I told Chris, "watch they don't have high chairs" and he thought I was crazy and that every restaurant has to have high chairs.  So we obviously left and started thinking where else to go.

We decided to go across the street to George and Martha's.  We had a gift card up in our apartment, so Chris went to get that and the stroller (Noah was getting a little heavy now).   Dinner was really great, as was Noah.

We relaxed most of Sunday, and then Chris' parents and brother, came over in the evening.  We had planned to eat dinner by the pool and go for a swim, but I got a sore throat and I could tell that Noah was starting to feel a little under the weather too.  So instead we skipped the pool and just did dinner at Panera.

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