The Adventure Starts Here: April 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Day in the Life

While no two days are exactly alike, I have found some trends in our schedule.  Here's what our day looked like yesterday.

Noah woke up at 6 am, got a fresh diaper and a bottle.

Noah played on his own while I enjoyed some Frosted Mini Wheats.  At 8:30, while I prepared Noah's breakfast, he played with his new high chair toy.  Today was the first time he grabbed it and spun it around.    This morning he had Oatmeal and Peaches :)

After giving him some time to digest, I gave Noah his bath.

After he was dried off and dressed, I gave Noah a bottle and he fell asleep drinking it.  Today he had a nice long nap from 9:15 to 11:30.  If we were going out this afternoon, this is when I would have showered and blow dried my hair.  But since we were just staying in (and Noah had woken up at 3:45 am and 5:15 am before getting up for good), I decided to take advantage of his nap and go back to sleep for a little while.  

At 12:30 I fed Noah his yummy lunch of sweet potatoes and pears.  He loves his lunches and gobbles his fruits and veggies down so quickly!

Then I was able to eat my lunch too.  Today just happens to be a healthier lunch, but most days it's frozen macaroni and cheese :)

After lunch we did a lot of playing.  We spent some time grabbing animals on his play mat.  

Then it was time for the jumperoo.  We just set it up on Sunday, and so far he really seems to enjoy it.  You can see the laundry baskets in the background... I am constantly doing laundry!

I got an email that we had a package waiting in the office, so Noah and I took the walk downstairs, but unfortunately they weren't there.  What bad luck we have!

The timing of Noah's afternoon naps is unpredictable, so we play until Noah gets like this... that's how I know he needs to nap

I glided Noah to sleep, put him in his crib...

but it only lasted 15-20 minutes.  So we were back to playing and then had an afternoon snack.  Today we tried Banana Yogurt Blends for the first time.

Noah still wasn't ready to nap, so we had some kissing and snuggling time on the couch.  

At 5 pm, Noah still hadn't had a real afternoon nap.  Sure, he had fallen asleep while gliding with me, but then he would wake up as soon as I put him in his crib.  Good news is he was in a happy enough mood.  

We had pork chops (a la Shake and Bake) with baked potatoes and corn for dinner, so at 5:30 I preheated the oven and got the potatoes in.

Chris got home from work at 6:30 (as he does every night) and immediately wanted to spend time with Noah.  Since  Noah had an afternoon snack, he ate dinner a little later than usual.  Chris was so happy to get to feed Noah his carrots and rice.  

Noah was happy and full, so he sat in his chair while we ate dinner.  After dinner, Chris played with Noah in his jumperoo.  

  I guess the jumperoo (and no real afternoon nap) really tired Noah out, because he fell asleep while drinking his bottle with Chris at 7:30.  

Chris and I then watched some TV until 9:30, when I went to bed.  Chris stayed up later (as he always does).

So there you have it.  Tomorrow we will do it all over again :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring is Here!!!

This past Saturday was pretty amazing.  The weather was gorgeous and we spent most of the day outside with Noah.  We started the day out by taking a walk through our town.  We had to have the wheel replaced on our stroller, and since it was ready and it was so nice out, we decided to all take the ten minute walk there.  We went through "The Green", a mini park in our town located in the middle of a traffic circle.  The trees were in full bloom, so we had to stop and take some pictures.   

Chris carried Noah in our Britax Carrier (like a Baby Bjorn) on the way there, so we wouldn't have two strollers to push back.  We expected it to be colder than it actually was... Noah did not really need that hoodie on.  

On the way back we got to use our Peg Perego stroller finally!  Up until now we've been using the Britax B-Agile where our car seat snaps in.  But soon Noah is gonna be too heavy for me to be lifting his car seat in and out of the car, and then we will be using this stroller primarily.    

Saturday afternoon, we headed over to my parents' house for lunch and a little visit.  Noah had some fun playing with Grandpa.  He's getting so much better at sitting now!

Then Uncle Luke had a turn.  I am so glad that Luke is living at home right now and can get to know Noah.  Luke has been out of the house since he went to college and was always a plane ride away.   He will definitely be here until the beginning of June, but we hope he will be here for even longer!

Noah was getting a little sleepy and took a quick catnap on Grandma, but then he was up and ready to go again!

Since Noah had decided that sleeping was for the birds, and it was still gorgeous out, we decided to take a family walk.   


 While on our walk we had to get a picture with my mom... too bad it's hard to get all 3 kids home at one time!

Before we went home, Grandpa decided to show Noah what grass feels like.  Grandpa is in love with his lawn and spends hours making it one of the best (if not the best) lawns in our neighborhood.  I'm sure as Noah gets older, Grandpa will share his love of grass and nature with Noah.  


Noah seemed to like sitting in the grass and even went down to grab at some of the blades.  

Saturday was the kind of day that makes me love Spring.  It wasn't too hot, had just the right amount of breeze, and an abundant amount of sunshine.  I really hope this amazing weather stays this time!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Noah - 25 Weeks

Weight:  As of Tuesday, Noah is officially 20 lbs 7 oz and 28 inches long!  That means he's in the 90th percentile for weight and the 95th percentile for height.  We definitely have a big boy on our hands, but he is proportionate :)

Health:  The doctor said Noah is doing great and right on track with his age!  Noah had his 6 month immunizations on Tuesday.  He really cried this time but recovered quickly.  Though he did sleep a lot when we got home that afternoon.

Sleep:  Noah is a usually a great sleeper.  He goes to bed around 8pm, but sometimes if he's had a late nap he stays up til 9.   He then wakes up between 5:30 and 6:30.  Sometimes we have some random nights where he wakes up a few times, but I would say he normally sleeps through the night.  After his immunizations on Tuesday, he slept all afternoon, woke up at 9pm, then went back to sleep at 11pm.  

Clothes:  Wearing size 6-12 and 9 months.

Social:  We had a busy weekend with family pictures and a family party.  We took the rest of the week pretty easy.

Diet:  Noah tried his last two Stage 1 Fruit... Mangos and Prunes!  

The doctor also told us that we can start giving him 3 meals a day.  So Wednesday, I gave him green beans and pears at lunch.  Noah really loves eating solids!

Baby Gear Love:  We definitely love the vertical bumpers that I described in the Nursery post.

Daddy Time:   Chris has always made it a point to hang out with Noah when he gets home from work.  Usually they sit together while we watch TV, but the doctor said that it's really important to spend around an hour a day stimulating Noah.  While I do a lot with Noah each day... playing, going for walks, and singing to him all the time, I've decided to add some dedicated playtime each day where we do a combination of playing on his back and stomach, helping him sit, and trying to get him to stand.  We also do a little bit of reading.  I've broken it into three 20 minute sessions.  I do two of the "sessions" and Chris does the third with him after dinner.  So we are now turning off the TV and concentrating on really playing with Noah.  

^^^ Chris saying goodbye to Noah in the morning :)

Milestones:  Noah got his 6 month immunizations this week.

Noah is also starting to be able to hold his bottle himself.  He can't really drink well when he does, but it's pretty cute.

Likes:  At Easter Grandma gave Noah this Lamb in his basket.  He didn't really play with it at the time, but just the other day I gave it to him while we were on the changing table.  He immediately gave it the stare down and then a hug.  Since then he likes to hug "Lambie" and then chew on him, which is what Noah likes to do with most things.

Since Noah likes to chew on everything, it's no surprise that he likes Sophie the Giraffe!

Postpartum:   My Portraiture Class started this week and I got that new lens that I had wanted... good week for Meghan!  I also am going for a little pampering this morning.  I haven't had a facial since I got pregnant with Noah, and I'm starting to break out again, so I figured it was time to get one!

Happy 25 Weeks Noah!
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