The Adventure Starts Here: January 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

Five on Friday

This week has been interesting.  We were supposed to be hit with the huge storm, Juno, but it fell flat and we only got a few inches.  But since everyone was very worried, Chris' office closed early on Monday and he worked from home on Tuesday.  Even with us being stuck inside because of snow and being sick more days than I would prefer this month, I still feel like January didn't drag as much as it does some years!  Anyway, here's my last "Five on Friday" of the month!


While we technically could have gone out on Tuesday (since the storm really wasn't bad), we decided to take the snow day and do some baking.  Noah loves to help me cook and immediately grabs his step stool whenever he sees me start to prepare something.  Yesterday, I shared that we made our favorite muffins.  Here are some more pictures of Noah helping me.  He even grabbed his play cutting board, knife, and zucchini to work along with me :)


We just started another session of Wompy's (our music class).  Noah's been going since right before he turned 1.  It's amazing to see how much he's changed since first going.  Here are pictures from last week and he's the tallest kid in the class, he's actively participating and answering the questions.  Below, are pictures from January/February of last year.  He had just learned to walk and looks so little!  




We just ordered this calendar for Noah in hopes to teach him his days, months, seasons, and weather. A friend of Noah had a similar calendar and I thought it was so cute!


I'm constantly looking at the new arrivals at Gap & Old Navy for Noah.  This shirt caught my eye immediately since we live so close to New York City.  I definitely want to get this for Noah using the Gap Cash!


And while I'm browsing online for Noah, I like to check out the new arrivals for myself too.  I think this would be a perfect sweater to transition into Spring.  I'll want to be wearing lighter colors soon but the temps will still require a sweater most days!


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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

I try not to go too crazy decorating for Valentine's Day.  Instead, I just like to add a few simple touches here and there.  I had picked up some heart garland and a banner to hang on our mantel, but it didn't turn out the way I hoped.  Instead, I hung up the paper heart garland I made last year and kept my wintery mantel as is.  It's definitely not my favorite mantel, but it will do.  

^^^I love the little hearts on this candle holder.  Is it just me or could this double for St. Patty's Day and call them four leaf clovers?

I also hung Noah's chair backer on his little chair and put his Valentine books out for us to read over the next few weeks.  

We are also getting festive in the kitchen.  I made some of our favorite muffins using these Valentine's Day muffin liners and put them out on our heart plate.

My mom got Noah a Valentine's Day cup, plate, and bowl set from Pottery Barn Kids.  Noah thought it was so cool to drink out of a "big boy" cup!

 cup | bowl (sold out online) | plate (not pictured)
(In the store we were able to buy individual items instead of the sets as shown online)

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day???

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's The Little Things | Mama & Noah Currently

Instead of doing monthly updates with all of Noah's stats, I decided to share some things that we are into each month.  You can check out November 2014 and December 2014.

This is what we've been up to in January 2015...


Yoga | His Colors


New recipes | Play-doh creations!


Water | Apple Juice


Revenge | Peppa Pig on YouTube 

McDonalds Ice Cream Dates | Jake and the Never Land Pirates

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend Photos - Fun in the Snow!

We had a pretty fun weekend!  As often happens in the winter, some of our plans got rearranged because of weather and illness, but that's to be expected.  Originally, we were supposed to go to Chris' parents' house for lunch on Saturday and go to my parents' house for dinner on Sunday.  But then we got a fair amount of snow early Saturday morning and my mom came down with the same stomach flu we all had (not surprised since she was with me and Noah during our worst).  So instead, we stayed home and played in the snow on Saturday morning and decided to go to Chris' parents' house for dinner on Sunday.  

We all bundled up in our snow gear to play in the snow and watch Chris shovel the driveway and walkway.  In reality, Chris is the one that plays with him and I take pictures ;)  

^^^ in awe of the digger and snow plows driving by!

Noah got to test out the new sled my mom got him earlier this month.  This time we just stuck to our neighborhood and Chris dragged Noah on the sled back and forth down the side walk.  

We then headed to the backyard and Noah played on his "climber" for a little while.  We are currently having an issue with finding snow appropriate mittens, so he quickly lost interest and wanted to go inside.  We started off with some water proof gloves, but they looked HUGE on his hands and he could barely pick anything up with them on.  He hit them against his wagon until he got one off and then pulled the other one right off.  I grabbed his everyday mittens that fit great, but they are definitely not meant for the snow and were soaked almost immediately.  He then wanted those off too... I'm not sure what's worse, bare hands of wearing cold and wet mittens!  That night I went searching for the mittens that came with his infant snow suit.  They are waterproof and still fit, but they have no thumbs.  They are better than our current options, but definitely not ideal.  I would love to hear what your toddlers wear as mittens in the snow!

Back inside, we warmed up with some hot chocolate and Noah played before going down for a nap.  I'm a little bummed that his naps are now averaging one hour to an hour and a half.  I miss his two hour naps!

We had a really nice relaxing night inside.  We ordered in some Chinese food and watched Glee while Noah did some puzzles on his iPad.

On Sunday, we ran errands in the morning.  We are expecting a snow storm today, so we wanted to get our shopping done before we got stuck inside!  Sunday evening, we went to Chris' parents' house for dinner.

We then came home and read some books before bedtime.  Noah has about 3-4 books that he wants to read every night!  Most of his favorite books have a stuffed animal that "goes with them".

Monday, January 26, 2015

SAG Fashion 2015

Another award show means more fashion to ooh and ahh over :)  Starting with my favorites... This award season I'm really liking Reese and Lupita so far!  I love the classic white dress Reese chose just as much as the bold print Lupita wore.  I also really liked this simple black gown that Joanne Froggatt (Downtown Abbey) wore.

While at first glance I didn't think I'd like this muted/dark green color, I actually really like these dresses that Jen and Claire wore.  

As for my least favorite dresses.  Not only did I not like their gowns, but I either didn't know who these actresses even are or I wondered why there were even there (like Lo Bosworth???).  I usually like Sophia Bush's style, but I prefer her with dark hair and I just think the color of the dress and the fit around the waist is a little off.

Who were your fashion hits and misses?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday

Last week I was sick and then Chris and Noah caught my stomach bug over the long weekend.  Noah would seem better, but then he would randomly have a lingering symptom on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We finally were able to resume our activities on Thursday and I'm hoping we can stay healthy for the rest of winter, or at least a few weeks!


I've started adding some Valentine's Day touches around our house this week.  Here's a sneak peek... Noah's chair backer that we got last year.

chair backer (this year's version)


Noah and I did another winter themed craft... we did some "Crayon Resist Mittens".  I had planned to share this last week, but then the flu hit our household!  I found this idea on Pinterest.  The idea is simple... just use a white crayon to draw a picture (in this case a mitten) onto white paper.  Then you use some water color paints to paint over the picture and the paint doesn't stick to the part where you drew with the crayon.  It sounded super simple to me, but I had a few slight problems.  First, when drawing the mittens, it's very hard to see where you drew, so my mittens were all different sizes.  Then I learned that you have to push pretty hard with the crayon. Then I found that Noah was a little young and didn't really get the whole idea of painting each mitten.  Instead, he just had fun doing brushstrokes with random colors, which was fine since the whole point of this is for him to have fun.  In the end, I helped him a little and we ended up with this.  I just cut out our mittens and taped them to a piece of string, and then hung the "banner" on our bulletin board.  Nothing spectacular but it was a nice activity to do with him after nap.

^^^ our first attempt.  I didn't push hard enough with the white crayon (you can just faintly see my marks).  While it didn't result in painted mittens, I'm loving this abstract painting he created :)

^^^ our second attempt... still not great but definitely better.  


Since we were stuck inside for most of the week, Noah and I both got a case of cabin fever!  Yesterday, we ventured out to meet a friend for breakfast before heading over to story time at the library.  It was our first time going, and I definitely think we will be going back :)


I have to tell you about my new favorite top!  I got this at Loft two weeks ago using some of my rewards.  It is BEYOND soft and I love that it suits my current lifestyle of pairing it with jeans or leggings ;)  I've already worn it multiple times... it's just that comfy!



Chris does this thing where each night he sets up a little surprise for Noah to find in the morning.  Chris will take Noah's stuffed animal friends and set them up in different "scenarios".  They are often in Noah's highchair eating breakfast, sitting at his little table, watching his iPad on the couch, or sleeping in his crib.  Chris gets really into it!  I think I'll have to have Chris be in charge of the Elf on the Shelf when the time comes ;)

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