The Adventure Starts Here: June 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Bridal Shower!

So I'm sitting here on my laptop, a little bored, cause I just packed up most of my room because the carpet people are coming tomorrow to redo the whole house and everything on a surface needed to be boxed up so that the furniture can be moved easily. What a task. Anyway, I figured now was a good a time as any to post the pictures from my bridal shower.

My matron of honor - Trisha, and my 4 bridesmaids, Marlaina, Amy, Jenn, and Ingrid, threw me an amazing shower last Saturday (June 19th). It was held at an italian restaurant called Torino's that my family has been going to for years. It wasn't a surprise to me cause I hate surprises. And I would have known something was up when Trisha came down with Kaitlyn for now reason and started doing crafty things for the favors and centerpieces in the dining room.

Here are some pictures from the shower:

The very pretty centerpieces :)

My wonderful bridesmaids!

Opening presents

Jenn made me my ribbon hat

My mom and me :)

With my mom and Chris' mom

with 4 of my bridesmaids

Thank you to everyone who was at the shower and helped me celebrate. I hope you had as great a time as I did!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kaitlyn (and Trisha and David) Visits!

This past weekend Trisha brought Kaitlyn down to visit us in NJ. Trisha was coming down for my bridal shower, so we got to spend 4 days with our little princess! They came down on Wednesday night, we shopped, played, and Friday we went to Chris' pool (at his apartment). She had a blast!

Saturday was the bridal shower... but that will be a different post. Kaitlyn however got to go back to Chris' pool, but this time with her daddy, papa, and Chris. She had fun with some of her favorite men.

Sunday was Father's Day, and we all went to church. Kaitlyn put on her Tommy dress and matching purse that Chris and I got her. She was so adorable!

After church we had a nice Father's Day lunch for David and my dad. Here's a cute picture of Kaitlyn with her daddy! We taught her how to say Happy Father's Day... it was adorable!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

O Canada!

Last Wednesday the family went up to Toronto to see Luke graduate from University of Toronto. Chris and I left and mom and dad left a few hours later. It was a fun 9 hour drive... good thing there was Swiss Chalet for dinner to look forward to! That night when Chris and I got in we met up with Luke and Tyler for a little while and then went straight to bed... we were exhausted!

Thursday was the big day for our little Luke. Luke went to St. Michael's College in U of T, so part of the graduation was a Catholic Mass in the morning. We picked Luke up in his Harry Potterish Graduation robes and headed over to the church.

The actual graduation was in the afternoon, and in his actual college, around 580 were graduating. They called everyone's names, 2 at a time, so the ceremony took a while, but it was very fun to see Luke go up and get his diploma. Mom and I got a little snap happy and took pictures of EVERYTHING! That night Luke and Tyler took us to their favorite Vegan restaurant. Yes, the Luke that used to pass on salad and order double meat is now a Vegan! So that night we all experienced what Vegan food is :)

Friday, mom, dad, Chris, and I went to visit my cousin Chad and his family about an hour outside Toronto. We had dinner there and played with their 4 little girls. Chris made fast friends with the 2 older girls, Katelyn and Kiera. They played soccer and softball and really wore Chris out! It was a lot of fun to see them, since I hadn't met the 3 younger girls and I hadn't seen Katelyn since she was just a baby many years ago. I also learned that Chad and Katelyn read this blog every Sunday... so Hi Chad and Katelyn!

Saturday we met Tyler's parents for lunch at Swiss Chalet (yes, we had it again... we LOVE it!). Then we went to see my Uncle Richard for a little while and then Luke, Tyler, Chris and I went to the Harry Potter Exhibit since we really are just little kids at heart! I think Luke, Tyler and I were way more into it than Chris was, but he was a good sport :)

Saturday night since my parents left Toronto early to go see my cousin Laura and their new baby in Niagara, it was just the 4 of us to hang out. Since Luke and Tyler are vegan and they knew we really wanted to go to the Keg (steak and seafood), we decided to split up for dinner and meet up after to go out. It was a great night, but I was very full afterwards! That was our whole trip... it was a lot of fun, with a long car ride to end it all.

Next weekend is my bridal shower (yeah yeah, I hate surprises), and I can't wait for it. So stay tuned for pictures posted from that :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Wedding

This weekend Chris and I went to his friend Chris and Heather's wedding. It was a lot of fun because we got to hang out with all of Chris' friends... Craig, Aimee and Mark, Kelly and Allan, and Mark, and Rinaldi. It was great because since Chris moved to Morristown we haven't been able to see them as much as he used to when he lived right down the street from most of them.

Chris with Kelly and Aimee (the original roomies)

Chris and Craig (a groomsman)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Engagement Photos

So last Friday Chris and I went to have our engagement photos taken by our wedding photographer. We are going to use these pictures to create a sign in book for the wedding. We got them back today (I know... super quick, huh?) Anyway, if you want to take a look, here are Our Engagement Photos - click on the blog link... we are the first blog entry (as of right now at least). Don't you just love the first picture lol!
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