The Adventure Starts Here: 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So this weekend Chris and I were supposed to have some fun Christmas plans. We were going to go to the church Christmas party that my parents had planned, then head over to Waldwick to do a Christmas Dinner and Secret Santa with Chris' friends. Unfortunately, New Jersey (and other states) got hit by a bunch of snow starting Saturday afternoon. So we were basically snowed in and all our plans changed :(

On the bright side, Monday we went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. I had to work in the city during the day, so we figured it was the perfect time to go see the tree. We went right after work, had some random people take our pictures in front of the tree and had a nice dinner at McCormick and Schmick... it was a great evening!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Party

This past Saturday was Rothstein Kass's Holiday Party... so that's where Chris and I were on Saturday night. But earlier that day we were of course doing wedding stuff. We were supposed to get engagement photos taken, but because of the snow we had to cancel/reschedule. So instead we were able to make an appointment to meet with a minister. He seemed great, and hopefully we will have a decision made soon! We also finally submitted our engagement announcement to a newspaper finally. We have a few more local newspapers we want to submit to, but at least one has been completed!

So because of the snow I mentioned above, we were a little worried about driving to the holiday party. But my dad let us borrow his car (is a little bigger and heavier than both of our little 2 door cars) so the drive wasn't bad. Once you got onto the highway it was a piece of cake. You can tell I haven't lived in Canada for a while, because there the amount of snow would have made people laugh! But I of course had to bundle up for the elements...

My mom also took a lot of pictures of us in front of the tree before we left. I felt like it was prom all over again!

Anyway, the party was a blast. It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone from work!

Chris and me at dinner

Patrice and me

The boys got really into dancing!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

Chris and I had the craziest weekend we've had in a while! So not only did we just fly back from Cancun on Thursday, and then have Marlaina and Tom's Wedding on the Friday, but Saturday we moved Chris into his new apartment. He just got a 1 bedroom place in Morristown... it's the Highlands right next to the train station (perfect for him commuting to Manhattan). We had done all the shopping (he got all new stuff) on previous weekends, but the day where we actually had to move it all was finally upon us.

We got up early and drove over to the apartment, and the first problem arose. This is a brand new apartment, no one has ever lived in his unit before, but I guess when maintenance came to do something or the alarm people came, they didn't wipe their feet, cause there is red crap all over the hallway and bedroom carpet. Honestly, it looks more like some people had a wine party and were a little messy. Then we open the closet, and that's where the biggest stain was... maybe that's where they kept the wine during the party lol.

So I was worried that they wouldn't let him move in that day cause they'd need to replace the carpeting, but they said that the carpet guys would come on Monday and would work around it. It wasn't bad anyway, since most of the stuff was for the living room and kitchen, and those 2 rooms were in perfect condition. So we spent the day moving everything in, and thankfully Chris' friend Ken came to help with a huge truck. With the help of Ken, the truck, and the elevator, we were able to move all the stuff in pretty easily. Then came the fun part... putting all the furniture together. We were able to put together one bedside table, the coffee table, desk, and bookcase together before we gave up and left. So now Tuesday, Chris is taking the day off from work to wait for Verizon to set up the TV and Internet and for Macy's to deliver the bed, couch, chair, and bar stools. He then gets the joy of putting the huge dresser and the other bed side table together. I will get to go to work while he does this and hopefully when I stop by on my way home, the place will look amazing!

Well our weekend didn't stop there... that was just Saturday. So Sunday we were able to sleep in a little, but at noon we met up with a girl I know from high school at the Watchung Lake and she took some engagement photos of us. From what I saw on her camera the pictures should turn out great! We walked around the lake, goofed around on the playground and baseball field, then headed to Washington Rock, and finally to the Warren Library where we played on the swings and rock climbing wall... all while being captured on film! I can't wait to get the pictures and choose which ones to use for the Save-the-Dates!

Straight from there we had to make another visit to the Walmart and get a few more things for the apartment... it never ends, no matter how much planning you think you've done before hand! Then we went back to my house and helped my parents put up the Christmas tree decorations.

We were a really good team hanging the lights

My mom kept having us pose for pictures

Me and my daddy

Maybe we should have had my mom get in a picture at least once!

We put on some Christmas music and had a ton of fun decorating the house. My mom even made Chris some Rice Krispie Treats for him to take home. We then went to dinner at McCormick and Schmick and strangely enough ran into the family that I used to babysit for all the time! They hadn't met Chris yet, so it was a perfect place to introduce them to him before the invitations go out!

Despite it being a very hectic and tiring weekend, we had a blast. I just wish I had one day off to do nothing before having to go back to work.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marlaina's Wedding

So just the day after Chris and I got back from Cancun, we had Marlaina's wedding to go to. I was a bridesmaid in the wedding... I've been best friends with Marlaina since we were in Middle School! So I woke up early and was at her house by 8:30 for hair and makeup. We had a blast getting ready and the party was amazing! Chris and my parents also came to the wedding and they met me at the church. Marlaina was the happiest I've ever seen her and I know that Tom and her will have a very happy life together! Have fun on your Honeymoon!

With Marlaina at the Hair Salon

With Chris at the Cocktail Hour... one of our new favorite pictures!

Best Friends Forever!

Cutting the Cake

Everyone had an amazing time and we danced the entire night!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cancun with the Flinn's

So every year (for the past few years) the Flinn family goes to Cancun, Mexico for the week of Thanksgiving. This year, I was invited to come along... considering I will be a Flinn very soon!

Chris and I flew out on Friday, November 20th with his brother Justin, and Justin's girlfriend, Ingrid. Chris' mom was already in Cancun... she had spent the previous week down there with 3 of her friends from high school. Chris' dad was supposed to fly down the next day, but in the end wasn't able to come due to some health issues. It turned out he was okay, but at the time the doctors didn't want him traveling outside the country.

We had a great time... we lounged by the pool, Chris went parasailing, we swam with dolphins, and relaxed at the spa. Here are some pictures from our trip!

Chris parasailing... I wouldn't go cause I was scared at how close it was to the hotels!

Me, Chris, Justin, and Ingrid at the hotel

Dinner on the first night in Cancun

Waiting for our taxi

Everyone at dinner

Chris and I swimming with the dolphins... it was so much fun! Do it if you ever get the chance!

On our way to Playa del Carmen for the day

At dinner

They made me hold the lobster!

Mom's Birthday

So I know this was 2 weeks ago, but I was in Cancun (post to follow about that) so I'm late posting the pictures from Mom's Birthday!

Anyway, this year we celebrated another year of Sherrill Freel's life. It was on Sunday, November 15th, and Chris, my dad, and I took her to Ruth's Chris Steak House for dinner. First she opened her gifts, and once again I was able to surprise her! At the beginning of November my mom went up to Toronto to visit Luke (and other family members). While she was gone my dad and I used this opportunity to go shop for a TV for her. In her room she had a 19 inch that was so tiny she couldn't read the words on the TV. So we decided to upgrade it and found a 37 inch LCD TV (I was jealous I didn't have this TV!). So we ordered it and it was being delivered the day she was driving home from Canada. Of course that was the one of the few days my dad wasn't working from home, so I had to stay home and work from home that day. But since I tell my mom EVERYTHING... I had to lie. I told her I had woken up with a headache and decided to work from home that day. How else was I to explain that I wasn't going to work when I talked to her and why I was home early when she got home around 4:30! Anyway... the TV was delivered on time and I did some masterful hiding of it in the garage. I was so good that neither Chris or my dad (who both knew it was in the garage) could see it! It stayed there for about a week, and Sunday morning, when Mom was at church, I had to wrap this big thing. I was able to do it, rehide it, and then when it came time to open the gifts, Dad and Chris brought the thing inside. Mom still didn't know what it was, but was thrilled when she opened it! Now we are able to watch Dancing with the Stars and feel like they are dancing in the room!

We then went to dinner and had an amazing steak dinner. Below are some pictures from dinner.

Mom and Dad at Ruth's Chris

Chris and Me

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kaitlyn's 2nd Birthday

So this past weekend I went up to Rhode Island with my family for Kait's 2nd Birthday. Chris couldn't come this time because he was taking his dad to the Penn State vs Ohio Game! After the game though Chris said he probably should have come with me considering the outcome :(

I just thought I'd share some cute pictures of Kaitlyn at her birthday party.

Right after she had her picture taken she'd like to take a look at it on the camera.

Kaitlyn and her dad playing the harmonica for us... she gets really into it!

They had a Little Mermaid Pinata and the kids knew right away what to do... get that candy!!!

This was the only shot we could get of the family without Kaitlyn trying to get away!

I think she was a little in awe of all her presents

Even though Chris couldn't be there he sent her an Elmo present... she LOVED it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Wedding Party

So Chris and I already knew who we'd ask to be in our wedding party when we got engaged, but as all things take time, we just finished asking everyone yesterday. So without further ado, here it is...

Trisha Freel (Meghan's Sister-in-Law) - Matron of Honor
Marlaina Snyder (Meghan's Friend from High School) - Bridesmaid
Amy Lambert (Meghan's Friend from University of Delaware) - Bridesmaid
Jenn Flynn (formerly Werb) (Meghan's Friend from University of Delaware) - Bridesmaid
Ingrid Achhorner (Justin's (the best man) girlfriend) - Bridesmaid
Kaitlyn Freel (Meghan's adorable niece) - Flower Girl

Justin Flinn (Chris' Brother) - Best Man
Luke Freel (Meghan's Brother) - Groomsman
David Freel (Meghan's Brother) - Groomsman
Craig Zarolnick (Chris' current roommate and friend) - Groomsman
Joe Piktel (Chris' Friend from Penn State) - Groomsman

So that's our wedding party! We are so excited that they all wanted to be part of our very special day! We can't wait to share these special though busy next 10 months preparing for our big day with them! We love you all!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Weekend

So this weekend was extremely busy for Chris and me. We knew it would be so on Friday night Chris just brought Chinese food over and we watched my Tivo'd episodes of Monk (we were a few weeks behind lol). It was a good thing we didn't go out, we were both falling asleep at 10 pm!

Saturday, I went with my mom dress shopping... but I won't go into much detail there, because it is a surprise... to EVERYONE except my mom and I. Meanwhile, Chris went with his family to the Highlands (where he'll be moving to in December) so he could measure everything. We then met up in the afternoon to go furniture shopping.

Chris really doesn't have any furniture that he's bringing to the new apartment, so we have to get everything new. And I'm helping him pick it all out, because in less than a year it will be OURS! So we went to Crate and Barrel and found some stuff we liked, but not absolutely loved. Then we went to Pottery Barn and didn't find any comfortable couches! Then we went to Raymour and Flannigan - that was a let down :( Next was Ethan Allen, but they take 10-12 weeks to deliver! Chris can't sit on the floor until Christmas!!! So we left that store pretty fast. We finally decided to go to the Macy's furniture store.... and that's where we hit the jackpot. We bought a leather sofa, chair, and ottoman, 2 chairs/bar stools to go under the kitchen breakfast counter, and then we got our King Mattress!!!! It was a very productive day to say the least. Now we just have to find a TV stand (for the huge TV Chris just bought), a desk, and some dressers. Everything else we need we can take our time since he can live as long as he has these things right when he moves in.

Right from there we drove to meet Elena and Brian for dinner. We felt like we were in a movie while we were trying to parallel park while the rain was coming down like crazy and branches were flying at the car (Chris obviously was parking... anyone who knows me knows I can't park in perfect conditions!). Elena is one of Chris' best friends and I had never met her or her fiance yet. Dinner was fabulous and the night was just really fun! We were half an hour late due to our furniture purchases, but everything worked out in the end. I even got some embarrassing stories about Chris from Elena. I guess I have to promise not to share these :(

Sunday was just as busy... I went to Dolce (where we are having the wedding) with my mom and Chris' mom for a Bridal Expo. Chris' mom had never been there before, so we gave her the tour of the Ballroom, the Deck, and the Courtyard. We got some cool ideas for flowers, met with some photographers, and got to try some of the cake that I will be having at my wedding. It was a lot of fun. I then ran home, changed, and Chris picked me up so we could go to the Giants Game. It was my FIRST pro football game ever! We first drove to my friend Patrice's house to meet up with her and her boyfriend so the 4 of us could drive in together. We met up with our other friend at work Jaeger and Jenn. The 6 of us tailgated (burnt some hot dogs) before the 8:20 game. It was cold, but nothing crazy... fortunately Chris brought the Penn State blanket for me to use. Unfortunately the Giants lost :( But still, it was a fun first game!

Our seats were in the 11th row!

Patrice and Mike

The 4 of us trying to stay warm!
(Mike and Jenn had seats across the aisle)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Date and Venue are set!!!

Chris and I have officially picked our Wedding Date and the Venue....

It will be on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at the Dolce in Basking Ridge... see the pictures below!

The hotel

The ceremony

Where the cocktail will be held

Reception Hall

We hope to be able to have our Ceremony and Cocktail Hour outside... so hope for good weather!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Meghan's contact info

Well here's a picture from the exact day that my brother gave me Meghan's phone number and email address. It was January 11, 2009. It was freezing out, as you can tell. My brother Justin and I were at the Giants-Eagles NFL playoff game, which was my Christmas present to Justin. The Giants were eliminated from the playoffs that day, but I ended up winning the relationship playoffs, and 4 days later (not a week or two, as was previously stated by my better half), I emailed Meghan for the first time, and that got the ball rolling....

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Chris and I were set up by his mom. In high school I worked at a dentist office where Chris' mom worked. Years later I still went to that dentist for my checkups and cleanings. In January 2009 Chris' mom asked if I was seeing anyone. I wasn't and she asked if she could give my number and e-mail to her son. I said yes, and a week or two later I got an email from Chris and obviously the rest is pretty obvious.

Below are some pictures from the fun times we had while dating:

At Joe's Wedding in Williamsport, PA

Aimee's Birthday

Chris and Me in Central Park

Chris and Me at McCormick and Schmick

Chris and Me going to my first Mets Game

Mini Golfing

At the Meadowlands Fair

Celebrating Jenn's Birthday

Chris and Me in Philly

Chris and Me visiting Luke and Tyler in Toronto

Chris and Me at the CN Tower

Chris and Me at Niagara Falls

Chris and Me at Laura's Wedding

Chris and Me at Carmine's for our Anniversary

The parents meet for the first time at Alfie's

Chris and I at Taylor Swift

Chris and Me at the US Open

Chris and Me at Kristin's Housewarming
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