The Adventure Starts Here: July 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 2010... so far

So far this summer has been a lot of fun. We had amazing weather for the 4th of July weekend! Friday Chris and I were off from work, so we spent the day at the pool. That night we went out to dinner with Elena and Brian at Benihana.

I spent the rest of the weekend at the pool... it was great to just relax. Chris went to the Yankees game with his parents and Justin on the Saturday, and went golfing on the Monday, other than that he lounged at the pool too :)

Then this past weekend, Chris went to Toronto with some of his groomsmen and friends for his bachelor party. You'll have to have him post about his time and pictures, since I haven't seen them yet.

Meanwhile, I went up with my family to visit David, Trisha, and Kaitlyn in Rhode Island. We had a blast. Friday night we took Kaitlyn to the pool at our hotel. It was just an indoor pool, but she loved it. Now she is able to swim on her own (with her swimmies). We just have to keep reminding her to keep her mouth closed. She gets excited and smiles or laughs a lot and then swallows water and coughs. She'll catch on quickly though :)

Saturday we took Kaitlyn to the zoo and she had a great time seeing all the animals. My favorite was still seeing the elephants (aka "Nonnies"). They had these misters around to keep you cool while walking through the paths, and at the end of the day we asked Kait what her favorite animal was, and she said, "Getting wet!". Nice to know she'd have just as much fun with a sprinkler!

Kait's favorite were the giraffes

My Nonny!

Kait playing in the mist! She got soaking wet!

Afterwards, we went to Chipotle for lunch. Luke kept Kait entertained!

It has been a great month so far... excited to see what the rest of it brings.
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