The Adventure Starts Here: May 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I was very excited to have a 3 day weekend, and at the same time that Chris was getting 5 days of Memorial Day weekend!  Chris golfed in a company golf tournament for charity in Bedminster on Thursday and he golfed with a friend on Friday as well.  He was outside enjoying the amazing weather while I was stuck inside the office working... feeling sorry for me???  Thankfully I got to enjoy the weather the rest of the weekend!

Friday night after I got home from work we went to Chili's for dinner and then to see the movie Bridesmaids.  It was hilarious... great way to start the weekend!  

Saturday morning we got up early and headed down to the pool right when it opened at 10.  It wasn't too sunny yet, but we were glad we got chairs when we did, cause it got packed fast.  

We spent a couple hours there and went up at 2:30 cause we had to get ready to head to Flushing that night.  Last minute Chris got us tickets to the Mets vs. Phillies game on Stubhub.  He was able to get great seats at a really great price and we were in the Champions Club.  We were able to pay for the buffet (only about $20 per person) which gave you all you can eat and sodas for the whole game!  I think we got our money's worth in Diet Coke alone!  But the buffet wasn't enough, we had to go to the Shake Shack!  I had never had Shake Shack so Chris said I had to try their milkshake and burger... wow was it amazing!  I will definitely be going there again!  The game started off great and the Mets were doing well, but the Phillies came back in the end and won :(  

Sunday it was back to the pool.  I was a little worried at first cause it was very cloudy and breezy in the morning, but it got super hot and sunny by the afternoon.  Another great day at the pool!  Sunday evening we headed over to my parents' house for a Sunday Dinner.  My mom was excited because this is the first Sunday in a while that she was home and not driving up to Rhode Island.  When Chris and I got married she hoped to have Sunday dinners with us (just like she had with her parents), but when she started babysitting Kaitlyn and Matthew every Monday, that went out the window.  Now she'll be watching them on Tuesdays, so we can start that tradition :)

On Memorial Day we went to the pool in the morning and early afternoon.  It was so hot out that we had our fill of the pool by 3 oclock and just spent the rest of the day getting ready for the week.   We loved having a few days off, but not looking forward to going back to work :(

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Weekend Away

Chris and I had a fairly busy week and weekend.  Last Wednesday was Dolores' (my mother-in-law) Birthday.  Chris and I went to dinner with his parents at Trio to celebrate.  Dinner was great and it was nice to catch up over a meal.

Friday night my friend Marlaina came up to Morristown and we went to dinner at this new restaurant in town called Urban Table.  It was really good food... we got these specialty burgers that was like Caprese on top of a burger, yummm!

Saturday, Chris and I packed a bag and headed up to the Catskills.  As a Wedding Shower gift we got a Bed and Breakfast gift card, so we decided to use it and go to a vineyard and stay over.  We drove about an hour and a half to Millbrook, NY to the Millbrook Vineyard.  They were having this buffet lunch for the release of their new 2010 wine so we got to enjoy some good food, sit outside for a couple of hours and drink some nice wine.  They then gave us a mini tour of the vineyard... nice way to spend the afternoon.

From there we drove about half an hour to Catskill, NY to check into our Bed and Breakfast.  It was called the Post Cottage and we just found it online and it had great reviews.  The place was really nice and we would totally recommend it!  We just relaxed the rest of the day and checked out the little town.  Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast there and met a young couple there for their 5 Year Wedding Anniversary.  Before heading home to New Jersey we stopped at a nearby waterfall.  We had planned to go to the top but it was more of a hike than we were prepared for, so we just took pictures at the bottom.

Chris and I had a really fun time getting away for the weekend.  Now back to reality!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Fun Weekend

This weekend we were pretty busy.  Saturday, Chris and I drove into the city for dinner and to see the play "Lombardi".  We went with Ashley and her friend Chen.  We went to Ruby Foo's for dinner and then walked over to the play.  We had really great seats and the show was great!  After the show we waited around and got our picture taken with Dan Lauria (the dad from the Wonder Years).

Sunday, Chris and I went to his coworker Danielle's Wedding.  We went to the ceremony at 2pm and then came back to the apartment to relax until the 6 o'clock reception.   The wedding was a lot of fun... we were at a table with all of Chris' coworkers and we had a great time with them.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

After last weekend being nice and relaxing without any real plans, we got back to our normal busy and fun filled weekends.  This weekend we went to see "Something Borrowed" on Friday night... Chris is a great husband who will let me pick chick flicks a lot!

Saturday, Chris and I went our separate ways.  I went into the city with my mom for a Mother's Day Broadway Matinee.   We had amazing weather so it was really nice to be able to walk from Penn Station through Times Square!

We saw "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying".  Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and John Laroquette were in it... and both were AMAZING!  We had no clue that Daniel could sing and dance so well but mostly we were amazed that he was so SHORT!

After the show we walked over to Trecolori for a nice Italian dinner.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday and I loved being able to get some one on one time with my mom :)  Meanwhile, Chris spent the day getting his car cleaned and ready to sell.  He then headed over to his parents' house and ended up going to see his Dad's Softball game and then out to dinner with his parents and brother.

Sunday, we went over to the Flinns for a Mother's Day Breakfast.  We enjoyed some yummy bagels and had a bunch of laughs looking at Dolores' High School Yearbook.

From there we went to Torino's for Mother's Day Lunch with my parents.  After lunch we had some cake and got to spend a little time with my mom before she headed up to Rhode Island.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Water for Elephants

This weekend Chris and I decided to be low key and not make any plans with friends or family.  We stayed in Friday night and I made Chris watch the Royal Wedding that I had recorded.  He was shocked at how much of an expert I was on all things royal!

Saturday I went and got my hair cut and colored and then we headed to see Water for Elephants.  While I didn't finish the book in time, I was still able to enjoy the movie.  Since there was no movie poster outside, Chris pulled up a picture on his phone and made me take a picture with that.  It was our first time at the new Dine-In Theater at the Bridgewater Mall, and it was very cool.  

It was really nice out on Sunday, so we decided to walk to the grocery store instead of drive.  On the way back I decided to get a shot of our apartment building.  In years to come I'd like to have a picture of the first place Chris and I lived when we were first married.  So maybe if we ever have a gigantic mansion (we can hope right?), we can look back at where we first started!

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