The Adventure Starts Here: October 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

My Month in Numbers | October 2016

Happy Halloween!  It's hard to believe that when we wake up tomorrow morning we will be starting another new month.  What is up with these months that go by so quickly!?!  If only February would go by just as quickly!  We had a very busy month filled with Fall activities, as I can only assume many of you had too.  October always seems to be our busiest time of year, but I'm hoping that once we celebrate Noah's birthday in a few days that we can have a few weeks of calm before we get into the craziness that is Christmas.    While I may be a little early, I am once again linking up with Shoes to Shiraz where she prompts us to share a monthly recap in numbers... you can read my past posts here.  I love recapping our months and am really enjoying this format so far!  Here is my October in numbers...

Number of...

8 - Birthdays celebrated

Between kid parties, family, and friend birthdays, we've had a lot to celebrate.  Lots of gifts, singing, and cake, and we aren't complaining one bit :)

11 - Chicks hatched

Noah's class had an incubator filled with little chick eggs.  They got to watch them for about two weeks and watch them all hatch.  I'm not positive, but I think there were 12 originally and one didn't survive.  Thankfully the kids are not aware of this.

3 - Hayrides

We went to the farm twice, meaning we went on the hayride twice.  We also got to sit next to Ernie on the hayride at Sesame Place!

9 - Recipes made

While I've cooked most nights this month, I don't really consider all of my meals "recipes".  Some of the recipes I made this month were new, while a few were tried and true favorites.    This month we made pumpkin muffinsmini pumpkin pies, chicken teriyaki casserole, and chili & corn muffins to name a few.

30 (at least) - Pumpkins

Between the fake pumpkins I decorate with, the little pumpkins I used as place settings for Canadian Thanksgiving, to all the pumpkins we have picked up at the pumpkin patch and decorated, we have a lot of pumpkins in our house!

5 - Trips to the playground

I kind of expected us to have more trips to the playground this month.  We've had some pretty good weather (at least during the week) this month, so I'm not sure why we haven't gone more often.

31 minutes 22 seconds - Length of Noah's annual video

While Chris and I love watching these videos, I'm not sure if anyone other than family would be interested in a video this long!

3 - Trash bags filled with expired food from my pantry

Last week I got tired of things falling out of my pantry when I opened the doors.  So I finally took everything out, checked expiration dates, donated things we no longer eat, and organized the rest.  I'm kind of embarrassed that we had so much expired food in there.  My goal is to not overbuy so that we don't run into the same problem again.

1,733 - Photos in my October Folder 

Plus whatever I take today... which could be a lot, since it is Halloween!  Boy do I take a lot of photos!

55 - Days until Christmas!

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I really can't wait for December so we can start enjoying all the festive fun!

What are some of your "numbers" for October???

Friday, October 28, 2016

Pajama Party

Yesterday, our Halloween Pajama & Costume Party Linkup officially started!  To kick off the party, I shared Noah's three (yes 3!!!) costumes that he will be dressing up in this Halloween.  While Noah has three costumes this year, his pajama selection isn't as extensive this year.  Right now, Noah's in that weird size.  In regular clothes, he's wearing either a 5T in toddler or an XS in the big kid section. But when it comes to pajamas, he always needs to go up at least one size for them to fit comfortably.  So that means we are now officially in the big kid section when it comes to pajamas.  Unfortunately, that means less of the fitted sets Noah has grown to love and the Halloween pairs I found tended to be on the scarier side (and Noah isn't really a fan of the scary).  The only pajamas that we still love for his size are Hanna Andersson pajamas.  But since they are on the pricier side, I prefer to buy pairs that he can wear year round rather than just 4-6 weeks out of the year.  So this year I got a little creative...

First up, Noah is going through a huge super hero phase right now, as evidenced by his costume choices!  So I decided to keep that trend going and get him this pair of Batman pajamas.  And I figured since Noah's dressing up as superheroes for Halloween, why couldn't these be considered Halloween pajamas too ;)

This next pair of pajamas is an even bigger stretch at being considered "Halloween pajamas".  Another current obsession for Noah is camo.  And while camo has become a huge part of Noah's daily wardrobe, for some reason I still think of it as dressing up.  Like he's dressing up as a soldier or a hunter.  So if you go with that premise, than these pajamas are sort of like dress up, which is what Halloween is all about.  Or I'm just a crazy person who didn't get my child Halloween pajamas and now I'm just making up stuff to feel better.  You can be the judge ;)  Nevertheless, I love these pajamas and I'm excited for Noah to wear them all winter long!  

 And yes, I let Noah wear his pajamas out in public to go on our neighborhood walk!  
The camo pajamas are also Hanna Andersson, but no longer online.  

Noah is either upset that I didn't buy him real Halloween pajamas or he is just tired of me taking photos of him.  Trust me when I say that it's because of the latter!  

But in honor of Rewind Friday, I thought I would go back to a time when Noah actually had a few pair of Halloween pajamas to wear throughout October!  

last year's Pajama Party linkup

And since I shared Noah's costumes yesterday and can't turn down a good throwback, here are some photos of Noah dressed up for past Halloweens!  Noah's first Halloween was just 2 days shy of turning 1, and he was the cutest pumpkin in the patch.  For his second Halloween, he was a heroic fire fighter.  And finally, last year Noah was an astronaut.  In the past, I would look through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and let Noah "help" me pick out his costume.  This was the first year that Noah had real ideas and opinions on his costume, hence the switch from PBKids to Party City ;)

Now it’s your turn to link up some of your favorite overlooked posts for the last time. Yes, you read that right... Beth, Whitney, Stephanie and I have decided that it's time for the Rewind Friday linkup to end. We've had fun revisiting our old posts and reading yours, but all good things must come to an end. And to those of you who have faithfully linked up, THANK YOU!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Guys Behind the Blog... It's Back!!!

Earlier this year, I started interviewing Chris each month and linking up with Betsy from Heavens to Betsy and Laura from According to Laura Jean for their The Guys Behind the Blog series. I really looked forward to it each month and was pretty bummed when they decided July was their last month. That's why I was so happy to find out that Crystal from Hall Around Texas, Elizabeth from Chasin Mason, Evelina from Fortunate House, Jamie from Cocktails and Carseats, and Jessica from Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom were going to keep the link-up alive! This is the first month with the new co-hosts and I'm so excited to participate, that you are getting two blog posts today!!!

So here we go... the questions for October:

1 // What was your most favorite Halloween costume and why?

My favorite Halloween costume was the Mets catcher costume circa 1986, which was the one year during my childhood that they won the World Series. I ended up being a catcher for a number of years after that.

2 // Haunted Houses – love them or hate them?

Haunted houses are okay, if they don't take it over the top and try to scare the daylights out of people.

3 // What is your favorite scary movie of all time?

I don't really like scary movies so I wouldn't have any to name.

I don't like scary movies at all either, which works out well for us!

4 // If you had to attend a mandatory dress up Halloween party this year what would you go as?

If I attended a mandatory dress up Halloween party this year, I'd dress up as the Hulk.

and match Noah???

you can see all of Noah's costumes here

5 // Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

I do believe in ghosts because I've heard ghost stories over the years and they seem very believable and realistic and not too far fetched.

I love how I learn something new about Chris from these questions each month!

Ready for a Party??? | Halloween Costumes X 3!!!

With Halloween being on Monday, this weekend is going to be full of parades, parties, and trick (and trunk) or treating!  We have so many events through school, our MOMS Club, and the town, giving Noah lots of opportunities to dress up.  While not necessary, we used this an excuse for Noah to get multiple costumes, 3 in fact.  It started out innocently enough.  I had him scroll through the Party City website and pick out his favorite costume.  He chose Hulk and was really dead set on it for a while.  But then one day at Costco, he saw a Superman Costume and wanted that as well.  I figured what was the harm in 2 costumes since he had so many Halloween events to go to.  But then my mom found the Gekko costume that we had been looking all over for and we just had to have it!  Noah still loved his other costumes and told me that he wanted to wear a different costume to each event.  So for our Halloween Party and Parade on Friday, he will be Hulk.  Then on Saturday, when we go Trunk or Treating at his school, he will be Gekko.  And then on Monday, when we go Trick or Treating with friends, he will be Superman.  I loved that he had it all thought out.  This officially is the year of multiple costumes!  

Since Noah is obviously having a superhero themed Halloween, I thought it would be fun to do a little photo shoot on location of all his costumes.  Ideally, I thought it would be fitting to go to an alley and pretend that he was fighting crime.  But since I wasn't aware of any alleys in our town (which is probably a good thing), I had to get a little creative.  My photographer friend suggested going to a local school and the brick facade turned out to be the perfect background!  

If you ask Noah what his favorite costume out of three is, it would hands down be Gekko from PJ Masks!  We had seen this costume online early on but they were always out of stock (even in August/September).  We did end up finding it at Kohl's one day, but they didn't have Noah's size.   Thankfully, Grandma was then on the case and found one in an actual Party City store!  She brought it right over,  Noah immediately put it on, and started crawling all over the floor pretending to be Gekko... it was the cutest thing ever!  He's worn it multiple times at home since then and loves pretending to be the pajama wearing lizard.  So even without Halloween, this costume is totally worth it!

When we got to the school to take photos, Noah was really excited to act out all of Gekko's superpowers...

Gekko camouflage!  

Gekko Muscles!

Gekko Grip!

One of the things I love about this costume, is that the tail is removable.  If you look closely above, you can see how it is attached to his back with velcro.   In my opinion, this is genius.  It makes it so much easier for him to wear his costume in the car.  And if your child is allowed to wear costumes to school, this makes it possible for them to easily sit at their desk!

Part of me is surprised to see how much Noah loves this costume.  I knew he'd love pretending to be Gekko, but Noah isn't usually a fan of masks.  He LOVES hats, but masks bother him.  So I'm really surprised that he happily wears this Gekko mask :)

Gekko costume

Next up... Superman!  We were in Costco one day when Noah spotted the costumes.  We were with my mom and she offered to buy him a second costume (Hulk being the first).  At first Noah wanted to be Iron Man, but then he changed his mind since he doesn't love masks (hence why I'm surprised Noah likes the Gekko costume so much).  He then saw Superman and realized he doesn't wear a mask.  The fact that it had a prop was an added bonus!

I love that the cape is attached by velcro... again, so much easier to wear your costume in the car!  I am kind of cracking myself up just writing this... who knew I'd ever be so obsessed with velcro!?!    And how cool is the pretend steel that is easily bendable!?!  Get it... "Superman, the Man of Steel"!   Not sure how it will go over on actual Halloween, having to carry his bag of candy and his steel, but I'm sure we will figure it out... most likely me carrying both ;)

Now for the photo shoot.  Leave it to Chris to remind me we had to comb his hair so he had a little curl in front.  And to point out that at first I had it going the wrong way haha!  While taking photos, it got a little windy, which led us to being obsessed with having the wind catch his cape so it looked like he was flying.  We never were really successful, but it sure was fun trying!

similar Superman costume.  Ours is from Costco but not available online.  

And then Chris said we had to get a picture in front of this shed that looks like a barn.  At first I was confused, but then Chris reminded me that Superman was born in a shed.  I thought he just landed on Earth in a shed and was actually born on another planet.  I can't believe we are now spending our days discussing where Superman was born!  And we never did resolve this discussion ;)

Finally, Noah modeled his Hulk costume.  When we went to the store to try it on, we quickly realized that Noah wouldn't want to wear the mask that comes with the costume.  So instead, we found this Hulk hat and thought it would work out perfectly.  We also got him the extra Hulk hands to complete the outfit.  While it is kind of pieced together, I really love how it turned out!

Noah being Hulk involves a lot of yelling "Hulk Smash" and banging things.  During the photo shoot, he got a little excited and punched the ground a little too hard.  We had to remind him to just "pretend" and punch a little softer next time.  But my favorite part was when he did this pose all on his own.  This reminds me of when Hulk gets angry and actually turns into the green Hulk!  

Hulk costume | hat | gloves

And since I always love seeing the behind the scenes, I thought I'd share these photos.  Noah did really great posing for all these photos.  And I was seriously impressed with how cooperative he was with three costume changes!  While all of his costumes just go over his clothes, the tricky part was taking off his shoes each time.  He didn't want to touch the grass with his socks and it took us longer than it should have to use our reusable shopping bags (that we brought the costumes in) as a temporary place to stand.  Much easier than one of us holding him up the whole time!

So there you have it, Noah's three Halloween costumes.  While I agree it's probably overkill, they're only young once.  And if having three different costumes makes him happy, then I'm happy.  One day I'll be begging him to dress like a superhero and go trick or treating, so for right now I'm going to be happy :)

Now it's your turn! We'd love for you to link up your Halloween pajama and costume themed posts. If you don't have a blog, no worries, just tag your social media photos with #costumepty16 so we can see, like, and comment!  And don't forget to head on over to my lovely co-hosts blogs to see their cute kids in their Halloween garb! While I shared Noah's costumes today, make sure to come back tomorrow when I'm sharing his Halloween pajamas!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Diggerland in October

This weekend we took Noah to Diggerland.  For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's an amusement park located in South Jersey, with a bunch of construction vehicles turned into rides.  Basically, it's a boy's (big and small) dream amusement park!  While it was our third time going, we just so happen to always go with families that are visiting for their first time.  So each time we go, we get to see it through a newbie's eyes.  And while we have operated our fair share of diggers at this point, it is pretty spectacular when seeing and experiencing it for the first time.  

Our first two visits were in the Summer, and we just so happened to go on super hot days.  When we made these plans with our friends to go in October, I was really looking forward to going and not sweating like crazy in the hot sun.  Well I definitely didn't sweat... instead I froze!  Not only was it cold, but it was really windy and rained on and off.  We persevered because we didn't have an alternate date that worked for both families and the boys were really looking forward to it.  So we packed every coat we own and hoped for the best.  We were starting to second guess our decision on the drive down when it started to pour, but we "lucked out" that once at the park, the most we had was a light drizzle.  

I wouldn't describe myself as a person who is always cold (maybe Chris will disagree).  I'm constantly asking for the air conditioning to be on (and lowered), even in October.  But there I was, with more layers than I've ever worn before, shivering.  I'm not joking when I say I had on a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, a quilted vest, a quilted winter jacket, topped with a rain coat and a scarf, and I was still cold!  If I had to pinpoint my biggest mistake, it was not bringing gloves.  Noah had on a winter coat and a rain coat and he wasn't bothered by the weather at all.  He occasionally said his hands were cold, but nothing his pockets couldn't cure.  He either isn't affected by the cold like I am or he just didn't care since he was having so much fun!  On the bright side, the park wasn't crowded at all and we never had to wait in a long line.  

Noah's raincoat

We went on all the same rides we normally do, like digging with the excavators, driving the skid steers, and riding the trains.  But this time, Noah did something for the first time... he drove the mini land rovers all on his own!  The first time we went, Noah wasn't tall enough to do it.  And even if he was, I wasn't really confident that he'd be able to drive the car all by himself and stay on the track.  But this time, it looks like they moved some of the rides around the track is now a little smaller and more manageable (not as many turns).  And since Noah was tall enough and eager, we let him give it a try. I definitely think it helped that his friend was doing it too... an example of when peer pressure is a good thing :)  It was kind of strange for me to see him ride the car all on his own and it reminded me that he's really growing up... he is going to be 4 in a few weeks after all!  We were all so proud of how well he did, including himself!

So while the weather was less than ideal, we still had a really fun time.  I just made sure to spend the rest of the day under the covers ;)  Maybe next year we will manage to go on a day where the weather isn't even a discussion!

Our past visits: June 2016, July 2015

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pumpkin Fun for Preschoolers

Since Halloween weekend is almost here, I decided it would be fun to spend an afternoon with Noah doing lots of pumpkin and Halloween themed activities.  So of course, I immediately browsed Pinterest to get some ideas and find some free printables.  And let me tell you, I found some good ones!  So Friday afternoon, when it was a little cloudy and damp outside, Noah and I had a fun filled pumpkin themed afternoon!

First up, I found this cute matching game printable.  I simply printed it out on card stock, then cut along the dotted lines.  I then set the cards out in rows and Noah and I played a few rounds of memory.  We have the Hape Wooden Animals Memory Game and play it often, so I knew Noah would love this.  We also had fun identifying the different faces on each of the pumpkins.  

Next up, we made some pumpkins using half an apple as a stamp.  They did not come out as pretty and clear as I would have liked, but boy did Noah have fun.  And boy did Noah get messy!  At first I had wipes nearby, but I quickly realized we were going to need more than that!  And to think this was the craft I let him go without a smock!  Thankfully we were using washable paint and he didn't get any on his clothes anyway.  After stamping our pumpkins with the orange paint and washing our hands, we then grabbed the green paint and some paintbrushes to make the stems.  Not sure what I was thinking, cause while Noah made a correct pumpkin stem, I was making leaves.  Apparently the time has come that my almost 4 year old is smarter than I am!   Once the pumpkins dried completely, we took a black marker and turned them into jack-o-lanterns.  But really, they are cute just as pumpkins too!  

^^^ and no, we weren't finger painting, he just got that messy!

And while we waited for the paint to dry, we played some Bingo (another printable I found on Pinterest).  They offer multiple game boards, but since it was just me and Noah playing, I opted to save my ink and only print out two.  Noah has a travel Disney Junior Bingo set that he loves to play with, so once again, I knew he'd love this too.  I grabbed some orange pom poms to use as markers.  Noah ended up winning, but he still wanted to keep going until his board was completely full :)

And finally, I remembered that I had picked up some Halloween themed gel clings from the Target dollar spot.  I set them out on the table and let him decorate the glass doors that lead out to our deck.  Random tidbit... in the past I would have him decorate our glass storm door at our front entrance.  But it seemed that with people coming in and out of there a lot and the change of temperature, the gel clings would constantly fall off.  So far we've been having much better luck on the back door.  We still had our back to school and Fall gel clings up, so he just added to the festive fun... the more pumpkins the merrier right!?!  Noah asked me to put the Happy Halloween up while he did all the pumpkins.  His favorite thing to do after putting all the pumpkins up, was to sing "5 Little Pumpkins Jumping on the Bed".  Yes, he sings the monkey song, but instead of monkeys, it's pumpkins jumping on the bed.  Doesn't fully make sense, but it's absolutely adorable!

What pumpkin themed crafts or games have your done with your kids this year?  

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