The Adventure Starts Here: March 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Medieval Times!

On Saturday, Chris and I went to Medieval Times to celebrate his god-daughter's 3rd Birthday!  Kyla was adorable in her purple tutu like skirt and birthday shirt :)  Everyone had a blast watching the knights, the jousting, and fighting... it made us feel like kids again!

Friday, March 25, 2011


On Wednesday, Chris flew to Seattle for a day and a half on a business trip.  After his meeting with Amazon he and his coworkers did some sightseeing.  They went to see the Fish Market, the Wall of Gum, the First Starbucks, and the Space Needle.  It was the first time I was alone in the apartment over night... but don't worry, I survived!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Learning to use Photoshop!

So from going on other people's blogs I have come to love what some people can do with digital blogging on Photoshop (that means you Amy!).  So I bought some online tutorials and have been learning how to use Photoshop to make some Scrapbooking pages.  Here's one that I just made with pictures of my niece Kaitlyn from my wedding... isn't she adorable!  

... and this is a picture Chris took of me watching my Photoshop tutorial :)

Here's the one I just made from St. Patty's Day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Little Brother Came to Visit!

On Tuesday, Luke flew in from Chicago.  He's on Spring Break from Grad School so he came home for a few days.  I feel like Luke being home for 4 days is perfect... we are able to spend some time with him, he can get all his errands in (haircut, doctor, etc.) but it's not too long where he gets too bored of us :)

Wednesday night I was able to leave work by 7:30 and Chris and I headed down to Warren for a late dinner.  My mom made us pork chops and Luke had Seitan (vegan dish).

Friday we were all going to go to Legal Seafoods for dinner.  Chris and I wanted to take my dad there for a while (he loves seafood restaurants) and when I saw that they had a Vegan dish on their menu I suggested we go when Luke was home.  Unfortunately Thursday night Chris' eyes were both really red and looked infected.  We both thought it was pink eye, so he stayed home from work Friday and went to see the doctor.  She said that it wasn't pink eye but instead a bacteria in the eye.  She gave him some eye drops and in a couple hours it already looked better.  However we think he is still contagious and he felt really stuffed up (not related to the eye), so he stayed home while I met my parents and Luke at the restaurant.

During dinner I was asking Luke for suggestions on where to go in California.  Chris and I are planning a trip to San Franciso, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles in September and since Luke just went last summer I figured I'd ask him what were must sees and what tourist spots weren't worth the time.  Dinner was yummy and it was nice to get to see Luke again before he flies back to Evanston/Chicago.  His flight is tomorrow and I'm guessing I won't see him next until this Summer at the earliest.  We will miss him :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Morristown St. Patty's Day!

This Saturday Morristown had their St. Patty's Day Parade.  While I couldn't make the parade because I had to work, we went out with a bunch of my friends afterwards to celebrate.  We went over to the Frog and had a great time!  I was so happy that the weather was great and we could walk around Morristown without a coat!  Big difference to last year when I refused to go out because it was basically a monsoon outside!

With the Ashleys... we all had the same St. Patty's Sticker!

We had to take a picture with the girl dressed up as a Leprechaun and the gnome

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Wedding Album Came!

Our Wedding Album came in the mail today!  This is actually the album that we are giving to each of our parents, but it is the same as our album, just smaller.  Our album should come soon... our photographer wasn't 100% pleased with its binding so they are having the binding company re-do it.  In the meantime we get to enjoy these amazing books... they turned out amazing!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

My 27th Birthday was on Thursday.  Since then we've been having a weekend full of celebration!  Thursday Chris sent me flowers to my office... they were so pretty.  That night I was able to leave work early and Chris and I went to Pazzo Pazzo for dinner.  He also had more flowers waiting for me at home :) Dinner was great and Chris even had the waiter bring me a candle on my dessert and the waiter sang to me.  

I also got a call from my niece Kaitlyn and she (with the help of my brother and his wife) sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone.  It was the cutest thing.  She also helped bake me this cake for my Birthday (and to celebrate Matthew's 5 month birthday) and sent me a picture of it.  She likes to do this for everyone's birthday and then eat the cake for us :)

Friday night my parents took Chris and I out to dinner to celebrate my birthday.  We had dinner at Ruth's Chris and they had the table set up with "Happy Birthday" Confetti.  We had a great dinner and they brought out dessert with a candle in it.  Chris wanted me to recreate this picture of me on my 2nd Birthday.  It's of me blowing out the candles on my cake that makes him laugh every time.  I didn't disappoint with this picture either... the whole table was laughing!  

27 years old

2 years old

My parents had given me my birthday gift a few weeks ago... an iPad!  I was so excited to get it and they gave it to me early since I was going to California for work and they knew I'd like being able to watch TV shows on it during the flight and in the hotel room.  My mom though who has to give a gift on your actual birthday also got me the new Vera Bradley beach towel and flip flops... in purple of course!  The funny thing was is that I got an email advertising these just a few weeks ago and told Chris I wanted them!  I didn't mention them to my mom so I'm impressed she got me such a great gift!  

Saturday, Chris and I went into the city for dinner and a show.  For my birthday he got us tickets to see Jersey Boys.  We ate at Becco and were so full by the time we left!  

Sunday Chris and I went to the movies in the afternoon... we went to see the Adjustment Bureau.  It was really good :)  After the movie we went over to Chris' parents' house for my birthday dinner.  Justin came too and they got me a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me :)

As you can see I had a great 27th birthday!  It was very busy and full of fun!
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