The Adventure Starts Here: February 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

In some ways this week went by quickly and in others it dragged.  It didn't snow (though it was very cold), Noah and I stayed healthy, and we were able to go to all our planned activities.  Chris has been very busy at work but he only missed bedtime one night (last night).  We have a fun weekend plan, with lots of birthday celebrations :)  Have a great weekend!


We finally got to visit with my friend Kristen and her baby Sawyer.  I say finally because we were supposed to go last week but decided to postpone since Noah had a runny nose and Sawyer is only 3 months old.  I'm so glad Noah could finally meet his future friend and that I got to have some girl talk with Kristen!  Sawyer slept for most of the time, but Noah was smitten with him while he was awake.  While Sawyer slept, Kristen read Noah a book, cut him up some yummy apple and oranges, and let him explore (and somewhat destroy) Sawyer's nursery!  He was so exhausted after his morning of fun that he fell asleep immediately when we got in the car!

photo taken by Kristen Boylan


Noah LOVES his music class Wompy's.  Two of his friends are in our class and they have a blast together.  The first part of class is always the same and Noah has the routine down pat.  Per Chris' request, this past week I got it on video.  


Since we go back to our old town for music class each week, we like hang out with our friends after class as well, instead of heading straight home.  This past week we went out for a late breakfast with the three kids.  We entertained them with Thomas stickers until the food came.  I was shocked that Noah was happy to sit in his high chair and ate most of his food... he usually just wants to get down and play!  As a result I was able to eat my entire meal.  I was on cloud nine until the waitress said she was "impressed" I could eat the whole thing!  She might as well said, "wow you're a pig!".


This week I met up with a friend at the mall.  We walked around with the kids and stopped at a few stores.  I picked up this new foundation at Sephora and this new shirt at Express.  I tried to find it online but couldn't.  I went in looking for their new One Eleven collection after Natasha mentioned it.  The sales girl had to go ask about it and this was the only shirt she said they had in stores from the collection so far.  It runs super large but it's so soft and comfortable!  


Noah and I are sporting some "new" hair dos this week.  I've decided to wash my hair every other day and just do some loose curls on the second day to keep it looking fresher.  We've also started spiking Noah's hair again! 

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mama & Noah Currently

Instead of doing monthly updates with all of Noah's stats, I decided to share some things that we are into each month.  You can check out November 2014December 2014, and January 2015.

This is what we've been up to in February 2015...


Muffins | Lion sounds (check out the video!)


Clementines | Applesauce Pouches


The Mysteries of Laura | Dinosaur Train


Yes Please | Bedtime Stories on the toilet


Colorful Striped Socks | Colorful Striped Socks


Nap Time | Wompy's

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Co-Hosting: It's The Little Things - My Little Helper

I have been linking up with the "It's the Little Things" link up for a long time.  Today is extra special for me though because I am co-hosting the link up with Jess this week!  What I love most about this link up is celebrating the ordinary moments in our day instead of only focusing on the big events!  Life with a toddler is all about the little things!  

Noah loves to help us with everything!  While I think it's super cool that he loves to help with chores, at his age his participation is totally voluntary.  When I first became a mom, I never expected that a 1 year old (and now 2 year old) would even be able to help as much as he does.  I guess I kind of assumed he wouldn't be able to do "chores" until he was maybe 4?  And even then I didn't think he'd want to do it.  Boy was I wrong.  Noah is adamant to help us with everything and actually gets upset if we do it without him.  

His assistance ranges from super simple things like wanting to flush the toilet after anyone uses it to helping with the dishwasher and trash.  On a typical day, Noah helps me make the bed, do the laundry  (move the clothes from the hamper into the laundry basket, put the dirty clothes into the washing machine and then move them to the  dryer), load and/or empty the dishwasher (I do the knives and breakable things), getting his yogurt, spoon, and bib for breakfast, and helping me vacuum.  After dinner, Noah loves to help start the dishwasher, take the trash and recycling out, and put new trash bags into all the trash cans!

Noah also loves to be my sous chef.  He likes to shred cheese for me and is great at helping me when I bake.  He pours in all the ingredients and can even crack and egg like a pro!  When we make smoothies, he sits right on the counter and puts every single piece of fruit into the Vitamix.

Since Noah loves to help in the kitchen, we bought him this stool from Ikea so he could reach the counters.  This stool now travels everywhere in the house, wherever help is needed!  Just the other day, Chris needed to restart the router (which is on top of our entertainment unit).  Guess who came to the rescue with his little step stool!

Noah is obsessed with watching and helping Chris with his "outdoor chores".  Right now Noah likes to help shovel the snow.  In the summer he liked to mow the lawn with his toy mower while Chris did the real thing.  He also enjoyed raking leaves and planting flowers.  I wish I thought these things were as fun as Noah thinks they are!

What I love the most about all this is how enthusiastic Noah is to help and that it's not us telling him he has to do any of it.  I assume that this will change as he gets older.  I figure I'll enjoy the help while he gives it freely.  We haven't thought it out completely yet, but I figure we will start giving Noah a small allowance when he's older in return for him helping with chores.  I grew up where my mom did our laundry and did the cooking and cleaning.  I plan to do the same for my kids as well, but I do think it would be helpful to Noah (and any future kids) to help out a little and learn how to do certain tasks.  I don't see a problem with Noah bringing in the mail when he gets home from school, putting his folded clothes, setting the table for dinner, and picking up his toys at the end of the day.  

Does your child like to help with chores?  How much do you expect them to do as they get older?

Now it's your turn to link up with me or Jess and share the "little things" in your life!

Our Weekend in Photos

While our weekend didn't go exactly as planned because of the snow, we still had so much fun.  Here are some highlights!

Chris got home from work 30 minutes earlier than he normally does!  He printed out these Bubble Guppies puzzles for Noah to do after dinner.  They played and then came up for bath.  

On Saturday, we were originally supposed to meet some friends of ours at the Crayola Experience.  They live in Philadelphia so we thought it would be fun for the kids to spend the morning there.  But with snow and freezing rain in the forecast, we decided to postpone our plans.  Instead, we just spent the day at home. 

Noah didn't mind... he got a new toy this weekend!  It arrived earlier this week (we were amazed at how fast it shipped) but we waited until the weekend to set it up so we could both see him do it for the first time.   Check out these two videos of him first seeing the roller coaster and then him jumping for joy about it.  This was the first time Noah actually jumped with two feet!

I couldn't let Noah have all the fun!  So I gave it a try too, and Chris got that on video as well!

We got this roller coaster because Noah fell in love with it at the MOMS Club Halloween party last year.  I guess he remembered, because after I went upstairs to get ready, Chris sent me this picture.  Noah found his halloween costume in the closet and wanted to put it on!  

We then came upstairs to make some Jello molds.  Chris found this animal set a while ago and we finally got around to making it with Noah!  

During Noah's nap, Chris ran some errands.  Since we were expecting another snow storm, he ran to get gas and some groceries before it got bad.  We've been looking for "Crispy Rounds" for months now with no luck.  I was more excited than anyone should be when I got a picture of Tostitos from Chris!

When Noah woke up from his nap, we did a little photo shoot of him wearing his new St. Patty's T-shirt.  We also brought the faux hawk back!  We then had a little time to play before getting ready for dinner.  We did some play doh and then went back to the basement to play with the roller coaster some more.  Chris then had the brilliant idea to jump over Noah as he came rolling down.  When a guy has a son, it's like an excuse to act like a big kid again ;)

The snow had stopped for a little while and we headed out to dinner with some friends of ours.  They just recently moved here so we wanted to take them out and show them one of our favorite restaurants.  This Italian restaurant is also where we had our rehearsal dinner.  I'm glad we went early when it wasn't busy because Noah wouldn't sit in his high chair for longer than 2 minutes... even with  the iPad!

We spent most of Sunday just hanging out inside.  We asked Noah if he wanted to go to Gymboree, but he said no.  We did go out for dinner at Hibachi with my parents and brother Luke.  Luke got married at the end of November, but since then he hasn't been living with his husband because of his job here in New Jersey.  He is starting a new job and is finally able to move in with Tyler.  We will miss Luke, but we are excited for this next chapter in his life!  

^^^ Since Noah loves candles we had them sing to Luke, even though his birthday was at the beginning of January!  

We are super cool people, and stopped at the grocery store on the way home from dinner.  Chris had noticed that a local Kings had some kid sized shopping carts and wanted to take Noah there ASAP.  Noah shared Chris' excitement for the shopping carts and had a blast walking all over the store!  In case these pictures aren't enough, check out this video!  I think we will end up shopping at this store more often now!

How was your weekend?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar Fashion

In case you didn't know, last night was the Oscars.  I have to admit this was the only awards show this season that I actually watched any part of.  I was super excited to hear that NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) was hosting.  I made sure to watch the opening number and loved it.  I'm also a big Anna Kendrick fan so it was cool to see her in it as well.  

After that however, the fashion is what kept my interest.  I hadn't seen any of the movies nominated, but I did enjoy seeing what some of my favorite actresses were wearing.  Just as with the other award shows, I noticed a trend with the dresses I loved.  This award show I seemed to prefer the lighter colored gowns.  I loved how the gowns below each had some dramatic flair.  Whether it was with sequins, a large flower, or ornate beading, they all wowed me in some way!  

As much as I love the best dressed, it's always fun to see some bad dresses too.  While I feel bad to make a center shot out of a non-celebrity, the joke Neil Patrick Harris made after her acceptance speech made me laugh out loud!   We were all thinking that right?

NPH: "It takes balls to wear a dress like that"!  HAHAHA!

Did you watch the Oscars, the red carpet, or none of it at all?  Who were on your best dressed list?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday

Even though it was a short week, we still had lots to keep us busy.  Noah had a runny nose and cough all last weekend and then he started complaining that his ear hurt (I can't believe he's now able to actually tell me these things!).  So I took him into the doctor to have his ears checked on Tuesday.  The doctor said that it wasn't an infection (at least it wasn't one yet) and that the pain was probably a result of his congestion.  She suggested trying Mucinex and Benadryl (at night) but wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic in case his ears got worse.  Thankfully I haven't had to use it yet and he's slowly getting better.   Thank goodness because we have a very busy weekend planned with multiple dinners and get togethers with friends.   I'll be sure to give you a full recap next week!  Have a great weekend!


Noah LOVES to help me bake.  This past Christmas, we got him a Santa apron and hat from Target.  He loved wearing it so much that he's been wearing it ever since, even though Christmas is over!  I went looking at Target again, but had no luck.  Instead, we ordered this cute apron from Amazon.  


Tuesday was Mardi Gras.  While we didn't do anything crazy in order to get some beads, we did eat some pancakes!  I assumed this was a common tradition, but when Chris looked at me like I was crazy, I realized this could be something just my family did! My mom was going to come over and make us some for lunch, but then Noah fell asleep on the way home from the doctor.  So instead, we had pancakes for dinner... yummy!


This week, we got together with some friends of ours for a play date.  We met them in our old town and they just bought a house in our new town too!  The little boy is 6 months older than Noah and is now talking up a storm, and in full sentences.  When we got there he immediately said "Noah, come see my playroom".  After playing trains for a while, they played the super fun game of, throw the ball down the hallway, chase after it, and laugh hysterically while running back... and repeat!  I think the best line of the day was when his friend said "I'm having too much fun!".


I used to be the mom that brought snacks for Noah whenever we went out.  Then as he got older and didn't need as much in the diaper bag, I started slacking.  Normally it isn't a problem until he sees his friends (who have prepared mommies) snacking on something yummy.  He then all of a sudden becomes the starving kid who has to beg for food.  The other moms are of course kind and share with him, but then I feel bad!  Well, the other day one of my friends had these bagel crisps in her bag and Noah loved them!  Of course I ran out and got a few bags and I am now prepared to feed my starving child ;)


I saw this article on Facebook a little while ago and thought it was HILARIOUS!  If I'm being honest, Noah is actually a pretty good eater compared to some of these scenarios.  But #5 (below) definitely happens around here A LOT!

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