The Adventure Starts Here: March 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 21

Weight:  About 19 lbs.  I love my chubby man.

Sleep: Noah's has continued to sleep well.  He sleeps through the night, going to bed around 8pm and waking up at 6:30.

Clothes:  He's wearing all 6-12 or 9 month size clothes.

Social:  Last weekend we decided to not make any real plans and spend some quality time just the three of us.  We did end up taking a trip to Target and Babies R Us, but that was about it.

On Tuesday, Noah and I met my friend Jill for lunch.  It was a gorgeous day and it was really nice to get out for a few hours.  I made the most of my trip out and we stopped at Carter's to pick up a few things.  Noah was the perfect baby and let Jill and I enjoy our Smashburger burgers while just sitting there in his stroller.  I also got to savor my Stewart's Root Beer Float... yummm!

Grandma came over to watch Noah on Wednesday and she fed him his "dinner".  Noah loves eating with her... she lets him hold his own spoon!

On Thursday, Noah and I went down to my parents' house.  My brother, Luke moved home and I wanted Noah to see him.

Diet:  This week we kept giving Noah new fruits and vegetables.  On Sunday, Noah tried squash.  On Monday his cheeks were red, but I figured it was from rubbing his face into his burp cloth.  He had squash again that afternoon, but then I noticed that he had a slight rash on his stomach.  I called and left a message with the doctor.  Tuesday morning they called me back and said I should bring him in, but by then the rash was gone.  So instead they told me to just stop giving him the squash and to watch for any other symptoms.  Thankfully, he hasn't had any more symptoms since.

He tried apples on Wednesday and it seems like he really likes them.


Baby Gear Love:  While it's not technically "baby gear", one of the things I can't live without is my camera.  We got a Nikon D5100 from my parents Christmas 2011 with the hopes of getting pregnant soon.  We knew that we wanted a really good and "fancy" camera so that I could take lots of pictures of fast moving kids.  I'm so glad to be taking a photography class so that I can take even better photos.

I also love my iPhone!  Not only do I take lots of candid snapshots with it, but it keeps me entertained while feeding and rocking Noah.  I use it to play music while I rock him to sleep and once he's asleep you can find me reading blogs or playing Words With Friends and Tetris.  

Crying:  Just yesterday, Noah had a horrible car ride and was hysterically crying.  Thankfully my mom was with me, so she drove and I tried to console Noah.  I think he had some really bad gas, cause half way home he had this big bubble and then a lot of spit up.  After that he started calming down and ended up falling asleep.  It was so hard to see him in such pain and so upset and not really be able to help him.

Milestones:  First allergic reaction :(  He also pulled my glasses off my face for the first time.  I was used to the hair pulling, but this was a surprise to me!

Likes:  Noah now loves sitting up (with our help obviously).   He also loves playing with his rings, football, and putting anything he can in his mouth.  I've also found a spot on his cheek where if I make loud kissy noises on him, he starts to smile big and almost giggle.  I can't wait to hear a full laugh from him.

Postpartum:  This week was fun... I got to meet up with 2 of my friends and I even went out on my own.  My mom came over on Wednesday afternoon to watch Noah until Chris got home.  I got to go to the mall and do a little shopping on my own and then have a leisurely dinner with Marlaina and talk about adult things.  Though I have to admit that I did talk about Noah a lot!

I'm also really enjoying my photography class.  This week I am practicing taking pictures on manual!

Have a great Easter!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Outfits

This year for Easter, we are spending Saturday with my family and Sunday with Chris' family.  I already have Noah's outfits picked out, but I'm having a harder time figuring out what I'm gonna wear.   There are a few issues I'm dealing with.  One, is that you never know what the weather is gonna be on Easter, especially when it falls in March!  Second, I still have baby weight to lose, so I have to buy something new.  I have never liked my legs, and that has definitely not changed, and now that I'll be holding a baby or having him sit on my lap, I definitely don't want a dress that is too short.

Saturday, we are just having dinner at my parents' house, so I don't really need to wear anything fancy. I'm thinking of either a pastel colored top with jeans or some bright colored pants with a simple top.  

On Easter Sunday, we are going to brunch at a country club, so I would like to wear a dress.   These are a few of the dresses I've ordered (man I love online shopping).  Now I just have to pick one, add a cardigan and some cute sandals and I think I'm set.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 20

Weight:  We weighed him on our scale again and it says he's about 19 lbs.

Health:  Noah is a really healthy boy.

Sleep: Noah is the best sleeper, if I do so say myself.  I was worried that his sleep would be thrown off when my mom watched him Tuesday night.  I told her not to worry about putting him in his crib and I would put him to bed when I got home.  He slept on my mom until we got home and woke up for a quick bottle and was back to sleep really quickly.  That night he slept all the way through and woke up at 8am.  This week he's been sleeping until anytime between 7 and 8:30 am, which is glorious.  Sometimes Noah moans a little bit at night and I have to go into his room in the middle of the night to rock him, but he never fully wakes up.

Clothes:  He's wearing all 6-12 or 9 month size clothes.

Social:  Saturday morning we took Noah to Pottery Barn Kids to meet Peter Rabbit!  We were worried he might be scared, so first we took a picture of me holding him next to the bunny.

Once we realized that Noah was totally ambivalent, we had the bunny hold Noah.  He was sliding down a little bit and the sweater was taking over, but I still think it's cute :)

Saturday evening, we went to Grammy and Grandpa Flinn's house for dinner.  Grammy bought us all "FLINN" St. Patty's Day shirts and we got a family picture.  Louie (the dog) even made the picture.


While there Noah had a staring contest with a monkey rattle!

On Sunday, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Noah loves playing on the activity mat and is fascinated by Grandpa.

My mom babysat Noah on Tuesday when Chris and I went into NYC for a taping of Wheel of Fortune!  She also babysat him on Wednesday when I had to go to the doctor.  I'm so glad that Noah loves my mom, so I know he's okay when we have to go out.

Diet:  This week we started Gerber's Stage 1 foods.   On Monday, we tried carrots and on Thursday, we tried bananas... he really seemed to like both.  Now we are doing fruit and oatmeal in the morning and a vegetable and rice cereal in the afternoon.  He really loves eating!

Chris loves feeding Noah and he does the airplane complete with sound effects... Noah really loves it!  I've even stolen his method and feed him that way during the week now too.


Baby Gear Love:  I've mentioned it before, but we really love the video monitor!  It gives me peace of mind at night when he's in his crib.  Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night and see that he's scooted his way next to the railing.  When we see this, one of us goes in and just moves him back into the middle of the crib.  This avoids him hitting himself and waking up as a result.

Crying:  Noah really doesn't cry too much other than when he's hungry or tired.  I really hope it stays this way.

Milestones:  Just the obvious with starting Gerber's Stage 1 Foods.  I really do think that Noah might roll over soon, but as of now he's just lifting his head up higher and higher every time he's on his tummy.

Likes:  Chris and I have a stuffed purple elephant, that we named Buddy.  When we go on vacation we take him with us and take pictures with him.  About a year ago we found a "superhero" version of Buddy, so of course we had to buy it.  Chris intended "Super Buddy" to be Noah's when he came.  We introduced Noah to Buddy this week, and he seems pretty intrigued by him!

Postpartum:  This week, Chris and I went into NYC to see Wheel of Fortune!  A friend of ours works for Eggland's Best (who often sponsors Wheel of Fortune) and she got us tickets!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wheel of Fortune

On Tuesday, Chris and I got to go to a taping of Wheel of Fortune!  A few months ago, one of our friends said she could get us tickets for when they would be taping in NYC.  She works for Eggland's Best, and since they sponsor the show a lot, she was getting some VIP tickets.  We were so excited to go since we watch the show a lot, and I'm pretty darn good at guessing the puzzles (if I do say so myself).  I asked my mom if she would watch Noah, and of course she said yes.  So on Tuesday afternoon, I took the train in and met Chris in Penn Station when he got out of work.  We had a super classy dinner at Pizza Hut and then went to the Theater at Madison Square Garden.  

Because we were VIP, we had a separate entrance to go to and got to skip the huge line :)  They tape 5 shows each day, and taped 4 days in NYC (so a whole month's worth of shows).  The day session is 3 shows and the night is another 2 shows.  We got tickets for the night taping, which started at 7:15.  We got there early and could hear the afternoon taping finishing up.  Once the afternoon taping was over, we were escorted to our special seats (they were taped off and everything).  We were in the third row center... couldn't really ask for better seats if you ask me!

I love going to see how shows are filmed... so far we've seen Melissa and Joey (on ABC Family) when we were in LA, and we've gone to the dress rehearsal of SNL.  I'd love to go to Kelly and Michael and I also think Jimmy Fallon would be a lot of fun!  Anyway, back to Wheel of Fortune... just like the others, this was a really fun show to be at.  It is taped as if it was live (with breaks for commercials and not doing multiple "takes").  If/when there is a problem that occurs in the middle of the puzzle, they make the contestants turn around so that they don't have extra time to figure out the puzzle, I found this pretty interesting.  During the second show, after the Final Spin, one of the contestants guessed the right answer, but right as the buzzer went off.  They weren't sure if he made it in time, and Pat had to stop and have it looked into by the people watching the monitors.  In the end he didn't answer in enough time, so they threw that puzzle out and put a new puzzle up.  Watching the show at home, you will never know it even happened.

Pat and Vanna were so nice.  Pat even came into the audience, and my husband and our friend got to shake his hand.  I was sitting in the third seat in and couldn't reach over in time to shake his hand as well... oh well.  Vanna also took some time answering some questions from the audience... they seemed very cool.  

It was a very cool experience and I would definitely suggest requesting tickets online if Wheel of Fortune ever comes to your area!  Next time I totally want to apply to be on the show!

The shows we saw will air May 23rd and 24th.  They are the last shows of the 30th Season!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

My mother-in-law bought us all "FLINN" St. Patty's Day shirts and we got this great family picture!  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby Noah - Week 19

Weight:  18 lbs!    

Health Noah is healthy, but I think he's starting to teethe since he's constantly either chewing on his hands or on his teethers.    

Sleep:   Noah is the best sleeper ever!  On Friday, we put Noah in his crib to sleep at night, and he made it through the entire night on the first try.  Ever since, he's been sleeping in his crib.  Usually he goes down between 8 and 9 pm and wakes between 5:30 and 6:30 am... it's been great!      I am so happy to have the video monitor so that anytime I wake up in the middle of the night and worry about him I can see that he's alright! 

Clothes: He's wearing size 6-12 in Gap and Old Navy and 9 months in Carter's and Ralph Lauren.  

Social On Saturday, we took Noah to the Morristown St. Patty's Day Parade.  The weather was gorgeous, so we walked up to South Street (only 5-10 minutes away) and got a good spot.  We didn't last the whole time, but we had fun while we were there.   

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon with some of Chris' friends, Kelly, Allan, and their daughter Madeline, and Aimee & Mark.  Kelly & Allan got him this adorable Mets hat!  He looks so grown up in a baseball cap.  Isn't it funny that I just happened to wear Mets colors that day!  

Diet:  We continued with the cereal this week... he definitely prefers the oatmeal.  Chris fed Noah on Saturday... it was the first day that he got to see Noah eat!  On Monday, I started feeding him oatmeal twice a day, and we have increased each feeding to 3 tbsp.    

Baby Gear Love:   The diaper bag I bought has two straps that was supposed to be able to hook onto a stroller (at least that's how it was advertised).  Yet, my stroller doesn't have anything on it for my bag to hook onto using those straps.  When at the mall, I saw a mom with this hook, so I went home that day and ordered one.  Now it's so much easier for me to go out with Noah all on my own!

Noah has really started to love his Activity Mat.  He loves grabbing the monkey and the lion and this week I started putting him on his stomach more.  I really think he will roll over any day now!

Crying:  Noah really only cries when he's hungry and tired... not bad if you ask me!          

Milestones:  Sleeping in his own crib, and lasting the whole night!  This is a huge deal to me!  

Likes:   Noah loves to kick his feet.  This past weekend he has started to lift both feet in the air and just stair at them.  It was cracking me up!  If I did this it would be such an ab workout!  

Postpartum:   Now that I want to lose some weight, I am trying to get as much activity in each day that I can.  I used to just have Chris get the mail on his way in from the train each night, but now I take Noah to get it.  We have also started taking the long way down to get some extra steps in.  I think Noah likes our little "excursion" each day.   

This week I also started an online photography class through  My parents gave Chris and I a Nikon D5100 Christmas 2011, and while I use it all the time, I really want to get better at it and start shooting on Manual.  A friend recommended the class, and I'm really excited for it!

    Happy 19 Weeks Noah!
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