The Adventure Starts Here: January 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Engagement Announcement

Our engagement has been officially announced.

So here's a little back story... when you submit your announcement to the newspaper, they don't really let you write it. I guess they are worried some people don't know how to look up past examples and write it from there, so instead they make you just put all your information on a form and they write it for you. Well we did that and the first time they printed it they had the wrong city for where Chris went to school. Normally not a big deal, but since there are so many Penn State campuses he wanted it changed. Also, the first time the heading read "Meghan Freel plans to marry Chris Flinn". To all of us this sounded like I had a plan that Chris didn't know about lol. So Chris wrote to the newspaper to have them correct the city of his school and they re-ran it and the heading changed without us even mentioning it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cruisin into 2010!

So we decided that having a busy Christmas wasn't enough, so Chris and I decided to go away for his birthday and New Year's. On December 28th, we got up super early... 3:30AM in order to make a 6AM flight down to Miami. We got on the Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Sea for a 5 night cruise to Cozumel and Belize. This was Chris' first cruise so I was very excited to show him a good time.

The first night at dinner, we had a HORRIBLE table. We were put in a back room, the service was slow and bad, and the other 10 people at our table barely talked and we had NOTHING in common with them. I have been on many cruises before and one of the great things is meeting fun people at your table! So that night we asked to switch tables, and the next night when we got our new table assignment everything got 100% better! We were seated with a couple in their 60s from Florida, 2 guys from Sweden both named Frederik who were on their 25th cruise!, and a young couple from Boston (and she was originally from Canada... so we had a bond right from the beginning lol).

Our new amazing table (on formal night)

On our first day at sea Chris played in a volleyball tournament. He was put on a team that was him and the Schmidt family. They got to the final round, but ended up with the Silver instead of Gold.

We ate lunch at Johnny Rockets!

So our second day on the cruise (which was also Chris' Birthday) we were in Cozumel, Mexico. We took a ferry over to Playa del Carmen in order to catch our tour. That ferry was the longest and rockiest ride I had ever been on. It was an enclosed ferry, where it was really hot, and within 5 minutes they were handing out barf bags! And let's just say that more than 5 people had to use them. In order for me not to be a victim I put on my sunglasses, my ipod, and closed my eyes trying to not think of the people around me puking! It worked and we got there without getting sick. Once there Chris and I went on a tour of Tulum. Trisha and David had gone there when they cruised for their honeymoon and said it was fun. Here we are at the Mayan Ruins. That night we went to the Cruise Show, which was the Nelson Brothers playing a tribute to their dad. Chris was excited to go see them but disappointed that they didn't play more of their own 80s songs!

The next day we were in Belize and we had signed up to go zip lining in the rain forest. It was SOOO much fun. We had to wait in a long line and then it started to pour, but I'm so glad we did it. I thought it was going to be scarier than it was. Chris would go before me since he had pockets in his shorts to hold the camera, and then take pictures of me coming down. On the second zip line he went, and then they kept holding me off from going. The guy then says to me "He didn't make it". I assumed it was just him trying to be funny and see how gullible I was. What he meant was that Chris used the brakes too much and stopped 10 feet before the platform. So he had to pull himself in and I had to wait til he did that before I went down. So the guy kept saying, DON'T BREAK! So I didn't and when I got to the platform I basically ran the guy down going so fast! I learned then that you don't break until you are almost at the end and then you break so you don't hurt yourself! By the end of it though we were both pros!

So we got back on the ship and started getting ready for New Year's Eve. We went to the show again, then had dinner, and afterwards rang in the new year with our new friends... the Frederiks!

Our last day on the cruise was another sea day of course. We decided to sleep in a little because of New Year's and by the time we got to the deck, all the lounge chairs were taken! Not many people were up there but every chair was saved... HOW ANNOYING! So we got 2 normal chairs and pulled them into a nice spot by the pool. The guy comes over about 30 minutes later and asked if we wanted his chairs. He was sitting in the same row as us, and we of course said "uh yeah" right away. He then said that he wouldn't give them to us if Chris hadn't been wearing his Penn State shirt. The guy had also graduated from Penn State and they started chatting about it and the game that would be on later that day. So we ended up getting great chairs because of Chris' OBSESSION with Penn State... finally it came in handy!

Later that afternoon we went rock climbing. Let's just pretend that we both got all the way to the top lol.

That night we had a nice "Last Dinner" with our new table and Chris and I finally got a good picture of us in front of the tree (we only tried 3 separate nights!). So that was our cruise! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year's and as they said multiple times on the ship, "I hope your best day in 2009 is your worst day in 2010!" LOL

Multiple Birthday Celebrations

So after our Christmas celebrations, we had one more day/night with everyone home... David, Trisha, and Kait had to go back to Rhode Island on Sunday. So Saturday night we went out to dinner at Olive Garden (the service was absolutely horrible, but that's a different story) and then back home for cake. We were celebrating Trisha, Chris, and Luke's birthdays! Trisha and Chris were both born on December 30th (the same year and everything... weird huh?) and Luke was born on January 10th. We even sang happy birthday 3 times in a row!

Kaitlyn in her adorable outfit before we left for dinner. Mind you the hat got pulled off maybe 5 seconds later, but we got a great picture before she did!


Wow... I totally forgot that I had yet to post about Christmas! Christmas was fantastic this year. David, Trisha, Kaitlyn, and Luke all came to visit! Luke came down the Monday before Christmas, so I got to spend some one on one time with him. Then David, Trisha, and Kait came down on the 23rd. We had Christmas Eve dinner and Chris came over for that. We had a great turkey dinner and then we did the Nativity. We tell the story of baby jesus, dress up as all the characters, and my dad plays the guitar while we sing all the christmas songs. We hadn't done it in many years, but with Kaitlyn being at a fun age we decided to start it up again. Kait was Mary and she was adorable with the little baby doll Jesus. When we sang songs she would hold the piece of paper and pretend to read it and sing her own little words... it was priceless!

Luke and Kait had fun playing a game with the Christmas lights! It was nice to see them playing since Luke hadn't seen her since August!

I finally got a good shot with Kait where's she's actually looking and stopped moving!

Christmas morning we got up early and opened presents. Kaitlyn was very excited that Santa came. Santa brought her a car and a basketball hoop. She walked down the stairs to see all the presents and these 2 great gifts from Santa and the first thing she saw and said was "BALL". We all laughed... and fortunately I have it on video tape!

Later that night I went over for Christmas dinner at the Flinn's and my family came over for dessert. We were able to finally get a proper family picture! And this year I was in my family's picture as well as my future family's picture!

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