The Adventure Starts Here: May 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

I love short weeks!  Even though Chris had to work late a couple of nights, it's not so bad since it's only a 4 day week.  I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend and hoping the forecast improves so we can go to the pool!  As usual, I'm linking up with DarciAprilChristina and Natasha's blogs for their Five on Friday!


Noah loves his music class.  We've been going to Wompy's every Friday since we started last Fall.  Noah has grown and changed so much since we started.  He's gone from sitting with me, to crawling, taking a few steps, to running around the room.  Noah used to have a problem giving back the musical instruments after each song, but now he happily puts them back in the bag all on his own.  He now actively participates in class and smiles when I say we are going to see Wompy.  

Today is our last class in the Morristown location.  Thankfully, they have another location close to our new house.  We will be starting there at their Monday class in the fall (we will be taking a break this summer to move and get settled in our house).  While the class will still be just as much fun, and we will meet new friends, it will be sad to leave the friends we've made.  We already knew two of the kids in the class from our MOMS club, but we met some new ones as well.  Last week we got some group shots of Noah and his friends... we will miss them all!


Noah can now blow bubbles in the water.  He may not say many words, but he's pretty advanced when it comes to blowing bubbles and blowing his nose ;)


Noah is finally getting more confident when we play outside.  When it started getting warmer and we would go to the playground, he would freeze like a statue when he would be on grass or mulch.  He would only climb up the playground if I was there right behind him.  Not anymore!  We went to a very toddler approved playground and he had a blast!  He was running around, going on the playground by himself, and even went down the slide all on his own (many times).  I'm so happy that this playground is around the corner from our new house!


Now that we've been having nice weather more consistently, I've been making an effort to go on a lot of walks.  I often go with a friend in the building and we take both of our kids for long walks around town.  I also like to take Noah to the park and then stop at the grocery store before heading home.

^^^ Noah always has to have his snack cup with him at all times!


We read Llama Llama Nighty-Night to Noah every night before bed.  One night, Chris made up actions for each line to the book, and it quickly became part of our routine.  Noah always perks up to watch him and laughs at the appropriate times.  Last night, Chris had to work late, and my mom had come for dinner and stayed to help me with bath and bedtime.  She was sitting with Noah on the glider and I started to read the book.  Noah got down onto the floor and started acting out the lines just like Chris does.  It was impressive and so funny to watch him do them all.

In case you aren't familiar with the book...

Dinner's over, tummy fed.
Llama Llama, time for bed!
Time to brush and fill the tub.
Time to splash and splash and scrub!
PJ's on, then potty time.
Choose a book with silly rhymes.
Snuggle in. Turn out the light...
Llama, Llama, nighty-night!

He pretended to chew (for dinner's over, tummy fed), he filled up the tub with water, and he even made the peeing sound (for potty time)!  When I read "turn out the light" he went over to the light switch to go turn out the lights... it was the cutest thing ever!  I'm so bummed Chris missed it and I really hope Noah will put on a repeat performance tomorrow night!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Bucket List

I am very excited for this summer.  We are moving in a few weeks and I am so excited for more space, a backyard, and a playground and pool in our neighborhood.   I'm also looking forward to a summer where Noah can do a lot more now that he's more active.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's The Little Things - Uncle Luke is back!

This past weekend, my little brother moved back home.  Luke has often lived far away from home.  He went to college in Canada, at the University of Toronto.  He then went to grad school in Chicago, at Northwestern University.  His last semester there, he had a placement back home in New Jersey, so he moved back home with my parents.  We were lucky to have him home from April til October, when he moved to Providence, Rhode Island for his first "real" job after graduation.  Just recently though, a permanent position opened up at the rehab center that he was placed at in New Jersey.  It's his dream job, so he accepted the offer and he's back!

We saw him Monday afternoon, and he even brought back some super fun stuff for Noah to play with.  Luke is a speech pathologist and at his previous job, he worked with kids a lot.  When you work with children, you observe a lot through play.  He bought this cash register and microwave toy for the kids to play with while he was observing their speech.  Noah loved scanning the items and sliding a credit card through the machine.  He also loved how the microwave would actually turn the food around inside!

Then it was time to go outside and play with the bubbles Luke had.  Noah even blew his first bubble!  Though we quickly learned that he's blowing out of his nose and not his mouth!  No wonder he's a pro at blowing his nose!

Not only did Luke just get a new job, but he is getting married at the end of November!  I can't believe Luke and Tyler are getting married in exactly 6 months!  It will be held in Toronto and I was beyond honored that Luke asked me to be his "best person"!  Even though there is almost a 4 year age difference, we have been pretty close through the years.  As children, I loved being the big sister who "took care of him".  In 2007, after he finished his freshman year and I had been working for one year, we travelled to Italy just the two of us.  There are few people I can travel with and not get in a single argument with ;)

Once again I'm linking up with Jess of Sadie Sky Boutique and Ashley of Words About Waverly.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

We had a wonderful 4 day weekend.  Chris was off from Friday through Monday, and it was nice to have him home.  Friday, he came to Noah's music class (Wompy's) with us.   Our pool officially opened on Saturday, but it really wasn't warm enough to go.  Saturday evening, we went out to dinner with our friends Becky, Chris, and Owen.  We went to Guerriero's (one of our favorite Italian restaurants who also catered Noah's 1st Birthday Party) for dinner and then stopped Strawberry Fields for frozen yogurt.  I always laugh when we go out with other couples who have kids... we had dinner reservations at 5 pm and were home by 6:45 (we don't mess around)!

On Sunday, Chris' brother Justin came over with Louie and we went out to breakfast.  We went back to the place where we went for Mother's Day.  They specifically cater towards dogs, so we knew we had to take them before we moved!  

^^^ too busy coloring to look at the camera ;)

After Noah's nap, we headed over to Chris' parents' house for a Memorial Day BBQ.  Chris' Great Uncle Bobby, Aunt Judy, and cousin David were there as well as some family friends.   The weather was gorgeous and I'm so glad we got to spend the entire day outside!

^^^ Noah was all about giving out hugs again!

^^^ And he taught us a new way to open a gift!  Thanks Uncle Bobby & Aunt Judy for the flashlight and books!

^^^Noah loved throwing the ball over the deck to Daddy!
^^^ We brought over some yummy watermelon and a fruit tart for dessert.  I think everyone brought a dessert! 

Noah LOVES watermelon!  He ate 3/4 of that container!  But he did make sure to share the last little bit with Daddy :)

The watermelon wasn't enough though, because then he had an ice cream bar and some of my cake!  Needless to say, Noah had a great afternoon!

Monday was another warm and sunny day.  We headed down to the pool at 10 when it opened and spent the morning swimming.  Noah loved playing with these soft balls we got him in Florida as well as swimming around on our backs.  I was so happy that he left his hat on the whole time too!

We came back up for lunch and a two and a half hour nap (!!!), and then went to my parents' house for dinner.  My brother Luke just moved home, so it was nice to see him again.   We played with bubbles, had some ribs and chicken fried rice, and some yummy ice cream bars for dessert.

It was a perfect weekend and I'm so glad we got some really nice weather so we can spend the majority of the time outside.  I have a feeling this will be a really good summer!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Just stopping by to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day!  While we are barbecuing with our families and enjoying the beautiful weather, let's make sure to remember the real reason for this holiday.  Here's to all the men and women who have lost their lives to protect ours.  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday

We have officially begun a 4 day weekend with Chris!  Chris' office is closed Friday through Monday for Memorial Day.  Today, Chris will be coming to our Wompy's music class and then he will be going to his parents' house to go through some stuff that he's been storing there (and hopefully throwing or donating a lot of it).  Our pool opens this weekend, so we hope the weather is good enough so that we can take Noah.  We will also be going to the Flinns for a BBQ on Sunday.  Other than that, I'm looking forward to hanging out, taking some long walks around town, and maybe even going to the park.  As usual, I'm linking up with DarciAprilChristina and Natasha's blogs for their Five on Friday!


I'm not sure who loves swim class more, Noah or Chris.  This past week, they had the kids practice going under water and then the parent helped them turn around when they came up to grab the side of the wall.  This is supposed to help them in case they fall in the pool.   Noah was okay with going under the water, but he was more concerned about wiping the water from his face than grabbing the wall.. I guess he knew that Chris would hold him up ;)


Could these two be any cuter?  We went for a play date and these two had a blast playing with the kitchen.  Of course I had to put the hat and apron on them!


With this spring like weather, some friends of mine made a trip to the zoo with our little kids.  They played on the playground, looked at some animals (from the comfort of their strollers), and we finished our visit by going on the carousel.


I recently got this dress from Gap (unfortunately I can't seem to find it online anymore).  It's super comfy while looking a little more polished than a regular maxi dress.  I wore it to a birthday party last weekend.  


Yesterday, my mom watched Noah in the afternoon and I went to get my hair cut and colored.  I've been doing the ombre look for a while, but I decided to go back to one color and go dark again.

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