Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's The Little Things | Mama and Noah Currently

Now that Noah is 2, I have decided to stop with my traditional monthly updates.  Since I know everyone is dying to know what Noah is up to, I will probably do an in-depth update quarterly.  Instead, I will be documenting some of our favorite things each month.  I really liked what Elise does monthly and decided to use her as inspiration (copy her).

This is what we've been up to in November 2014... 



Chocolate Covered Almonds | Greek Yogurt


 How to Get Away with Murder | Curious George


Words with Friends | Talking Tom Cat


hat and mittens (similar) | hat and mittens

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gallery Wall on Stairs

I am officially in love with gallery walls!  After hanging one in the dining room, I decided the stairs would be next.  I had always envisioned one being there since the stairs are open to the living room, but I have to admit I was a little intimidated.  But once I saw how easy it was in the dining room, I started planning.  

I already owned all the frames, and while they don't all match, I do think they go well together.  A lot of these frames were up in our apartment, but they all had wedding photos in them.  Now that we have Noah, I wanted a mixture of wedding, honeymoon, family, and Noah pictures.  

^^^ pictures from our honeymoon in Italy 

^^^ some of our Engagement photos

^^^ a burlap "F" from Etsy 
this is the picture we used for Noah birth announcement 

^^^ I got the "Flinn Family" sign from Etsy when we got married.  
This is our most recent family picture.  
A full family shot from our wedding 

^^^ here's Noah as a newborn, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years.
One of my favorite pictures from our wedding

I love looking at the pictures as we go up and down the stairs.  I also like to look at them while sitting in our living room.  

Monday, November 24, 2014

An Early Thanksgiving

Since we will be away on actual Thanksgiving this year, Chris and I decided to host an "Early Thanksgiving" with our families.  My parents and brother and Chris' parents came over yesterday after Noah's nap.  It was my first time hosting a holiday and my first time making a turkey!  Thankfully, Chris is a huge help and both our moms brought some side dishes.  

Normally, I would have loved to set the table the day before, but since Noah likes to touch everything, I opted to do it while he napped the day of.  It was also our first time using the China we registered for when we got married.  I was racking my brain as to what to do for a centerpiece, and then Chris came home with this on Saturday... it was perfect!

 Here's a closer look at our dishes and place settings.  Noah got a special Thanksgiving plate, since there was no chance he would be getting our nice China!  

We had a few appetizers, a huge turkey (followed the Martha Stewart recipe) and a bunch of sides, and some yummy pies for dessert!

The grandparents played with Noah while we finished making dinner.  He sure is loved!

I even set up the tripod so we could get a group shot.  One in front of the fireplace and another at the dinner table.

Then Noah got a hold of the camera remote and started having fun taking a ton of pictures!

^^^ resting after eating too much food... and texting Tyler ;)

Noah loves when company comes over and joins in on the laughing when ever a joke is told.  He is such a riot!  

I wonder who he gets it from???

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving, even if it was a few days early :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  We had a pretty fun week.  We had a few play dates and went to our usual Gymboree class (and go to Wompy's today).  Chris actually got home on time a few nights and I was able to go to a MOMS night out activity last night where we learned how to do calligraphy.  Here's another super random "five" for you!  


This week we went to the Barnes & Noble with friends for story time.  It was so cute to see Noah and his friend sitting so nicely listening.  Noah didn't last long though ;)


For my brother's wedding next week, I will be going to get a blow out with my mom, sister, and one of Luke's friends from college.  It will be my first time going to a blow out bar and I'm really looking forward to it!  I can't decide whether to get the beach waves or the traditional voluminous blow out.  I'm also thinking of having my "bangs" braided.  


I've really been loving the graphic tees and pajamas at Old Navy recently.  In the past I've always liked Gap for Noah, but right now I've been preferring Old Navy.  They have some super cute things and the prices can't be beat!


Speaking of graphic tees, I've become a fan of them for myself as well.  I never used to be into them, but I've liked JCrew and Old Navy's selection this past summer.  I think I'll have to add this Christmas inspired t-shirt to my collection!  I can just imagine wearing it under a chunky cardigan.  


Finally, I've definitely started thinking about Christmas.  We are putting up the outside lights this weekend and will put up our Christmas tree on Wednesday.  Last year, since we were in the apartment, we just had a small tree that sat on a table.  This year we will have a full size tree, and I'm honestly not sure how Noah will react.  I am fully prepared for him to want to touch it and every ornament on it.  I have purchased a few felt ornaments and plan to decorate the bottom part of the tree with those.  But I'm also wondering if we might need to build a tree gate of sorts to keep him away.  I found this on Pinterest and think it's genius!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dining Room - Reveal

Finally, I get to show you our dining room.  We don't technically have an eat in kitchen, so our dining room is our main eating area.  Since I knew this is where we'd be having many family dinners, I knew I wanted a table that could go from seating just 4 people and extend to accommodate a large family dinner.  This table from Crate & Barrel is perfect.  It's slightly narrower than regular tables but can extend to fit 12-14 people (with 3 extra leaves).  We keep one leaf in the table normally and are able to fit 6 comfortably.   We also got the matching sideboard to house all of our China.  

There were two more things I wanted to include.  The first was a gallery wall.  I love taking photos and displaying our professional family photos.  I'm in love with this gallery wall and plan to switch it up as the seasons change.  I've already changed it once already... this is what we have up currently, and below is what was up in October.   The second thing was Noah's toy kitchen and his table.  Noah plays with his kitchen daily and I love that while I'm in the kitchen making dinner or cleaning, that I can keep an eye on him while he's playing.  Also, when we have big family dinners, when he's done with eating, he is able to get down and play but still stay where we can see him.  We use the table a lot too.  This is where Noah colors and does all his crafts.  While I love to have a clean, organized, and decorated house, our life right now is all about Noah.  We spend a lot of time at home, so I want Noah to feel comfortable in every room and have things to play with.  

I found this method on Pinterest and many blogs and it worked perfectly!  I traced the picture frames onto construction paper and wrapping paper and then taped them onto the wall.  It was so much easier to make the pieces of paper level and move them around rather than have trial and error with the frames.  I designed the gallery wall with the paper and then my dad came over and hung all the frames... what a life saver!

^^^ our October pictures

^^^ I switched it up in November

Right now, our table and sideboard are decorated really minimally.  However, I like having the option to decorate more around the holidays.  We can also use the sideboard for drinks and desserts at holiday dinners.  We will be hosting Thanksgiving this year, and I'm excited to set the table for it :)

Source List:
Chairs - Crate & Barrel
Cushions - Crate & Barrel
Sideboard - Crate & Barrel
Rug - Pottery Barn Kids (no longer available)
Runner - Target
Centerpiece bowl - Pottery Barn (old)
Centerpiece filler - Home Goods
Flower prints/frames - Home Goods
Gallery Wall Frames - Ikea & Crate & Barrel (old)
Curtains - Pottery Barn (left by previous owner)
Toy Kitchen - Ikea
Noah's Table - Target