Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

Noah and I were both finally feeling better this week.  Looking back, we were lucky to have been sick last week when the weather was crummy and able to enjoy the beautiful weather this week!  We made sure to spend lots of time outside and I'm looking forward to doing the same this weekend!  We also have a long "Spring Cleaning" to do list... oh the joy of home ownership!  Here's my usual "Five on Friday"...


It's finally started to feel like Spring around here this week!  Noah and I went for multiple walks this week and even spent an afternoon at the playground.  There was a MOMS Club activity planned, but Noah decided he'd rather take a super long nap which made us miss it.  Thankfully, a friend of mine texted us later that afternoon asking if we wanted to meet up at the playground.  Noah had just woken up, so we jumped at the opportunity.  It was Noah's first time at this playground and he loved going down the slides!  We will definitely be taking Chris back very soon!



This week, we were fortunate enough to try out Blue Apron.  A good friend of mine recently joined and apparently once you get a few weeks of meals, you get free meals to give your friends.  We got a whole week (3 meals) shipped to us for free.  This week, we made steak with potatoes and creamed spinach, linguini with shrimp, and turkey meatball pitas.  We aren't continuing with the service right now, but I have to say the food was really good and I would still recommend it.


With nicer weather this week, it made me realize Noah needs some new Spring clothes.  While he will still be wearing pants for the next month or so, he needs a bunch of new t-shirts.  I dress Noah pretty casually 95% of the time, so cotton t-shirts are the way we go.  Noah loves his graphic tees, and we've been picking up a few short sleeve ones as we see them.  But I think he will need some striped or solid tees too.  Gap and Old Navy have some really cute ones this season, and in colors I don't usually see for boys (but LOVE!).


I may be jumping the gun a little on this one, but last summer Noah had the best sandals and I wanted to get them again this year!  Not only did they look great, they were also so easy to put on and off, which was great since we were going in and out of the house non-stop!  Unfortunately, Nordstrom didn't have them this year and were sold out in his size online.  Thankfully I found them on Zappos and they will arrive here soon :)  I know he won't be wearing them for a little while longer, but I wanted to be prepared!


We had another visit from my good friend, Kristen and her son, Sawyer.  Last time they came over Noah loved looking at him and saying "baby", but didn't want to hold him.  This time he was giving Sawyer hugs and kisses and wanted to hold him!  He also had fun showing him his trucks and lending him his hat ;)

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Noah-isms: Volume 1

I guess you would say Noah was a late talker.  But I was never concerned or found it that odd, boys are often later at talking than girls.  While some of his friends were talking more than him, they were also many months older than him.  Thankfully, I've never really been hung up on all that stuff anyway.  Noah sat, crawled, walked, etc on the later end of the ranges too.  Anyway, Noah is now officially talking and really sharing his opinions.  His little voice is so cute and some of the things he says really surprise us.  Some are funny while other times I'm just amazed at the things he's observed and remembered!  I love reading other blog posts like this, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the things Noah is saying right now.  And if no one cares about any of this, at least it will be nice to look back on for documentation purposes :)

Me - "I love you"
Noah - "I love dada" about 5 times
finally says "I love mama"
then he proceeds to list everyone he loves...
"I love mommy" (Grandma)
"I love papa" (Grandpa)
"I love nonna" (Nonna)
"I love daddy" (Granddad)

We find it funny that he calls my mom "mommy" and Chris' dad "daddy".  I can only imagine this will change over time and he will start calling us those names instead.  

If Noah asks for Chris during the day...
Me - "Where's Daddy?"
Noah - "Choo Choo" (Chris takes the train to work)
Me - "What does Daddy do at work?"
Noah - puts his head on his hands and pretends to sleep (apparently Noah thinks Chris just sleeps at work!)
I recently told Noah that daddy works on the computer, so now he says "puter" and pretends to type on a keyboard

Me - What would you like to eat?
Noah - "Apple" (meaning apple juice)
Apple is his go to response!

When asking for his frog cup where the handles spin around...
"ribbit, hop, turns"

When Noah finds a tag on the inside of his shirt or on a new stuffed animal...
"Cut please"
(he HATES tags!)

As I was cutting veggies for dinner one night, he kept saying this over and over...
"Pepper, Meat, Onion"
and the way he says onion is the cutest!

Here's a video of us practicing our colors!

When he first wakes up in the morning (we co-sleep)...
"Hi, hi, hi"...
I give it to him and then go back to sleep for another half an hour :)

At night before bed...
"Please, Thank You, Milk"
I ask him what cup...
"Abby" or "Big Bird"

His friends according to Noah...
PeePee (JP)
UhOh (Owen)
ChooChoo (Lucas)
Tee (Quinn)

And he calls himself "No-nah"

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's The Little Things | "Boys Can't Like Pink"

I'm not usually one to post about deep topics.  I usually stick to lighter topics, like weekend recaps, toddler crafts, and the fun things that Noah and I do during the week.  However, today I wanted to spend a little time discussing something that's been weighing on my mind recently.

I imagine that if I was a "girl mom" that there would be many things I'd worry about as a woman raising a daughter.  I would want her to grow up to be a strong a confidant person who never felt limited because of gender.  I've read a few posts that touch just on these issues (Raising a Confident Daughter and Raising a Strong Girl).  While I don't have the exact same concerns when raising Noah, I still don't want him to ever feel confined by his gender.  Just as I would never want a girl to feel they couldn't do something because they were a girl, I wouldn't want Noah to feel like he can't do something just because he's a boy.

I feel like boys are expected to be rough and tough and like "manly" things.  When I think of toys and activities that are marketed towards girls and that are taboo for boys to play with, it makes me sad.  I feel like girls can play with any toy of any color, but if a boy starts playing with a baby doll or a pink stroller, it's not okay because it's considered a "girl toy".  I know it was different years ago, but I don't think many would blink an eye if a girl wanted to play with a tool set or was into trains (in fact they now market them for girls and make them pink and purple!).  Even a doll house, they've had to make garages for their cars so that boys can have their own version that's not a "girly house".  Girls are now heavily involved in sports at a young age, but sign a boy up for dance class and I bet you'll get some funny looks.  You even have to worry about favorite colors as a boy!  Pink and purple are considered girl colors, but I don't think there are any "boy only" colors anymore.

I would love to say that I'm going to be the mom that is going to let her son be into anything he wants.  Whether that's choosing a pink backpack for school or signing up for ballet class.  In theory, I have no problem with any of that.  But in reality, I don't know what I would do if Noah asked for the "girl" backpack and lunchbox for kindergarten.  Would I let him have it and risk him being made fun of or left out or would I try to convince him to pick a more "boyish" color and theme?  There are certain things I already know I won't do, like pushing Noah into sports just because it's "what boys do".  But as for the little things, I'm still not sure.  It's like those lists of things we thought we'd never do as a parent, like let our kids sleep in our bed or give in at the grocery store when our child is having a major meltdown.  I try to avoid saying "I'd never do that with my kid" until I'm actually in that situation myself.  Being a parent is hard!

I know that I should be teaching my son to be strong and not care what others think, but I don't know if I could take the tears if he ended up being bullied.  Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to teach him to fly under the radar and focus on teaching him not to be the bully.  But then I wonder if that is the easy way out but not necessarily the "right" way.   I think as parents, we feel that every new stage is the "hardest".  I know when I brought Noah home as a newborn I thought the lack of sleep and adjusting to our new life and schedule was tough.  Then as he grew older, figuring out how we wanted to raise Noah, teach him how to behave, and set limits was not easy either (and we are still learning every day!).  But honestly, I think that once Noah gets to the age where he has to go out into the world (even just preschool and kindergarten), without the constant protection of his parents, will be the hardest.  Right now he's free to be who he wants to be without any judgment or ridicule.  That won't always be the case.  I'm just glad I have time to decide how to be the best parent (and make many mistakes along the way) to help Noah be the best kid he can be!

That's why I'm so glad that we have it "easy" for the time being.  I love that Noah loves to bake with me and play in his toy kitchen.  I love that he likes to copy me in everything I do, like trying on my necklaces!  I love that he's super into babies (real and toy) and is super kind and sensitive to others.  I love that he's really artistic and loves to paint and do crafts with me.  I love that he is super particular as to what graphic tee he will wear each morning.  I love that he likes to play quietly and do puzzle after puzzle.  That doesn't mean that I don't also love that he loves trains, play-doh, legos, diggers, and throwing balls!

Maybe one day we can live in a world where it doesn't matter what a boy or girl plays with or what their favorite color is.  Maybe one day we can send our kids out into the world and not worry that they will be bullied or made fun of.  Wouldn't that be nice?

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Let's Go Mets!

As I mentioned before, we are Mets fans!  Yesterday was the Mets' first home game.  Chris' brother had bought 4 tickets to the game (as a Christmas gift) for Chris, Noah, Chris' dad, and himself.  But since the stadium is pretty far away and the game was right when Noah naps, we decided it wasn't the best time for Noah to go to his first game.  Instead, Chris' mom took Noah's ticket, and they went as a family.   Even though Noah didn't go to the game, we still got him a Mets shirt and hat to show his team pride this Spring and Summer!  This weekend, Noah and Chris got outfitted in their fan apparel so I could take some pictures.  Noah had so much fun throwing and (trying to) catch the ball.  We want to get Noah a glove, but he can't seem to make up his mind yet as to whether he's a righty or a lefty ;)

Chris and I both couldn't get over how cute Noah looked with his hat on backwards.  And the best thing is that he did that all on his own!  He's even started wearing his train conductor hat backwards.  This kid is just so much cooler than we are or ever were!

^^^ future catcher???

While they had a lot of fun this weekend playing in their Mets shirts and hats, Chris also had a great time at the game yesterday.  We had beautiful weather (sunny and in the 70s) but Chris said that it was a little chilly (since their seats were in the shade) and windy.  The Mets ended up beating the Phillies 2-0, so Chris was happy :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Pictures

This weekend was pretty great!  We had no real set plans, just time to do fun things as a family and knock a few things off our to do list.  It was really nice after having a lot of busy weekends back to back.  I'm including Friday, because after a week of being sick and doing nothing, it was nice to feel back to normal.  Noah and I went grocery shopping in the morning, and then spent the afternoon baking muffins and playing.  Noah's always been into puzzles and just recently we thought he might be ready for the next level of puzzles.  So instead of getting him more of the chunky peg style puzzles, we've moved onto some traditional jigsaw puzzles.  I also want to try these cube puzzles.  I was surprised and impressed at how quickly he figured the new puzzles out!  He LOVES them and does them at least 10 times a day!

^^^ Noah eating cereal for dinner while watching videos on my phone... quite the life!

Saturday started off pretty great after Noah slept the entire night in his crib!  This NEVER happens (and as we suspected, it was a one time thing), so when it was 6:30 and we hadn't heard from him, we were shocked!  After making a big deal of him sleeping through the night, we went to swim class.  I think this was the best swim class we've had in a while.  Our regular teacher was back (though we found out she is looking for a replacement so she can spend Saturdays with her family) and Noah was really into it!  He practiced getting in and out of the pool, blew bubbles, floated on his back, and worked on holding his breath.  He finished class by going down the slide at least a dozen times!

^^^ Noah's new favorite game... Disney Jr. Bingo!  I found this travel game in the Dollar Section at Target.  While he doesn't really understand the concept of Bingo, he loves finding the characters and filling up the entire board with chips :)

After a great nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon outside.  We finally had some nice weather (sunny and 60 degrees) so we took advantage of it.  Noah had Chris follow him around the neighborhood on his car, wagon, and pirate ship.  Meanwhile, I cleaned out the car... boy was it messy.  As I was finishing up, Noah decided he wanted to "help" by sitting in the front seat.  I don't even want to imagine Noah old enough to actually sit in the front seat!

After dinner, we all just hung out watching TV and eating some yummy ice cream.  

On Sunday, we spent the morning at the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA.  We had gone before with Noah's cousins at Christmas time.  We loved it so much that my mom got us annual passes so we could go as many times as we liked.  I worried that Noah wouldn't be into as much by himself, but I think he may have liked it even more this time!  We did a lot of the same stuff as our first visit, but since we went through it faster this time, we were able to do some new stuff as well!

^^^ for some reason I thought it opened at 9:30, but it didn't open until 10.  So we had fun looking at the giant crayons outside while we waited.  Noah was so excited to name all the colors!

^^^ we made crayons

^^^ played with "Model Magic".  They give you a bunch of tokens with admissions, so we "bought" every color they had to take home with us :)

^^^ they added a smaller climbing gym for the little kids since we went in December

^^^ we made our own puzzles!

^^^ drip art!

^^^ we grabbed pizza at the cafeteria before heading home :)

Since the weather was beautiful again, we spent the afternoon outside going for a walk around our neighborhood.  I could really get used to this good weather ;)  

How was your weekend?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Five on Friday

It's been quite the week over here.  Noah is still battling a super runny nose and cough.  I woke up on Tuesday with a sore throat that's turned into congestion/runny nose (how can you have both?).  Add some stress and being super emotional and it made for a completely annoying week!  If only I could be a kid again where I had no real worries!  Anyway, since this is a blog and who wants to read about negative stuff, here's my fun Five on Friday...


Now that more fruits are back in season, we are starting to give Noah more variety with his meals again!  I love that he loves fruits and veggies, because right now he's going through an anti meat phase and he might only eat cheese if I let him!  We had a huge brunch on Easter, so for dinner I decided to keep it simple but festive.  Noah got these plastic eggs filled with some of his favorite foods... he LOVED it!


I guess you could say we are Mets fans over here.  I say, I guess, because I really didn't have a team when I met Chris, but he is a Mets fan!  And since Chris is a Mets fan, Noah is too, or least we dress him as one right now ;)  Noah got his first Mets hat (baby size) and shirt when he was 5 months old.  The next year, we had to upgrade him to the Toddler size hat.  This year we had to get him a new style since he is now officially in child size hats.  Which means my little baby is really growing up... and he has a large head (like his mom and dad)!  Now let's hope they do better this season!


Noah and Chris started swim lessons again this past weekend.  Last fall Noah was starting to lose interest in swim class and I started going in with him.  We always take the winter off because I don't like the idea of Noah getting wet and then going out into the freezing temps right after.  I think the break was good for Noah too, because he was super excited to go in with Chris!  Last session he would sometimes get out of the pool before class was even over, while this past Saturday, we could barely get him out of the water and he wanted to go down the slide at least 10 times!


I've started thinking of cute ways we can celebrate Noah's 1/2 birthday next month.  I definitely want to make him half a birthday cake.  Noah loves to bake and loves blowing out candles even more!  I'm thinking of making a cake bunting that says "Happy Half Birthday".  Any other fun ideas?



This week, we tried a new recipe for dinner.  We are big fans of orzo and asparagus, so we thought this would be a nice and simple dinner to try out.  It was actually really good and didn't make so much pasta that we will be having it for days :)  I figured I'd show you the pretty picture instead of what my food photography often looks like!


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