Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday

I finally felt back to normal this week.  I'm feeling better again and Noah and I are back to having play dates and running errands.  I'm so glad to have one normal week before the craziness of Christmas starts.  Chris is officially off of work for the rest of the year starting today.  He will still have to check email and maybe do a little work each night, but it will be so nice to have him home every day!


I'm sure many of you have seen a few variations of this picture on Pinterest.  I've wanted to do something like this with Noah ever since he got the Little Tikes car for his birthday.  We finally did it this weekend and Noah thought it was pretty funny to have a tree tied to the top of his car :)


We love doing crafts around here.  I decided to keep it really simple this Christmas and found some foam Christmas shapes and a bunch of stickers at Michaels.  I've been doing a craft a week and Noah loves decorating them all with stickers.  So far we've done a tree, a wreath, and a stocking, and next week we will decorate a gingerbread man!


There have been some construction vehicles (or what we call diggers) in the parking by our community pool for the last few weekends.  Chris took Noah to see them a while ago, and he's wanted to bring me back with them for a while.  We went over this past weekend and got some pictures of Noah with his current obsession!


I love sending and receiving Christmas cards.  In our apartment, we had this card holder.  However, Noah would be all over the cards at the bottom, so we decided to get a new one this year.  Our old one can hold more cards, so I think when Noah is older we will go back to using that one.  But for right now this one is perfect!


Who knew putting lights on our bushes would be so much work!  As I mentioned last week, we found out we didn't have any outlets in the front of our house outside.  Well our electrician finally came this past weekend and installed a few.  We decided that since he was there, that we'd have the outlets hooked up to a light switch inside our house.  That combined with how our foundation is meant that it took over 6 hours and required a hole to be cut into our wall.  The hole was patched and my dad came to spackle and re-paint and now we are good as new.  And the lights look great too ;)

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogger Christmas Gift Exchange

For Christmas this year, Elizabeth @ Chasin' Mason and I organized a Blogger Christmas Gift Exchange.  A bunch of us have kids around the same age, so we thought it would be fun for the kids to get a Christmas gift in the mail.  We were paired up with Ashley (and her daughter Waverly Maye) @ Words of Waverly for the gift receiving part.  

Ashley may have a little girl, but she sure did know how to shop for a 2 year old boy :)  They got Noah a Curious George Christmas book and the Elmo's Christmas Countdown DVD (Curious George and Elmo are definitely favorites in our house!).  

They also gave Noah some Christmas stickers.  Noah LOVES stickers and immediately wanted to use them.  I grabbed him a piece of paper and he got to work!

Noah was super excited to read his new book with Daddy that night.  We then watched Elmo's Christmas Countdown that weekend as a family.  I loved how Noah's gifts encouraged some family time.  

Noah and I were paired up with Megan and Olivia for the gift giving part.  Head on over to Willow Way to see what we got her.  It was a lot of fun shopping for a little girl ;)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's The Little Things - Santa

We went to our local mall the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to go see Santa.  We figured that since it was snowing that the line wouldn't be that bad... we were wrong.  They also had a whole Frozen set up and a lot of people were there just for that and didn't even care about Santa, but there was only one line for both!  We finally got to Santa, and just as I expected, Noah would not go sit on his lap.  So our visit became a family photo with Santa.  I'm just glad Noah wasn't crying like he was last year!  

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas in NYC

On Friday, Chris took the day off from work and we headed into NYC.  We took Noah in last year around this same time and had so much fun, so we wanted to do it again and make it an annual tradition.  We made good time until we got into the actual city, and then the estimated arrival on the GPS is a bunch of baloney... driving in NYC is not fun.  We finally found a reasonably priced parking garage on 44th street and immediately started walking up 5th Avenue to FAO Schwarz (on 59th street).  

Chris was excited to go to FAO Schwarz so he could do the piano (from the movie Big) with Noah.  As soon as we walked into the store, I saw Jimmy Fallon!  I stopped as he walked by and said to Chris, "Oh my god, that's Jimmy Fallon".  He was walking carrying his daughter, Winnie, and I'm sure he heard me, but he didn't even glance and kept walking.  He was just leaving the store, with his wife (I think).  While it would have been cool to get a picture with him, I totally get why he would want to just have a day with his family.  It must be so hard to not be able to go anywhere without people recognizing and stopping you... especially with your kids around!

Anyway, back to why we came.  We went upstairs and were surprised and relieved that the line for the piano was non-existant.  Chris and Noah took their coats and shoes off and started making music. I acted as photographer and videographer :)

We then moved onto the Lego area, checked out the car and train displays, and even got to try out this fake snow product. I was impressed that Noah wasn't upset when we didn't buy him something from the store.  Since you can find most things cheaper on Amazon, we just made note of anything we thought looked cool instead of buying it there.  

Normally, we are super prepared when we go on our little adventures and scout out restaurants beforehand.  We didn't do that this time, and there really weren't that many kid friendly options around FAO Schwarz.  We walked a few blocks south and thankfully found an Au Bon Pain that wasn't too crowded.  Noah was super picky when we were in Toronto, so I came prepared this time.  I brought him an english muffin and some snacks, so I just got him a fruit cup and some chips and he was happy :)  On a side note, I'm curious how people who live in NYC with babies/toddlers do it on a regular basis!  I feel like none of the bathrooms have changing tables... I had to change a poopy diaper with Noah in his stroller!  I am impressed and want to know all their secrets!  

^^^ he stole my cookie!

After lunch, it was time to check out all the Christmas decorations!  We walked down by Radio City Music Hall on the way to the Rockefeller Tree.  We saw some of Noah's favorites... toy soldiers and trains!

But honestly, Noah was more into the pigeons!  He loved pointing at them and chasing them around.  

Finally we were at the tree.  Chris and I both wanted to recreate a few shots that we got with Noah last year.  Chris wanted one in front of the drummer statue and I wanted one in front of the ice skating rink.  As we were taking pictures of each other in front of the tree, a super kind woman came over and asked if we'd like her to take a picture of the three of us.  She said she had the day off and was going around offering to do this for everyone she saw as her "kind deed of the day".  I thought that was so cool of her to do!  We saw her again when we were leaving Rockefeller Center and she was dancing with one of the Salvation Army volunteers... it looked like she was having a really fun day!

^^^ so bummed Noah wasn't looking!

Originally, we planned to go to Grand Central Station because we heard they were having a train exhibit.  But as we were walking there from the tree, Noah fell asleep in his stroller while eating a cracker!  It was around 2:15 at this point, so definitely past his normal nap time.  We decided to let him sleep and instead go back to our car and head home.  He ended up sleeping the whole car ride home and woke up as we pulled into the driveway.  Couldn't have planned that better!  We had another fantastic day in NYC.  Maybe next year we will do the train exhibit instead of FAO Schwarz... who knows!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Noah's First Time Bowling!

This weekend, we met up with some of Chris' old roommates to go bowling. His one friend has a daughter who's a year older than Noah, and the other friend brought her two nieces, who were 4 and 5.  Only the 5 year old had been bowling before, so it was a fun first experience for the majority!  We got two lanes, one for the kids and one for the adults.  I bowled with the kids ;)  They put the bumpers up and had a ramp for the kids to use... so much better than slowly watching the balls go down the lane after the kid just drops the ball!  Noah loved it right from the beginning!  He carried the 6 lb ball and put it on the ramp all by himself.  He was really good at pushing the ball down the ramp too.  The kids couldn't care less how many pins the ball hit down, they just liked the ball part.  

Noah and Madeline have hung out a few times together and every time they see each other it seems they like each other more.  Madeline obviously talks more than Noah does and kept following him around saying his name and asking him to play with her.  He was happy to oblige ;)  They bowled together, played drums on the seats, shared french fries, and even gave each other many hugs... they were so cute together!  

We ended our super fun night of bowling with dinner a few miles away.  I was impressed with how well the kids did considering we didn't finish dinner until around 8:30!