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Friday, July 31, 2015

Mama & Noah Currently

Instead of doing monthly updates with all of Noah's stats, I decided to share some things that we are into each month.  You can check out November 2014December 2014January 2015February 2015March 2015April 2015May 2015, and June 2015.

This is what we've been up to in July 2015...


fruit | gogurts


swimsuit | swimsuit

Working on

my tan | jumping

What have you been up to this month???

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Reading Challenge - Update #3

So far I've shared a bunch of Noah's favorite books in my first and second reading updates.  We've had a lot of fun going to the library and to the bookstore.  But the last time we went to the library, I couldn't find the books that I was looking for and ended up just checking out a few that looked interesting based on the cover and a few that Noah randomly chose.  Unfortunately, most of these were duds and Noah often didn't even want to finish them.  I think we will take a few weeks off from the library and focus on reading some of our own favorites.

As I mentioned before, we read multiple times a day.  We had started getting into a routine of reading in the morning instead of at bedtimes. But just last week, Noah started asking to read at nap and bedtime.  I of course obliged and we are back to that routine.

I have a few "book nooks" set up around the house, as you can see from the pictures.  One in our living room, one in Noah's big boy room, and a basket with books next to the glider in Noah's old nursery.  I also keep our off-holiday books in Noah's closet and take them out about a month before the holiday.  I like having books all over the house so there is never a reason not to read :)

And just in case you need a few more book recommendations, here are a few that we've been loving....

We were given this book as a gift and it's great!  It has thick pages and lots of different textures to touch.  I like that the animals they show for each animal are different than the typical.

Alphabet book

This was my favorite book as a child.  I read it to Noah this month and he seemed to enjoy it but he says "Yellow is Best"!  I'm contemplating making a "book" similar to this where he can color the items yellow instead of red.

Finally, we borrowed this book from the library.  I can't help but be reminded of the walrus from Paw Patrol when I see the cover.  The story is a little odd but cute.  

I am linking up with Stephanie and Elizabeth for the Summer Reading Challenge!  You can check out this post for all the details!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Birthday Parties | It's The Little Things

We had a birthday party filled weekend!  We had a 1 year old and a 3 year old birthday party to attend.  My best friend, who I've known since middle school, had a 1st birthday party for her daughter AnnaLynne.  My friend threw the most adorable "pink lemonade" themed party!  All the details were perfect and we had so much fun, despite the heat!  I loved all the pink and yellow decorations and the cake and cake pops were beautiful AND delicious!

I always like getting together with friends that I've known since middle school.  It's even more fun now that we each have kids.  Noah loves baby Sawyer and baby AnnaLynne and was so excited when I told him we were going to see them!  Noah had fun tickling Sawyer's feet and Sawyer enjoyed pulling on Noah's hat ;)

^^^ friends since middle school!

We also went to one of Noah's friend's 3rd birthday party.  It was princess themed and even had Ariel and Rapunzel come as special guests!  The princesses brought dress up clothes for the girls to wear, played some games with them, and even sang a song and danced with the kids.  The girls absolutely loved it, while Noah and his bud JP had no interest in the princesses and played with the outside toys instead ;)

^^^ the birthday girl dressed up as Anna from Frozen (with the wig and everything!)

^^^ the boys weren't interested in the princesses but loved playing in the kitchen!

As usual, I'm linking up with Jess for "It's the Little Things" link up!  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sesame Place

I am officially in love with this age!  While I absolutely adored the newborn stage (and every stage after that), I think it's safe to say that I am a fan of Noah at 2 1/2!  He's now old enough to actually do stuff.  And since it's just him and he's really easy going, we are now able to plan some really fun activities.   Last Friday, we took him to Sesame Place for the first time.  I have many friends who took their kids when they were younger than Noah, but I am really glad we waited.  Noah knew who all the characters were and was tall enough to go on the majority of the rides.  

Sesame Place has a combination of water and regular dry rides.  Just like we did at Hershey Park, we wore our swim suits and did the water rides first.  By doing this, we are able to wait in shorter lines... they tend to get super busy around noon (at the hottest part of the day).  At Hershey, Noah wasn't able to go on any of the water slides because he was too short.  But at Sesame Place, their double tubes are specifically designed for little kids to go on them.  The front spot doesn't have the hole in it so the child won't fall through.  They also have a smaller and slower slide that is perfect for kids.  We each took Noah on that slide first.  Once we knew he was a fan, we took him on the bigger slide.  It was much faster and I was pleasantly surprised that Noah thought it was fun instead of scary... he went on it 3 times!  While he loved going on the water slides with us, we didn't even suggest going on the non tube slides since he'd have to go down those all by himself.  Noah won't even go down a tall playground slide by himself!

We then met up with one of Chris' friends and her two kids (as well as her sister-in-law and two kids).  We all had lunch and the kids got a cookie monster cupcake... messy but delicious!  After lunch, Noah said he didn't want to go on anymore water slides, so we got changed out of our swimsuits.  We then walked around the main street, which is set up just like the streets of Sesame Street.  We happened to stumble upon a show just as it was about to start.  We weren't sure how Noah was going to react to the characters (since he hasn't liked them at carnivals or baseball games).  I think seeing them far away on a stage was the perfect introduction.  He absolutely loved the show!

We were then lucky enough to do a meet and greet with the characters.  Before going in, Noah said he only wanted to see and take pictures with Elmo and Abby.  But once we got in there he was excited to see all of them... well except for Cookie Monster (not sure why) and the Count (who I'm told a lot of kids are hesitant about).   While he wouldn't go up to them on his own, he was very happy and excited for us to go over with him.  

^^^ Elmo was excited to see Noah wearing an Elmo shirt!

^^^ Noah even let Elmo give him a hug!

Immediately following the meet and greet, the parade began on the main street.  We didn't have front row "seats" for it (people line up a good 20 minutes before it starts) but it didn't matter at all.  Noah loved pointing out all the characters and was so excited to see them all sing and dance!  He was especially excited to see Big Bird since he wasn't at the meet and greet!

^^^ who knew that Noah and Cookie Monster share a birthday!?!

After the parade, we decided to go on a few rides before heading home.  As we expected, Noah stuck to the tame rides that don't go very high.  There's a flying fish ride that starts off down low and then you can push a button to make it go high up in the air.  Noah was very against pushing the button and was the only kid to stay down low the entire ride ;)  He loves to go on rides... as long as they aren't too scary!

We had a fantastic day at Sesame Place and we are thinking about getting a seasons pass for 2016.  They offer some really great perks to season ticket holders and it's only an hour away.  We ended up staying until almost 5 (without Noah taking a nap) and there were a bunch of rides and shows we didn't have time to do (a great excuse to go back again soon)!  Clearly Noah was exhausted after a fun day in the sun, because he fell asleep after being in the car for only 2 minutes!   

Monday, July 27, 2015

Christmas in July Link Up

One of my favorite things about the blogging community is getting to meet new people and connecting with them on a more tangible level.  So a few times a year, I like to participate in these blogger gift exchanges.  When Elizabeth at Chasin' Mason told me about the Christmas in July exchange, I thought it was such a great idea and immediately was interested!  With Noah's having a November birthday, he gets all his gifts within 2 months.  Not only did I think he would enjoy opening a few presents in the middle of the summer, but I love shopping for gifts... win win!  

Liz and Jude from Ellie and Addie sent us a huge box filled with the most perfect gifts for Noah (and even included a Starbucks gift card for me!).   To say that Noah was excited when this box was left at our door is a total understatement!  We get a lot of packages, but usually they aren't for him to open.  He asked me if it was for him (like he always does) and literally screamed with joy when I told him it was for him!  He immediately wanted to open it and emptied the contents super fast!

Liz and Jude sent Noah the cutest personalized bucket and shovel... and in his favorite color no less!  I can't wait to take it to the beach with us in a few weeks!  They also sent him a bubble gun, a package of 4 puzzles (one was diggers... his favorite), some play-doh, and some matchbox cars.  So basically it was a box filled with his most favorite things!  

^^^ showing me all his cars

Noah immediately wanted to play with EVERYTHING!  The only thing I held back was the bubble gun, saying we would do it outside after his nap.  Liz told me that she was so excited to shop for Noah because it was like shopping for the future since Jude is 15 months old.  Jude is going to be one lucky 2 1/2 year old, because she picked out the best gifts!

^^^ so excited when he finishes a puzzle!

We were paired up with Lily Jane and Chelsea from The Williams' Journey.  I loved shopping for a little girl!  You can head on over to Chelsea's blog to see what we sent them :)

Happy Christmas in July!

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