The Adventure Starts Here: January 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

January 2012

2012 has been good so far.  As usual we haven't been as busy... the days are shorter, I've been working more, and when we get home we just want to relax.  Since I'm usually on the computer when I get home while we are watching TV I've been thinking of different ways to decorate our apartment.  I have become addicted to Pinterest... I can't believe I just stumbled across it.  That combined with Etsy, and I've become dangerous!  Chris surprised me with this welcome sign for Christmas.  We are now just waiting for the remaining monthly decorations as well as Birthday and Canada Day themed ones as well.  I also wanted to find a wreath that could stay up year round, but when it didn't hang like we wanted to on the door, we decided to use it as decoration for the wall inside our apartment... we love monogram stuff!  

I also made this centerpiece from an idea I saw on Pinterest.  I love simple things that don't require a lot of craftiness but is cute.  I like decorating for the holidays and I figure that I can keep using this vase and swap out the filler based on the month/holiday :)

Also this month, we got our 2011 Becky Higgins book... I was so excited!  I saw this idea on Amy Harland's blog and immediately knew I had to make one for the ourselves!  You basically have a picture a day and the book is set up so that you just drop the picture in for each day and then do your journaling.  Since I didn't start this book until mid February 2011, January is a little emptier than I would have liked, but since we knew we were doing the book, we were more aware of taking pictures more often.  I'm so glad we have this keepsake of our year.  We are now working on 2012!

Our weekends have been filled with football this month.  The Giants have been doing great and Chris was able to go to the first play off game they were in!  The other 2 games we watched from our living room.  I even got in to the games this year!  We are very excited that they made it to the Super Bowl... go Giants!

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