The Adventure Starts Here: December 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite Christmas Gifts

This year for Christmas, Noah got a ton of toys, and Chris and I got some pretty cool gifts as well.  The days following Christmas, it was pretty obvious what Noah's favorite gifts were.  While he's been playing with all his toys, there are a few that he gravitates towards the most.  

Noah's big gifts this year were the kitchen, Pottery Barn Kids chair, and the Radio Flyer Wagon.  I'm sure he will enjoy them all, but so far he's had a blast playing with the kitchen, shopping cart, and all the kitchen accessories.  The other two were just some random little gifts we got him.  As soon as he opened the glockenspiel (xylophone) he held onto that mallet and had fun playing music.  We didn't get to use the Elefun until the next day (it requires D batteries), but once we did, he kept hitting the button to get those balls popping.  It definitely requires us to play with him since he hasn't figured out how to put the balls back in, but we don't mind.

Chris got me these Ugg slippers.  There's a funny story about these slippers.  I sent my mom the link in a text saying I liked them, but didn't specify which color.  She then sent it on to Chris as a gift idea, and since my favorite color has always been purple, she told him that's the color I'd want.  He ordered them, and got sent 2 pairs by accident.  When I opened them Christmas morning, I told him it was the gray that I actually wanted.  So he returned the one pair and got me the gray instead.  So now I have two pairs lol.  I'm also super excited about the gift card Chris got me for a massage... I can't wait to go!

My parents' surprised Chris and I (as well as my brothers) with Apple TV.  We weren't expecting it at all and I'm so excited to set it up and start using it.

While I got this flash a few month ago, I used some of the money my parents gave me to get it and to take an external flash class.  It really came in handy during Christmas since a lot of the activities I wanted to photograph were inside and at night (when relying on natural light is a serious problem).

In addition to these, Chris said his favorite gift was the Rock of Ages tickets I got him.  I got him "A Year of Dates" (post to come soon) and this was one of the dates.  He saw an envelope come in from the community theater and was so nosy curious about what it was for, so I let him open that month's envelope a little early.

^^^ Chris' reaction was priceless!

As you can tell, we were all spoiled this Christmas.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's Eve!  See you in 2014!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Chris!

Wishing my amazing husband a very happy birthday!  He turns 36 today, but we've been celebrating his birthday for the past few days.  

^^^ Noah (with my help) made this little piece of artwork for Daddy.  I plan on doing a post on some of our recent crafts soon, including this one.  

We celebrated Chris' birthday with my parents this past Thursday.  We went to dinner at Olive Lucy's... we finally took my parents!  We've been there a bunch of times, that now the hostess and waitresses remember Noah!  The food was delicious and my parents said it was their favorite place we've taken them to in Morristown!  

We celebrated Chris' birthday with his family last night.  Chris' dad's birthday is on December 27th, so we usually celebrate their birthdays together as well.  This year, we went for a nice Italian dinner at Alfie's (where we also had our rehearsal dinner).  

Today, we will be celebrating Chris' birthday just the three of us.  Noah and I are taking Chris out for a birthday dinner at Jose Tejas and will just enjoy spending time with this amazing guy!  We also got him a few gifts.  Originally, one of his gifts was tickets to the Rangers vs. Devils outside hockey game (at Yankees Stadium) with some friends.  But apparently the price of tickets is insane, so now Chris said his gift can just be "tickets to a sporting event".    

Happy Birthday Chris!  We love you!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013 Recap

Christmas was busy and a lot of fun for us this year.  Here's the full recap :)

We spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas afternoon with Chris' family.  Every other year, my older brother and his family come for Christmas (the other years they are in Florida with my sister-in-law's family).  This was our year, so we also went to my parents' house for Christmas morning so the cousins could all open gifts together :)

Holidays with my family involves a lot of eating and kids running around.  This year was so special since everyone was home.  We spent the morning of Christmas Eve at our place.  We wanted to wait until Noah had his nap before heading over to my parents' house.  We got Noah (and me) a festive candy cane donut... Noah loved it!  After a great 2 1/2 hour nap, we headed over.  We spent the rest of the day decorating cookies, acting out the Nativity, playing, eating, singing songs, and watching Elmo's Countdown to Christmas.  I also made sure to take tons of photos!

^^^ After the kids were done, Trisha (my sister-in-law) decorated these cookies to leave for Santa (one from each kid)

^^^ did you know that Joseph rode to Bethlehem in a car?  

^^^ Uncle David being attacked by the three boys.  I love that Noah is mixing something in the bowl with the spoon while wrestling :)

^^^ opening their Christmas PJs and Elmo's

^^^ In their Christmas Jammies!

On Christmas morning, we did our own little thing at our apartment.  Santa brought a bunch of gifts for Noah, and Chris and I exchanged gifts with each other.  Even though Noah is still too young to really understand what's going on, I want to start our own holiday traditions.  I like the idea of doing some things just the three of us.

^^^ we even moved our tree so that the presents could be around it :)

^^^ My parents contributed to the Santa gifts by getting Noah this kitchen (and the PB chair) that Noah absolutely loves!

We set the camera on the side table and used the remote to capture some photos of us opening gifts!

^^^ but I think Noah's favorite part was when he found the trash!

We then headed over to my parents' house to open gifts with the cousins.  Four kids (6 years and younger)... you can imagine the craziness of Christmas morning ;)

 We had our friend, Ken, make these shirts for the kids to wear.  The front says Christmas 2013, and on the back is their last name and their birth order.

^^^ Noah stole the clapper from the gift we gave Aidan!  

^^^ we got Noah the radio flyer wagon.  I'm glad to know Noah will still fit in it when he's older and possibly has a sibling ;)

 ^^^ when Kaitlyn got this gift, the first thing she said was "A small box with a ribbon tied around it is what I've always wanted!"... it was the cutest thing!  I then loved their faces when they realized my parents got them iPad minis for Christmas!

In the afternoon, we headed over to Chris' parents' house.  Noah fell asleep in the car and we transferred him into Chris' old room.  He had another super long nap, sleeping 2 1/2 hours again.  Once he was awake, we exchanged gifts and then had a nice family dinner.

^^^ The glockenspiel we got Noah was a HUGE hit!  He held onto that mallet for the rest of the evening.   (Side note: we learned that a xylophone is made of wood and a glockenspiel has metal bars with higher pitched sounds)

I also want to wish my father-in-law a very happy birthday!  We will be celebrating both his and Chris' birthdays on Sunday :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Photo Shoot!

We had an amazing Christmas yesterday and today we are spending more quality time with my family.  I just wanted to share these pictures that my friend, Kristen, took of Noah on Monday.  I am so pleased with how they turned out!!!

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