The Adventure Starts Here: Little Letters | March 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017

Little Letters | March 2017

I was recently introduced to a new linkup that really sparked my interest.  Taz and Belly hosts Little Letters, where you basically just write a series of letters to anyone or anything you’d like.  I love reading random tidbits about other people's lives and I think this is a great way for me to do the same thing.  Here are my Little Letters for March...

Dear sun glare from our sky lights, you make watching TV during the day really difficult!  When Noah's at school, I like to catch up on some of my TV shows.  But the light coming in from our living room skylights makes half the TV screen unwatchable!  Chris joked the other day that if we ever won the lottery that we would buy remote controlled blinds for the skylights.  Way to dream big huh???

Dear hormonal acne, you are getting rather annoying!  I had perfect skin as a teenager and even through college.  I started getting it bad in my mid twenties and it just hasn't gone away.  I used to get monthly facials to help with it, and while it would temporarily, it wasn't a true fix.  To add to my problem, skin products designed to treat acne are so harsh on my super sensitive skin, so I don't like to use them.  I started using Rodan & Fields regular line a few months ago.  I found it made my acne worse at the beginning, but now it's starting to get a lot better.  But no matter what I use, I will still get a few pimples on my chin whenever I get my period.  I never thought I'd be dealing with this at 33!   

Dear iPhone battery, I had no clue you could "explode".  When I went in to upgrade to the iPhone 7, I knew that my phone had been causing some problems, but I didn't know the extent it was messed up.  I had it in a case and it was starting to buckle a little.  I just assumed it wasn't fitting in the case well anymore.  But when I took it out of the case for the "genius" to set up my new phone, we noticed how bad the phone looked.  They diagnosed that the battery was "exploding" and pushing my phone apart.  Chris had planned to sell my old phone and we now realized that this wouldn't be possible in it's current state.  While my apple care had expired just 2 months prior, they were nice enough to offer me a "new phone" to replace this one for the cost of a new battery.  Since my iPhone 6 had double the storage as Chris' current 6, we decided to pay for the new battery, and he would take the "new phone" and sell his old 6 instead.  It sounds confusing, but it should have been an easy swap.  But then Chris had problems getting his backup installed on the new phone, which led us to spending more time than I would have liked in the apple store last weekend.  

Dear iPhone dimmed screen, I love you.  While my exploding battery wasn't fun, here's something great I recently discovered with the iPhone.  I love reading on my phone and often do it at night or first thing in the morning.  But the screen was always so bright on my eyes.  I learned that I could set up "night shift" so that my screen automatically dims at 9pm and goes back to being bright at 7:30 am.  Such a simple change has made a huge difference!  

Dear Blaze, why do you have so many trucks???  Seriously, kid tv shows are brilliant in their merchandising!  I feel like we are building quite the collection of monster trucks.  The good news is that if you find a "new truck" in Target or Walmart, they are "only $5".  Definitely easier on my wallet to surprise Noah with a new $5 toy rather than something big and expensive.  

Dear migraines, you really suck!  I used to get migraines all the time and they were completely debilitating.  While many people start getting bad headaches when they get pregnant, I was the other way around, and they actually went away.  After having Noah, I would get an occasional migraine but nothing like the weekly ones I used to get.  Whenever I go for a while without one, I start to question whether they were really that bad.  But then I get one, like I did on Sunday, and I am reminded how bad they really are.  For me, I find the only thing that helps is taking Excedrin migraine and putting a heating pad over my head.  It's even better if I can go to a quiet and dark room, but that's not always possible with Noah these days.  This one started in the afternoon and I had it until I woke up the next day headache free.   

Dear stairs, why do you have to be so steep?  The stairs in our house are abnormally steep.  Since we moved in back in June 2014, Chris has fallen down them twice and Noah even fell down them once.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but it still is rather alarming.  We hadn't had an accident in a while, that is until Saturday.  And this time it was me.  Chris was out running an errand.  Noah and I were walking down the stairs, he was about 5 steps ahead of me, when all of a sudden I slipped on a step.  It happened so fast yet I felt like it was happening in slow motion.  I was sliding down the stairs and just hoped that I would either stop myself in time or Noah would get to the bottom before I ran into him.  Thankfully I didn't knock him over and I didn't seriously hurt myself.  I was however shaken up and really sore.  And I have a huge bruise on my butt to show for it, but it could have been so much worse.  

Dear Mother Nature, can you please make up your mind??  In the last month, we've gone from 70 degrees and sunny one day to multiple inches of the snow the very next day.  Every day I wake up I have to check the forecast to know how to dress.  I never know if it's going to be windy and freezing or a mild day perfect for a bike ride to the park.  

Any " little letters" you need to write at the moment?


  1. I'm so sorry about your migraines. I get them, too, and they are awful. The only thing that helps is Excedrin migraine, sipping caffeinated soda, and laying in a hot bath. It's tough to deal with, especially with 4 kids. Mine went away, too, when I was pregnant. I hope you get a break from them for a while!

  2. Love this series! I also get mad migraines, that went away with pregnancy. They are the WORST! If you have never had one, you will never understand - I always tell my husband, haha! Hope you don't get any in the near future! :)

  3. Falling down the stairs sounds scary! My old iphone that Gabbie was using like an ipod had the battery explosion problem. It basically fell apart!

  4. Sky lights! That explains the amazing lighting your house has :). Oh my word, exploding batteries, really?! That's almost as bad as the ones that caught on fire, lol.

  5. I love all of those ‘if we win the lottery’ things! We do that all the time. I have been breaking out around my chin area lately, too. Usually it’s only one or two…but they are huge! Ugh! Isn’t the features of the iPhone so great? I’m always learning new things! Like this weekend I learned that I need to set up my Health app. You can put emergency contact info, medications you are taking, conditions, etc. If anything happens a medic can get to that information in your phone. It shows up under the emergency section, even if your phone is locked. Super cool! Our migraine stories are so similar! I was on a migraine medication before I had Mason. I don’t think I had one the whole time I was pregnant and it was a few years after having them when they came back. I am sorry you are experiencing them again. They are such a pain! Where did you get that heating pad?


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