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Friday, March 3, 2017

33 on 3/3

Today is my 33rd birthday.  While not the technical term of a "golden birthday", I consider this to be a pretty special one since I'm turning 33 on 3/3.  Threes have always been lucky for me because of my birthday, especially 33.  So while to most, 33 is a rather uneventful age to turn, it's a pretty cool birthday for me!  And how fortunate that my birthday just happens to fall on a Friday this year.  Noah has school this morning, but Chris took the day off, so we are heading to breakfast just the two of us. We have a few celebration dinners planned and I fully plan to enjoy a weekend all about me.. who says birthdays can't still be fun as you get older ;)  I'll be sure to recap all the fun details on Monday!  In the meantime, here are 33 things you might not know about me.  

1. I was born in a leap year, so I guess I could have easily been born on leap day. When I was little I thought that would have been really cool. 

2. I love to organize. I love the Container Store. I often end up changing my organization methods to keep things fresh. It's funny though when Chris can't find the new place I'm storing something. 

3. I hate to clean bathrooms. It used to be toilets but now it's showers. I put it off for longer than I should.

4. I like to purge just as much as I like to shop. Sometimes I wish I could rent home decor so I could switch it up more often. 

5. When growing up I would keep my room spotless and organized by leaving anything I didn't want in my room out in the hallway or in my parents' room for them to "get rid of" or store. 

6. I hate to dust. Noah loves it though, or at least he loves the Swiffer duster and Pledge spray! 

7. Vacuuming is one thing I don't mind. But when I was pregnant even vacuuming winded me. I had a high risk pregnancy and was even told not to do it. It was kind of nice to have Chris take over. I actually was surprised to realize how easy it is after I wasn't pregnant! 

8. If there was one food I could eat every day, even every meal, it would be cheese! 

9.  I even put shredded cheddar cheese on my pasta with meat sauce.  

10. And I actually prefer leftover pasta. I like to fry it in a frying pan... it gets some nice crispy pieces. 

11. I've gone years without drinking Diet Coke or any caffeine for that matter (when trying to get pregnant and while pregnant) and actually thought it tasted weird after not having it for so long. And yet, I'm once again addicted to it and get a headache when I don't have one in the afternoon. 

12. I never used to like guacamole until I had it at Chipotle... now I'm addicted and can eat the whole serving all on my own no problem! 

13. I'm not very athletic. When someone throws a ball at me I legitimately get nervous that I won't catch it and feel embarrassed. 

14. If there's one sport I like it's swimming. I was starting to get good in 4th grade when we moved and didn't join a swim club in our new town. I'm one of the few moms who actually gets fully wet at the pool and even wears goggles because I truly enjoy swimming with Noah rather than just watching.

15. I hold my pencil "wrong". Teachers would correct me and I finally learned to change how I held it when they were watching and then go right back to how I liked. I have very nice handwriting so I figured there wasn't any harm.

16. I'm not allowed to donate blood. Since I was born in England during certain years, there's a "chance" I could have had mad cow disease so I'm not allowed to donate. I always felt so embarrassed telling people why I couldn't do it. 

17. I love math. But geometry confused me. Maybe it's having to explain how I got to an answer that I thought was just common sense. 

18. I love puzzles. Jigsaw and things like sudoku and this game

19. I remember playing backgammon whenever visiting my Grandma. I wish I had someone to play it with now. 

20. My eyesight is pretty bad. I started wearing glasses in 5th grade. I wear my contacts whenever I leave the house. But I secretly love weekends when we don't leave the house and I wear my glasses and no makeup.

21. I am not a night person. Not sure I'd call myself a morning person but I really don't like staying up later than 11. And most nights I'm asleep by 10. I really like to get at least 8 hours. 

22. I'm a horrible sleeper and always have been. Sleepwalking and night terrors. While Noah hasn't had any serious episodes yet I already see signs of him being just like me. Another reason I just feel more comfortable co-sleeping with him. 

23. In high school I went on two "class" trips to Europe. At the time I wasn't a US citizen yet so I traveled on my Canadian passport and had to go through customs separately. On our second trip another girl had a Portuguese passport so I had someone to go through with. We always got through faster than our American classmates. 

24. While I've traveled to many countries in Europe, there are many places in the US that most people have been to that I have not. Like Vegas and Chicago. 

25. I used to be an accountant, an auditor specifically. So every year from January-April we weren't allowed to take anytime off. So I always told Chris that once I wasn't working that I wanted to take vacations in the winter months. While we aren't doing that this year, we have taken some amazing ones and plan to do it again in the future. 

26. I like the sand but not the ocean. I definitely prefer a pool for actual swimming. 

27. I hate bugs, rodents, snakes, and really any reptiles! 

28. I'm addicted to chapstick and have to have one on me at all times.  I have one in almost every room in our house.  I used to keep one in my front pocket. Now I usually have a purse on me. 

29. I didn't have a videographer at our wedding. At the time I had been in two wedding parties where I felt like the videographer made people uncomfortable by recording random conversations and making people act fake. But now that I love taking videos of our daily life, I really wish I had a video of our amazing day. 

30. I am such a planner that I've been known to start thinking about next year's Christmas before the current Christmas has even happened! 

31. My favorite color is purple. But If you looked at my home decor or closet you'd assume it was blue, or maybe black.

32. I prefer to hang photos over typical artwork. We have lots of gallery walls and would love to add even more!

33. I always thought I'd have 4 kids! And while I always wanted and imagined having a daughter, I only wanted one. I love boys and always preferred babysitting boys over girls. In my experience they were more fun to play with. I really do love being a boy mom. 

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  1. Happy Birthday!! I really like this type of post, it's always fun to see what I have in common with someone that I didn't already know about. I love guacamole! Pasta in the frying pan sounds awesome. I love cheese too. Puzzles are my favorite! I have lots of photos hanging up too - so many that I run out of space. I have to switch them out when I get new ones I want to hang!

  2. SO many things in common. I've been in bed sometimes at 9 or so lately because I'm just so tired. I can't do the night owl thing anymore! I've had glasses since 1st grade. My eyes are terrible! And bathroom cleaning, ick. I hate it - tubs and showers are worse than toilets in my mind. I'm totally a soda addict, too! :) Hope your birthday is fabulous!!

  3. Happy Birthday Meghan!! So many things I can relate to, but a BIG YES to 6 and 9!

  4. Happy belated birthday, dear girl!!! <3 I hope this year is your best one yet!!!

  5. I hope you had the best birthday girl. I am SO bad on delaying the cleaning of the shower. SO stinking bad. I am also a huge puzzle fan. I get hooked hard and fast.

  6. I loved reading this about you and learning so much more that I didn't already know. And I adore all of the birthday pictures of you and Noah! So sweet.


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