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Thursday, February 9, 2017

What I Wore | Mommy Style

It's been a while since I've shared my every day outfits.  I have to admit that I started wearing sweats more and more during the week.  The cold weather combined with not many plans made me a little lazy with my fashion.  And even though it's still winter here, we have been having some nicer days thrown in here and there.  And slowly, I'm getting back into the routine of actually getting dressed and actually taking photos.  I've been trying to limit my spending, so most of outfits include old pieces that are no longer available.  I did however link up similar pieces when I could. 

 wool coat (currently on sale!) |  sunglasses  

similar peplum top | jeans (Stitch Fix) | boots (similar)

similar sweater | jeans | necklace 

Plum shirt (similar) | sweatpants | slippers 

top (similar Lou & Grey) | jeans (Stitch Fix)

sweater (old Loft) | leggings | boots (similar

top (similar) | jeans | similar necklace

top | jeans (Stitch Fix) | booties


  1. Oh those striped tops make me SO happy. Have you worn a plaid scarf with either of them yet?! It would be SO cute!

  2. I love that your outfits have been darker because mine have been too and someone asked me if I was in mourning! I said not that it just so grey and cold, dark colors fit the vibe.

  3. Love all of your patterned tops! That's been my go to this winter... skinny jeans with patterned tops.

  4. You have the best wardrobe! I'm obsessed with all things stripes right now!

  5. I love all the stripes and plum! I cant even tell you how many weekends we've all just stayed in our pjs! Between the heavy rain and sick kiddos its all I can manage lol.


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