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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our Valentine's Day

Being that Valentine's Day was on a weekday this year, it felt a little different.  Not that we necessarily go all out when it's on a weekend, but I have to admit that Chris and I really do like to shower Noah with love and treats.  So while Chris and I had our "Valentine" date over the weekend, we still tried to make the day special for Noah, even if Chris had to work.  Our Valentine's Day was filled with festive food, a craft, and a few gifts.   

On Valentine's Eve, we went over to our friends' house for a play date and made some heart shaped mini pizzas with the kids.  Some sauce spilled over and more cheese went in their mouths than put on the pizzas. But the kids had fun, and the pizzas still resembled hearts when they came out of the oven, so I call it a huge success!

Noah had so much fun doing the "Buddy the Elf" scavenger hunt, that I knew I wanted to do another one for him for Valentine's Day.  After he fell asleep, I hid some heart shaped clues all over the house while Chris blew up a bunch of balloons to hide in the basement as the "treasure" at the end of the hunt.  The clues were things like "your favorite drink", which led him to the chocolate milk in the fridge and ended with "where you and Daddy play on the weekends", which led him to the basement to find the balloons!  He got every clue really fast, and was only confused by the last one, guessing that he and Daddy usually play in living room, not the basement.  He loved the scavenger hunt and I definitely think this will have to be a new tradition for us!  

And even though Chris had to work on Valentine's Day, he still managed to surprised Noah and me when we came downstairs in the morning.  Balloons, roses, and lots of sweet treats greeted us when we walked in to the kitchen.  While I had originally planned to make Noah some red pancakes for breakfast, as soon as we saw the donuts, those plans changed! 

We then quickly got ready and headed out the door to meet up with some friends.  I was a little bummed he wouldn't wear his Valentine's shirt, but he did promise me he'd wear it to school the next day for their Valentine party.  We went to our local environmental center where the kids learned about birds, and then made a Valentine craft AND a bird feeder.  It was so sweet when Noah decided that his craft was going to be for Daddy when he got home that night!  We then went to lunch with his friends before heading home to just hang out.  It really was a great way to spend Valentine's Day! 

Once we were home, it was all about the gifts.  Chris and I kept it simple by giving Noah a new construction Lego set and some alphabet stamps.  He loved them both and was ready to start building, that is until Grandma arrived with even more gifts!  This boy is definitely loved (and spoiled!).  

Grandma and Papa gave him Guess Who, a Batman Lego set, a few books, and even more candy.  I think it's safe to say that Noah was basically surviving on an all sugar diet at this point!  After reading Wacky Wednesday, playing multiple rounds of Guess Who, and building his Batman Lego, it was time for dinner.  Noah wanted to eat at home, so my mom went out and picked up Chipotle for us, getting an extra bowl for Chris for when he finally got home from work.  I was so relieved to see the sugar didn't affect Noah's appetite and he inhaled his quesadilla, rice, and cantaloupe!  

Grandma went home, and we were lucky enough to have Chris home on time (which still isn't until 6:45).  Noah helped us exchange cards and open our gifts.  We were cracking up to find out that we both used the same photo in our personalized cards!  Chris took my hints and got me a few things I mentioned in this post.  I was a happy girl :).  As for Chris, I got him some beer a little 6 pack cooler we can use when we go to BYO restaurants.  I had put the beer in our basement fridge a few days ago, knowing there was a good chance of him seeing it.  He kept quiet but admitted that he had already seen it.  I got him Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and he was convinced that I bought it after asking his friend what his favorite beer was.  We don't really drink much at home and I really know nothing about beer. When we are out, I usually see him order a Miller Lite, or prefers to try something new that they have on tap.  But since this was a gift, I wanted to get something a little nicer than Miller Lite.  So I went to our local liquor store and just started looking at all the different beers.  I ended up with the Cherry Wheat because I remembered he liked the seasonal Sam Adams and he's always down for trying the fruity flavors.  Chris was shocked that I just happened to pick out his favorite beer without any help.  We couldn't get over how random and fortuitous my beer selection was!  

So that was our Valentine's Day.  An otherwise typical Tuesday, that was made special and full of extra love!  

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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  1. That cherry wheat beer sounds really good. I'll have to try it out I am a sucker for wheat beers. Looks like you guys had a pretty great day overall. I LOVE those Lego Junior sets. They are perfect for kids who Noahs age. Emily got one as her first set and they really impressed me.

  2. What a great celebration! Noah got so many gifts! I love the heart shaped pizza idea, and the scavenger hunt. My daughter made me a scavenger hunt for my birthday and it was cute!

  3. I spoiled Connor, too. I always will I think. I love celebrating the holidays, even those deemed Hallmark ones.

  4. Those heart shaped pizzas are adorable! What a thing to do for Valentine's Eve!

  5. I love that you both used the same picture! The heart shaped pizzas are perfect for Valentine's day.


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