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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Never Ending Laundry!

There are some things in life, especially as a mom to a young child, that seem so repetitive and never ending.  As soon as breakfast is made and cleaned up, it seems a snack is being requested and then it's time for lunch.  Crumbs are constantly being vacuumed off the floor and from inside the couch.  Even the simple routine of brushing teeth, washing hands, and reminding him to go to the bathroom before we leave the house.  And the laundry, it never ends!  Between the washing, folding, and ironing, it seems that by the time I have one load completely done, another has already piled up in the hamper.  

I can't say that I hate doing laundry as much as some people do. I actually do find satisfaction in having all my clean clothes folded and put away and love having an empty hamper, even if it's only for an hour!  When Noah was a baby and spit up often, it felt like I was always throwing a load on.  And I try to block out the time in our life when Noah was leaking through his night diapers and I was changing his sheets on a daily basis.  Now that we are in a more predictable stage of life (at least when it comes to laundry), I've found that creating a loose laundry schedule has helped a lot.  I wash all of our clothes on Mondays and Fridays.  I usually end up doing three loads since I like to wash Noah's clothes separately and often have to wash my tops on gentle cycle.  Barring there were no middle of the night accidents, I wash sheets on Tuesday.  And all the towels (bath, kitchen, and swim) are done on Thursday.  As for ironing, this is a work in progress.  Right now, Chris picks out 6-7 shirts for the week and I iron on Tuesdays.  Ideally, I would like to have all of his shirts ironed and hanging in the closet so that I just iron as I do the laundry.  That way he wouldn't have to plan out his outfits in advance and we will be more prepared if something comes up last minute. 

^^^ we have three of these laundry baskets (old from Crate & Barrel) in our house.  One for Chris and me, a second for Noah, and we use the third in the basement to store Noah's stuffed animals!  I love the divider so I can keep my "gentle cycle" items separate from the rest.  

When we were looking at houses, I was very torn with whether I wanted the laundry room on the first or second floor.  I knew I didn't want one in the basement (two sets of stairs didn't sound fun), but other than that I didn't have a clear preference.  While having it on the same floor as our bedrooms sounds convenient, I didn't love the idea of the loud washer and dryer waking Noah if he was sleeping.  And I kind of like being able to switch loads throughout the day while Noah is playing without having to go up and down the stairs.  In the end, the house we ended up buying had a laundry room on the first floor, and so far I really like it.  It's not huge by any means, but it's much better than the "closet" we had in our apartment.  In theory, I love the idea of front loaders which then give you a work space above to fold.  But in reality, I didn't love our front load washer in the apartment.  It was constantly getting mold in the rubber front and I never found a way to fully clean it.  So while I miss the extra work and storage space, I was very relieved to have a top load washer again.  

When we moved in, the laundry room had a small linen closet as well as a hanging rod above the machines.  I knew I would need more storage than that, so we hung a simple wire shelf above the machines.  In the future, we might upgrade to actually cabinets, but for right now this works well.  We use this room to not only store our laundry needs, but also to store some extra bulk items, like tissue boxes, sponges, ziploc bags, and cleaning supplies.  Chris loves buying in bulk, and as you can see from the photos, we are very well stocked!  While I don't think I'll be buying sponges or detergent any time soon, I'm always amazed at how quickly we go through tissue boxes!

In addition to extra cleaning supplies, I also keep Noah's swim bag in the linen closet.  I find it easy to just empty Noah's wet towels and swim suit into the washing machine, and then refill the bag as soon as everything has dried.  It's so much easier knowing I'm prepared for the next week's class.  

I thought I'd share a few helpful tricks that really work for us.  First, is having an extra hamper that I keep in the laundry room.  Noah prefers to get dressed for school downstairs after he eats breakfast.  So every morning, his pajamas get thrown into the laundry room hamper instead of having to run back upstairs to his room.  It also comes in handy when Noah inevitably takes off his socks or I have a dirty kitchen towel.  My second trick is so new that it isn't even shown in the photo. I recently added a small trashcan to the bottom of the linen closet.  While I haven't really had a problem emptying pockets (yet), I do use it for cleaning out the lint.  I used to avoid this for way too long because it was a pain to have to take the lint trap to the kitchen (even though it was just around the corner).  But now that I have a trash can right there, I empty it out more often.  When it's full, I empty it into the large kitchen garbage.  I love when super simple additions make a big impact!

Drafting this laundry post reminded me of a conversation I had about 10 years ago with some coworkers.  Somehow we started talking about how often we wash our jeans.  Most of us, including myself, said that unless we spilled something that we wore them a couple of times before washing.  One of my male coworkers was shocked at this and told us that he washed them after every single wear.  This memory made me curious to hear how often people wash other things.  For instance, I wash our towels and sheets on a weekly basis.  As for clothes, other than jeans, I'm a wear once and wash.  Everything from pajamas, to bras, to sweaters.  But I really am curious what you guys all do, and I promise there will be no judgment!  I've seen some posts on Pinterest on how often you should wash and clean things, and I'm always convinced that people just don't live that way.  Are there people out there that really wipe down their toilets and sinks every single day?  Maybe there are, but I'm definitely not one of them! 

So tell me, how often do you wash your clothes (jeans, pajamas, bras, etc.), sheets, and towels???

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  1. I wish I had a laundry room! Ours are just in the kitchen since we have a small townhouse and then I use a drawer for all the soap and sprays and such. One day... I want a separate laundry room or area!

  2. I should take a clue from you and keep a stash of laundry detergent on hand. I am usually running to the store when I put the last load in.

  3. I used to love to do the laundry until I had 4 kids. Now it truly is never ending! That being said, if I did it every single day, I would drown in it and it would never get put away. Instead, I do it once a week. It ends up being well over 10 loads, because it includes sheets, but I make sure I complete the entire process that day. It's nice to have no laundry for oh, 5 seconds.

  4. Great tips! Our laundry room is just off the kitchen. I have a closet in there, but I use it as a second pantry rather than a laundry / cleaning supply closet - smart on your part! We also keep swim stuff in the laundry room, at least in the summer, but there's not really a place for that in there. And when my kids get undressed in the living room I just dump their dirty things into the machine for the next load. Also - laundry on a schedule helps here too!

  5. I enjoy doing laundry too! Its very satisfying. Youd think itd be the same with dishes but I loathe that job haha.

  6. Love your laundry room! I don't mind doing the laundry, but I hate putting it away! I don't have a set day that I do laundry...just whenever I feel like it needs to be done.


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