The Adventure Starts Here: Mama and Noah Currently | February 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mama and Noah Currently | February 2017

February was a short and kind of strange month.  The weather was all over the place... 60 degrees one day only to have a few inches of snow the next.  I literally can't keep up!  Here's hoping March brings us some more mild springlike days!

This is what we've been up to in February 2017...


I had planned to tell you about Costco's Vegetable Taquitos.  We discovered them on the Saturday before Super Bowl, when they were offering samples.  I dip them in guacamole and they make the perfect quick weeknight dinner!  I was hoping to buy another package, but just 3 weeks later and they no longer carry them!  I really hope they bring them back ASAP!

Noah is a lover of popsicles.  We recently picked up the Outshine Fruit and Vegetable kind and I've even started having a popsicle with him in the afternoons.  He loves the cherry and blueberry kind while I prefer the strawberry and lemon.  


We've had Amazon Prime for a while, but never utilized to it's full advantage.  Earlier this month, I decided to look into what movies were free for Prime members.  I found Age of Adaline and loved it... even though I couldn't talk Chris into watching it with me. 

We took Noah to see the Batman Lego movie the weekend it came out.  We got our tickets 2 weeks ahead of time for the 10 am showing and I love that you can pick your own seats now!  Noah was so excited, that was until we got to the theater and he remembered being scared by one of the previews when we went to see Sing with his cousins.  He all of a sudden got anxious, first saying that he didn't want to go in until the movie started and even suggested going home all together.  I stayed out with him in the hall until the movie started, and thankfully that did the trick and he really enjoyed the movie.  


Pink lipstick (Smitten) and gloss (Kissyfit).   I find wearing a bright lip is really brightening up Winter (and my mood) as I wait for the warmer weather to arrive (and stay!). 

Shoes that are too small!  This kid seemed to grow over night.  Everyone we run into comments about his height change, and I'm not surprised at all since he was complaining about growing pains.  Well I guess his feet grew too, because all of a sudden he was taking his shoes off in the car and complaining that his feet hurt.  And of course physical shoe stores for kids are rare these days and it doesn't help that Noah has extra wide feet, wears a size 12 now, but still needs velcro!  It took us two orders, but we finally found some new shoes that fit him... thank goodness!

Listening to

I was first introduced to Maren Morris when watching the Grammy's a few weeks ago.  I loved her performance with Alicia Keys and immediately bought her new album.  It's been on repeat since then. 

The ABC song while I brush his teeth.  I learned that they sing this while washing their hands to make sure they do it long enough, so I thought it would work for teeth brushing too.  The only problem is Noah can't help "dancing" along and it's hard to keep him still ;)


We've been making a new baked good each week.  This month we made banana bread, chocolate chip muffins, oatmeal cookies, and just this last week we made our apple zucchini muffins.  And I'm loving this cake stand that Chris got me for Valentine's Day!

Noah is constantly doing something artsy.  Whether it's drawing a picture with crayons, painting on his easel, or gluing and cutting, he loves being creative.  

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What did your February look like?  

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  1. I hate when I find something good and then it is gone weeks later. I hope they get some more in soon. I really need a good pink lipstick for spring. I may have to check that one out.

  2. I hate when Costco stops carrying things we like! So annoying! The weather here has been strange too! It is warm today and I didn't know it so my kids went to school in winter coats. I guess it's better than if it was cold and they went with no coats!

  3. Meghan, Ive been living off those popsicles for weeks now!! That is so funny!

  4. I love those popsicles! I think they are the best kind. I don't think I've ever had the fruit and veggie ones though? Do they taste like the regular ones? Or can you actually taste vegetables?
    That cake stand is so cute!!! I may "need" that too! ;)

  5. Looks like it was a good month for you guys! We loved the Batman Lego Movie too, as you know. I went in expecting it to be silly and I really enjoyed it. Those lip colors look beautiful! And I am sure they look great with your hair color. Mason had big feet when he was born and as a toddler, but now it feels like he has been in a size 13 forever!


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