The Adventure Starts Here: A Year of Dates 2017 | February - Once

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Year of Dates 2017 | February - Once

For Christmas, I gave Chris "A Year of Dates". That means that each month, I have planned out a date for the two of us to go on. Each month, he will open that month's envelope to find out what the date is. We did this back in 2014 and really enjoyed going on a date each month. Since then we have found it easy to push date nights to the side when we don't have them planned out. That's why I knew it was time to do "A Year of Dates" once again. This past weekend we went on our February date, and unlike last month's movie at home, this one required a babysitter, aka my mom.  

Three years ago when we first did "A Year of Dates", one of Chris' favorite dates was in March when we went to see Rock of Ages at the local theater in town.  We didn't live in a huge town, but this theater got some pretty decent shows, everything from comedy shows, to kid productions, to shows that used to be on Broadway.  So when planning the dates this year, I was pleased to find that the Broadway show "Once" was coming to that same theater.  We never saw the show on Broadway or even knew that much about the story, but I had heard such great things about the music.  Since this was not only our "February date" but also our Valentine's Day date, we decided to make an event of it all and grabbed lunch before our 2 pm show.  

Before I get to the details of our date, let's talk about my outfit.  It was a cold and dreary Sunday.  If we didn't have plans, it would have been the perfect day to just stay inside all day.  While I had originally thought of wearing a dress, I really just wanted to be comfortable and warm!  This sweater with the floral back detailing was perfect.  It kept me warm but had an extra feminine touch to make it a little more special for our Valentine date.  A sparkly necklace and a bright pink lip completed the outfit.  Not only was it cold, but there was freezing rain on top of that.  Thankfully the roads were fine for driving, but the sidewalks were a different story.  Some of the restaurants and stores had done a good job salting them, but there were quite a few patches of super slick sidewalk, causing me to have to hold on to Chris to keep me up.  While these boots are super comfortable despite the heel, I learned this weekend that they don't have much traction.  I felt like I was ice skating!  No worries though, I still love these boots!

sweater (now 40% off), similar (more sizes) | necklace (similar) | jeans
brown boots - I ordered up half a size and in wide width based on reviews. 
lipstick (Smitten) and gloss (Kissyfit)

Since the show was starting at 2pm, we opted to grab lunch before.  Since living in Morristown, a few new restaurants have opened.  One of which is a second location to a restaurant Chris' family has been going to for years.  We knew we liked the food, so we were eager to check this location out.  The funny thing is, it replaced a restaurant that we had gone to for our 2nd anniversary.  We really loved that place and it's vibe (it's still around, just in a new town), so we were excited to see if the inside decor would be changed.  They made some slight changes from the last restaurant there, but it definitely resembles the old restaurant more than it does their other location, which is a good thing. 

Since we went on a Sunday, they were serving brunch rather than their normal lunch menu.  We laughed when the waitress asked us the time when we ordered a glass of wine and a beer, since they can't serve alcohol until after 12.  Not sure if that is a New Jersey thing, but we are used to this rule and already knew it was past noon before ordering ;)  I think we both wanted warming up, I ordered the french onion soup and Chris ordered the chili... both were delicious.  We then each ordered a grilled cheese, mine had short ribs in it and Chris' had avocado.  And since we had some time to kill before the show started, and had no desire to waste time outside in the elements, we opted to splurge and get some dessert as well.  A small sacrifice indeed ;) 

I was a little nervous about the slippery sidewalks for our walk back to the theater, but thankfully the rain had stopped and the sidewalks were a little better.  Still some icy patches, but at least I didn't feel like I was ice skating the whole way ;)  While I usually prefer Orchestra seats, for this performance I was able to get some really good seats in the Balcony.  My general rule is that if I can't be in the first few rows of the Balcony, that I'd rather be in Orchestra, even if it's the last row.  We had 3rd row seats and on the aisle (which Chris loves).  And we just so lucked out that there was an empty seat next to me, giving us a little more room to spread out.  

The show takes place in Dublin and a lot of it is set in a pub.  As we were waiting for the show to start, the stage acted as an extra bar where the audience could actually go and get a drink!  It was pretty cool that you could go and really see the whole set up close.  Since we were already in our balcony seats when we learned this, we opted against going up, but we still thought it was cool.  And before the lights dimmed and the actual show started, the ensemble cast played some really fun Irish music as a pre-show.  Chris and I kept asking if this was the real show and were so confused why the lights were still up.  If you get a chance to see Once, I would definitely recommend it!  The show, and especially all the music, was really amazing and makes me want to go to Ireland.  You think I could get away with planning a trip to Ireland as one of our "dates" ;)

Stay tuned for next month's date.  March is my birthday month, so I'm sure Chris can guess what our date will be ;)

Does your town have any good local theater?  


  1. Ooooo...looks like so much fun! I love this date. I don't think I'd get Drew to something like that though I'd love it. Glad you had a great time.

  2. That top you are wearing is adorable! I love how it's plain, but then has a side panel of interest! Sounds like a fun date!

  3. Thank you for taking a photo of the menu. As a lover of food, I always find that so interesting. This looks like such a fun date. Makes me wish we had more options like this around here.

  4. Sounds like fun! Morristown is cute in its little downtown area!

  5. What a fun date! I love that sweater and the menu for brunch looked amazing! We fell in love with burrata while in Italy, but its so hard to find in Idaho!

  6. What a fun date! I've seen this idea of A Year of Dates on Pinterest and think it's great! I was just telling the hubby last night it's been forever since we've been on an actual date!

  7. I love this! I've been thinking about doing the Year of Dates for my honey and I, but I'm worried it will feel cheesy. Is that silly??? Maybe I'll do it for my Anniversary in me a little time to plan!

  8. Our date last month was this exact date (just with a different show!). I love going and doing really adult like things since we typically work around having a child.

  9. What a fun date! And I have no doubts that Chris had the most gorgeous date. :)

  10. I absolutely love the idea of a year of dates! It looks like you had so much fun together!

  11. The font you used for your cards is perfection! What a fun and out of the box Valentine's Day date. Your necklace is so pretty. And that food looks amazing!


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