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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What We're Reading Wednesday

I'm pretty excited to be linking up with some friends of mine for the first ever What We're Reading Wednesday.  While my personal reading has taken a backseat the last few months, we seem to always find new favorites for Noah!  Noah got a new book for Christmas that immediately became one of his favorites.  He has literally asked to read it multiple times each night and begged to come home early one day just so that we could read this book together.  While not a traditional story book, it's fun and promotes so much interaction.  This book was even on the top of his list of things to show his cousins when they came to our house to play last week.   Noah's 9 year old cousin loved it as much as he does!   

So the book we are reading nonstop is called You Choose.  I ordered it from my friend who works for Usborne Books.  If you haven't heard of Usborne yet, you should definitely look into them. They have some really cool books that aren't sold elsewhere. This particular book was a personal recommendation from my friend (and Usborne seller) who's son is one of Noah's best friends and classmate.  She told me that she didn't give this book much attention because the cover wasn't the best.  Apparently we all still judge a book by its cover, because I definitely wouldn't have picked it at first glance either.  She said her boys found it one night and asked to read it.  It became a family affair with lots of discussions and giggles.  I'm so glad I took her recommendation and ordered it for Noah, because we've had the exact same experience... it really is fun for the whole family!

The premise is that you get to pick where you want to go, who your friends and family would be, what your job would be, what kind of house you live in, what your hobbies would be, etc.  There are so many options that it really encourages your kids to be creative.  And I have to admit that I even had fun coming up with different scenarios, some practical and some completely ridiculous.  Noah usually lets Chris and I have a turn and then requests multiple turns himself.  One of my favorite pages is the one where you choose your occupation.  It's been a really fun way to start discussing all the different jobs you could have when you grow up.  

So as much as I love a good story book, there's something about an interactive book that really gets your family reading and spending time together.  And it never hurts to relearn the lesson that you should never judge a book by its cover!  

What are you reading this month???


  1. What a neat book!! I love how interactive it is. I have heard of Usborne, but I haven't ever ordered anything from them. This is really neat though =)
    Have a great day!

  2. My boys would LOVE that book! It looks amazing! I am so glad you linked up with us today!

  3. What a fun book! Do you remember reading the chapter books that had you pick what happened next which then would effect the entire story?

  4. Sounds like a really fun book! I have heard of Usborne, but have never really looked into it.

  5. That book looks like so much fun! Usborne has some good ones, and I love that the covers are so sturdy!

  6. Oooh! That sounds like the picture version of Choose You Own Adventure stories (tell me you read them too! Lol) I think I get more excited about children's books than I do about mine since there's more visual stimulation.

  7. That book looks so fun!! I feel like there are other books like that for older kids that I remember from my Barnes and Noble days... they're like you choose your adventure or something? Clearly I was a good employee... I can't even remember the titles! LOL

  8. I love this! I've never heard of this book, but I'm guessing it would spark so many fun conversations. The pages are filled with so many things to look at and talk about. We got a fun Usborne book for Christmas that requires a flashlight to see hidden pictures and my daughter asks to read it every day. Thanks for sharing :)


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