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Monday, January 30, 2017

On My Radar

With Valentine's Day and my birthday coming up, I can't help but browse for pretty things I wouldn't mind having.  And based on my "wish list", it's clear that I'm officially old, and I shouldn't be surprised that I'm turning 33 this year!  Last month, I've spent a lot of time going through each space and purging things that we don't need or I don't love.  As I go, I've been making a list of things that I think would serve a purpose in our newly cleaned out space.

coasters - while we do own a set, I'm not in love with them and I don't find they really fit in with our current decor.  I think this wooden set would be timeless.  If I can find them cheaper at Home Goods, great, otherwise I would love to have this set from Crate and Barrel!

cake stand - I have a few cake stands, but I would love one with a well fitting lid.  We ordered a random lid on Amazon in hopes that it would fit on my existing cake stand, but it honestly doesn't fit well, which in turns doesn't serve it's purpose of keeping the air out and my bake goods fresh.

wine rack - when we got married, we registered for a very large wine rack.  First off, we don't have the space for this large stand.  And secondly, we rarely ever have enough wine on hand to fill all the slots.  We live down the street from a wine shop and I prefer to buy just a few at a time.  I think 5 slots is perfect for us and this should fit perfectly in the cabinet above our oven.

recipe tin - up until now I've just stored recipes in Pinterest and looked them up on my phone when I need them.  And while that method still works for me for a new recipe, there are a few recipes that I make over and over.  And while I make them often, I still forget exact measurements of baking times.  So I would love to have my favorite recipes written down and within arms reach.  And this recipe tin is just too cute to pass up... I would love to have this sitting out on my counter!

latte bowls - this is probably the one thing that I probably don't really "need".  But I have a soft spot for colorful bowls.  Something about eating fruit out of a pretty bowl that makes it more appealing!  I can't decide if I need the mini bowls or the full size bowls, and what colors I should get... any advice???

What's currently on your radar???

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  1. This is a fun post! I am digging that cake stand. I am always looking for flat ones so I use them to take pretty photos :D!

  2. I would love love love the recipe tin! I've always said I'd love to pass down recipes to my child to use with his own family one day.

  3. That cake stand is so pretty! I agree about only having things you love or find to be beautiful and functional.

  4. Those bowls are seriously SO gorgeous! I feel funny saying that about bowls, but the colors are just so pretty and scream spring!

  5. Such pretty things! I LOVE those bowls and am a sucker for a pretty cake stand. I'd love to find some fun dishes for summer dinners on the patio, cute straws, wooden tiered tray and fun kid plates.

  6. I love all of these! I could definitely use that cakestand! I am on the hunt for one of those 3 tiered farmhouse stands!


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