The Adventure Starts Here: Noah-isms | January 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Noah-isms | January 2017

I love sharing the funny things Noah says.  And since I haven't done a "Noah-isms" post since November, I thought it was time to share some of my recent favorites!

When picking out his shoes or who he wants to do something with he often does "Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe".  But with Noah it's... "Eenie, Minie, Moe. Catcha Catcha Moe. Eenie, Minie, Moe".  Chris and I literally laugh every single time!  

Noah and I were sitting in the living room and Chris was in the kitchen.  Chris and I kept talking back and forth, and finally Noah says...
"What's all the commotion??"

For some reason, instead of saying "can", Noah says "allowed"
"You allowed to open this for me"
But the best is that I can make your hands clap song... "I allowed to make your hands clap"!

One day we were coloring a Doc McStuffins coloring book.  Instead of coloring each character, we instead would take a marker and color everything of that color.  Noah was doing pink, and I told him he forgot to do Lambie's bow.  He so sweetly said, "thanks for reminding me".  He's been saying that a lot ever since.  

One morning he told me...
"I love you and grandma the same amount" Not sure whether to be hurt by that or not lol
So then I told him I loved him as far as space and back.  To which he replied...
"That means it's "41".  41 to get to space and 40,000 to get back."  Umm, okay!?!

Noah is still very into the bathroom humor...

He told Chris to close his eyes for a surprise.  Chris was very hesitant.  
Noah said, "I promise it doesn't have to do with tooting"

"I know it was you that tooted because I didn't feel it in my butt" LOL

While it didn't end up happening, Noah was very adamant that he wanted to help take down the Christmas lights outside.  I told him it was kind of hard getting them off the bushes so we would have to help.  So he came up with a plan...
"I've got an idea... Daddy takes the lights down, hands them to you (me), and then you hand them to me to put in the box".  
I love that he's really thinking these things through ;)

After watching a Daniel Tiger episode about "differences", Noah started listing differences between him and me.  
"I have short hair, you have long hair"
"I like to play, and you don't" (Again, should I be offended?)
"I pick my nose, and you don't" HAHAHA

Noah has always played with my hair for comfort.  When he's tired or hurt or just needs some loving. He will randomly come over to me sometimes and just say "I want to play with your hair".
One night I was out at book club and didn't get home until 10.  Chris wasn't able to get him to sleep and when I walked in to his room, Noah immediately started crying saying "I missed your hair".  

Chris often gives Noah his bath before bed time, but if I'm home he only wants me to take him out and dry him off.  It can sometimes be annoying.  So one night, I'm drying him off and he tells me that I'm hurting his hair.  I told him that maybe he should have daddy do it instead if I'm so horrible at it.  He said, "No, I want you to do it, just not horribly".  

One day we were talking about something and asked if he knew what it was.  He said "Yes, it's like we did on holiday".  Umm, when did my kid become British?  I can only assume he picked it up from Peppa Pig.  

Chris one day took Noah to school and by accident missed the turn.  Noah thought it was hilarious and couldn't wait to run in after school and tell me what happened.  He said, "I like telling mommy things daddy does wrong!"

You can read more Noah-isms here.  


  1. These are the cutest! I can't even pick a favorite!

  2. I am laughing so hard because he is so much like Connor. Speaking of bathroom humor, Connor was going pee and tooted and he said "well it's that something!" He thought it as amazing he could do both at the same time.

  3. Too funny! Sadie picks up things from Peppa Pig too - she says bandages instead of band-aids and sun cream instead of sunscreen or suntan lotion!

  4. OMG! These are so funny. I swear Mason says the funniest things and it's ALWAYS in the car and then I forget what it was by the time I can write it down. I've been trying so hard though because I want to remember the sweet and funny things he says forever!

  5. Lol! Oh Noah! I love the allowed/can swap out. So glad to hear you dont pick your nose 😂.


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