The Adventure Starts Here: Little Letters | January 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Little Letters | January 2017

I was recently introduced to a new linkup that really sparked my interest.  Taz and Belly hosts Little Letters, where you basically just write a series of letters to anyone or anything you’d like.  I love reading random tidbits about other people's lives and I think this is a great way for me to do the same thing.  While this could be a really easy way for me to just vent and complain, I'm going to try to include just as many good things as I do annoying things.  Here's my first take on Little Letters...

Dear Resolution Exercisers (you know the people that made the resolution to exercise, lose weight, join a gym, etc.),  While I'm all for your new healthier life style, I can't stand how busy our local YMCA is now because of you.  I used to be able to get a decent parking spot when taking Noah to his weekly swim class.  But now, I have to park so far away I feel like I'm in the next town over... the Y actually is close to the town borders ;).  It feels even further away since Noah isn't the fastest walker.  And when class is over, I'm constantly worried he's gonna be freezing after just being in the pool.  And if you think about it, if your resolution is to exercise more, shouldn't taking a further parking spot help with that too???

Dear iPhone updates, I avoided you for as long as I could, but finally had to give in.  And you know what, while I love many of the new features, I just can't get used to not swiping to unlock!  I know in my head that I'm supposed to tap the home button twice, but muscle memory is really working against me with this one.  I keep swiping out of routine and getting aggravated when it doesn't work.

Dear Hibachi manager, I kind of have a love hate relationship with you at the moment.  When you made my son a balloon animal sword while we were waiting for our table, I thought that was really sweet and thought you were great.  Noah was entertained and I figured that you knew the probable outcome of giving a 4 year old boy a play sword in a restaurant, so I let him have fun.  But now that we are back home and Noah is adamant I don't throw it out, my fondness for your sweet gesture is on the decline.  Noah is now obsessed with knights and practice sword fighting.  I'm constantly worried I'm going to lose a lamp!  Here's hoping this "sword" pops or deflates sooner than later!

Dear remote car starter, I'm not sure how I feel about you right now!  I was so excited when we had you installed.  I had great expectations of starting you from the inside of my warm house.  But then there were a few times when I clicked the button, assuming you started, and went on with my business of getting Noah and myself ready for the day, only to walk outside and find out that the car was not warming up for the last 10 minutes.  I didn't realize I could get so annoyed at a simple key remote!  We brought it back in to where we had it installed and hoping it's now good to go!

Dear gas station attendant, You really are the best!  In the summer, you saw that my son had a mini meltdown when I didn't let him ask you to "fill it up with regular" and hand you the credit card.  Instead of giving the side eye to my irrational 3 year old, you let us "do it over".  You handed him back the credit card and asked him what we wanted.  Not only that, but since then, you by some miracle have remembered us and make a point to go straight to Noah every time asking what he can get for us.  You make my son feel special and important, which is huge in my mama book!

Dear Kings (grocery store), Thank you for thinking of the little kids who have to go grocery shopping with their parents.  Not only do you have the mini shopping carts that my son loves, but you have a little mailbox filled with lollipops for them to take.  And one day the mailbox was empty and you went right away to the shelf and got a new bag of lollipops just so my son wouldn't be upset!  You seriously make Noah excited to go grocery shopping!

Dear Kings, While I love your shopping carts and lollipops, I'm not a fan of your price of shrimp!  I mistakingly got a pound of shrimp from you and then found out it was $10 cheaper (!!!) at Shop Rite.  I really do love your meat and fish selection, but at that much of a price difference, I just can't rationalize it, especially to my husband!

Dear bug sitting on my kitchen faucet, You really gave me quite a shock the other morning!  I am absolutely petrified of bugs.  If someone else is home, they will immediately be called to kill them.  In fact I've even been known to beg my mom come over (who lives 10 minutes away) just to kill them for me!  This bug, that kind of resembled a grasshopper ???, wasn't even really moving, but for some reason I was freaking out over the idea that I had to kill it on my own!  I texted Chris and called my mom for support and killing strategies, and in the end decided to suck it up with my dust buster.  And then I had my mom empty the vacuum when she came over later that day.  Yes, I'm that big of a baby when it comes to bugs!!!

Any " little letters" you need to write at the moment?


  1. I don't swipe to open my phone but I found away to make it maintain the old way of holding down my finger to open instead of tapping twice. I didn't like the new way either! That is so sweet that the gas station guy remembers Noah and that Noah likes to request the fill up! And I remember Kings! Haven't been there forever!

  2. Ohh, I love your Little Letters graphic. So pretty friend! Your Resolution Exercisers letter made me laugh out loud. Especially that last sentence. #Truth That iPhone update was hard to get used to. Which iPhone do you have? If you upgrade to the 7 it’s not even a button anymore. It took some getting used to for me. I was most definitely not a bug person until I moved out to the country with a little land. I mean, I’m still not a bug person…I’ve just gotten used to them. We live next to a big cattle ranch and everyone around us has land so bugs are inevitable. Snakes too. Ugh! Snakes are one thing I could never get used to. They freak me out

  3. Im the same way with spiders! Never mind how irrational- the idea of one jumping on me or something is horrid. But Ive gotten to the point where I will scream and then whack em with my shoe, progress is progress ;)
    I totally forgot you cant pump your own gas! Now that is a luxury I would pay more for!

  4. This may just be my new favorite link up!!! I am laughing so hard reading everyone's.

  5. OMG I feel you on the bugs. Two summers ago when husby was in London, I was panicking because we had a WASP in the house and my senior citizen neighbor happened to stop by and ended up going back to her house for a fly swatter and killing it herself #nobigdeal Last week husby was on travel once again and facetimed me just as I found a huge and unidentifiable (much like yours!) insect - I kept him on for support as I killed it with an electric swatter but I literally had to pump myself up beforehand. I like your vacuum idea!! At least we no longer live in Scottsdale where we'd find scorpions on the regular. Also - the resolution exercisers are the worst!!

  6. Okay so I'm glad that automatic starts annoy you too! I got one in November and getting it started is now problem but unlocking the doors quickly is. I struggle every single morning!

  7. Lol! I SO wanted a remote starter for the car, especially with my early morning gym trips but Russ gave me a spot in the garage this winter for the first time in YEARS! It's pretty much the best thing ever. Those New Year workout people will start dropping like flies soon.

  8. These are so cute! We have a remote start and I hate when it doesn't work!

  9. I kind of love this! I'd never heard of this link up before but it kind of reminds me of my confessions posts. I may have to try this out next month!


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