The Adventure Starts Here: January: Clear Surfaces and New Toys!

Monday, January 9, 2017

January: Clear Surfaces and New Toys!

As much as I love decorating for Christmas (and other holidays), there's something really nice about taking everything down in January and living with some clear surfaces for a while.  I love the clean look and I also love having a month or so to really think about how I want to decorate going forward. And since I'm in a major purging mood right now, these clear surfaces are really making me happy.  I think Chris is still shocked at how serious I am about getting rid of "all the stuff"!  

And as much as I'm loving the minimalist vibe right now, the reality is that we will always have a lot of toys.  Noah is only going to be little for a short time and while I want to pare down, I have no desire in limiting his toys too much.  He's a homebody by nature and loves our lazy days at home playing board games, putting puzzles together, doing art projects, and independently playing with his toys.  The tree has been taken down and our Ikea Trofast is back in the corner.  While Noah loves building the big kid Lego sets, he still enjoys coming up with his own creations using Duplos.  I tried to involve Noah in the process of paring down his Duplos, but he said every piece was a must keep.  I highly doubt that, so I did some secret purging when he was at school.  But just in case I got rid of a super important piece, they are being stored in our basement storage area until it's safe to say Noah hasn't noticed they are gone.  The great news is I cleared out 4 bins and I'm now able to store some of Noah's other small toys, like his hundreds(???) of small action figures, in these bins as well!  And I could still probably purge some more of the Duplo pieces without Noah noticing!  

Speaking of Legos, we've been spending many days in our pajamas building some of the new sets Noah got for Christmas.  While he loves all the sets we have, these Lego Mighty Micros are a huge hit.  They are only $10 a set and have a superhero and villain riding little cars in each set.  I picked up every set Target had before Christmas and he got a few of them in his stocking.  I love them because they don't take a crazy amount of time to put together and Noah loves driving them around and coming up with pretend fight scenarios once they are built.  

Here are some more of Noah's favorite gifts that he received this Christmas.

Noah asked Santa for a Batman helicopter, and while he got it, I also found this remote control Imaginext Batbot that I thought Noah would love.  Noah plays with this a lot!  He loves driving it around with the remote control and it's pretty cool how it transforms from a car to a robot.  And it even shoots discs!

If Noah isn't playing with his new superhero toys, he's asking to play a board game.  We already had a pretty big collection, but we got a few new ones this Christmas that we all really love.  My parents gave Noah the Super Why Game and it's quickly become one of our favorites.  Noah loves the show and the game is just like it... fun and super educational!  If you want to work on letter recognition and other alphabet skills, this show and game are perfect!  

Chris and I love to play Words with Friends and Noah was very interested when he saw us playing Scrabble one day.  I remember playing Scrabble Junior as a child so I was excited when my parents gave Noah the new version.  For kids, there's two sides to the board, one where the words are already on the board and you just have to place letters on them to see who can form the words first.  The other side is blank just like regular Scrabble.  I love that this game will really grow with Noah as he learns to read and spell.  Right now he just likes finding the letters on the board and getting points when he completes words :)

And finally, some friends gave Noah Kerplunk for Christmas and it's so much fun!  While it's a little time consuming setting it up, Noah loves putting all the sticks in with me.  And this is one of the few games that he doesn't mind "losing" at when the marbles fall.  

If you've seen some of my recent Instastories, you know that we spend a lot of time playing board games ;)

Are you bummed or excited to take all the Christmas decor down?  What were some of your kids' favorite gifts this year?

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  1. Well...our tree usually stays up until mid January just because we love it lol. I didn't decorate much this year because we're in a rental and the majority of our stuff is boxed up. As for toys...our nearly 4 four year old got a couple board games and she is loving them. She's become quite a big of Candyland.

  2. I love how big and open the house feels when we take it all down. However, I did leave up some lighted garland with pinecones on the mantel because it makes my heart happy :). I couldn't loose ALL of the lights at once.

  3. My best friend got Connor each of the Micro Legos for Christmas and guess who put them all together? ALL 12!! ME! I'm such a good Mom.

  4. I have no idea how I'm going to purge our toys but I desperately need to! I had scrabble junior as a kid and my parents still have it. My kids played the full version recently but they ended up creating a board with all of our family members' names on it instead of actually making up words!

  5. I LOVE having Christmas (and Hanukkah) decor up but was also equally as excited to take it down this year. We got a new couch last year after Christmas and then a new TV console and it took up the spot our tree used to go in, so this year our tree took up more room than normal. Glad to have the space back!

  6. I had these big plans of keeping up some of our decor for a while and then I started taking things down and they just all came down. It looked weird at first but now I'm so glad to have more room for stuff... aka all of the presents that Mason got for Christmas! Ha. Sadly it still looks a little bit like a toy store exploded in here... I need to go though some stuff and donate!


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