The Adventure Starts Here: Bath Time

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bath Time

Bath time around here isn't only reserved for our bedtime routine.  Noah loves to play in the bath so much that I often like to give him a bath in the middle of the day.  Especially in the colder months when we are stuck inside more and need more activities to keep us sane.  Noah loves making up stories with his many bath squirters and also loves spelling words, either with his foam letters or bath crayons. I love that for at least 30 minutes, it's an activity that doesn't require much thought or planning on my part :)  I think the only part he doesn't look forward to is the actually washing part... he says he doesn't like the water dripping in his eyes.  

While he doesn't love the actual washing part, he's got the playing part down.  Bath squirters don't last forever (hello mold!).  So instead, we rotate them often and update them with whatever Noah is currently into.  This Christmas, he got some PJ Masks and Finding Dory bath squirters.  I love listening to him come up with ways for the PJ Masks to save all the sea creatures, and hearing how Cat Boy doesn't like the bath since he doesn't like water ;)

And while we don't always make it a bubble bath, especially when it needs to be a quick get clean and get out bath, bubbles definitely make it more fun.  I always find bath time lasts longer when bubbles are involved.  I was recently sent some bubble bath and lavender body lotion from TotLogic.  I love that they are non-toxic, safe for babies, and still smell really good!  I have very sensitive skin, so I'm always eager to find new products that are safe and gentle.  Noah was just happy that they made lots and lots of bubbles!  

*I received the bubble bath and lotion in exchange for my honest review*

The only annoying part about bath time, is the cleanup, especially with all the bath toys!  But I recently added these mesh bags and I'm loving how easy cleanup can be!  While they came with suction cup hooks, my experience is that they always fall down!  I've been using a 3M hook in our shower to hang my loofah sponge and it's holding strong almost 3 years later.  So I decided to use that method to hang these mesh bags from the tile wall in Noah's bath/shower, and so far so good.  Now we have a place for all his bath squirters where they can drip dry.  

And my favorite part of bath time is seeing Noah wrapped up in his cute hooded bath towel!  This summer we've been using a giraffe towel, but I thought it would be fun to update it with a more wintery animal.  I am a huge fan of the Pottery Barn Kids critter towels and love the Polar Bear Hooded Towel they are now selling.  Though I have to admit I was seriously tempted by the penguin too... tough choices I tell you!  In the end I was sold on the polar bear because Chris and Noah love watching this YouTube show with "Bernard the Polar Bear".  I knew they would both get a kick out of the "Bernard towel"!  

What is your favorite part of bath time???

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  1. Love those hangable mesh bags! When my boys were tiny I used a mesh bag that had held onions and hung it over the faucet until everything dried! And now I enjoy the occasional opportunity to give my grandson a bath. Fun times!

  2. So sweet! bath time play is the perfect way to keep the kiddo entertained... and contained. HA! These photos are precious. Your house has amazing lighting and you use it well.

  3. I am going to use grab some of those hooks and see if I can't get our bathtub under control. The bath toys are taking over!

  4. I use the same method for Sadie's bath toys but the one I got has these awesome suction cups that never fall! It was such a good solution after her bath toy bucket got all grody, and it doesn't take up a ton of space!

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with baths! There was a time that I couldn’t keep Mason out of the bathtub. He wanted to take baths all the time. Now it’s a battle to get him in. But once he’s in? We can’t get him out. He doesn’t even mind when the water gets cold. Noah in that hooded towel. OH my word! So precious. I love that photo of him.

  6. Confession: I have completely given up on bath time clean up. I just drain the water and let the toys chill in the tub. I just close the shower curtain and pretend they aren't there.

  7. Caleb loves playing in the bath too! He throws a fit when we're trying to get him in but then will play for an hour or so... Oh to be two again. ;-)

  8. They always so little again once they are in the tub! Lately we've been killing the long afternoons with bubble baths. I love it!


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