The Adventure Starts Here: Year of Dates 2017

Friday, December 30, 2016

Year of Dates 2017

Christmas 2013, I gave Chris "A Year of Dates".  We had so much fun going on monthly dates in 2014, even though we kind of dropped the ball once October came.  It came at the perfect time to remind us to go on dates more after having Noah.  In 2015, I just assumed we would continue the trend of going on dates, and for the most part we did.  But in 2016, we kind of slacked off again.  That's why I decided it was time to give Chris "A Year of Dates" again for Christmas.  And while I'm technically giving it to Chris, it really is a gift for the both of us.  And I can't wait to start having regular dates again.  

This year, I made 12 cards that each have that month's "date" printed on it.  I put them into envelopes, with a calendar printed on the front.  Each month, Chris will open that month's envelope to see what our date is.  Some dates are already scheduled, while others are more flexible.  Some dates require a babysitter, while others will be at home dates after Noah goes to bed.  There's a mix of more affordable dates as well as some more expensive ones.  The important part is that each month we will be making a point to spend time just the two of us.  

I really hope that Chris likes the dates I have planned for us.  And if he doesn't, I'm always up for changing things up as the year goes on.  I plan to share our monthly dates on the blog, so I'd love for you to follow along.  

For all of our 2014 dates, click here.  

And while we are on the topic of gifts for Chris... today is his birthday!  We will be spending the day celebrating both his and my sister in law's birthdays (who just happened to be born on the same day AND year!).  We will also be getting together with Chris' parents tonight to celebrate Chris and his dad's birthday (which was on Tuesday).  Even though Chris rarely gets his own celebration, Noah and I try to make sure he knows how special he is and how much we love him!   Happy Birthday Chris!


  1. I did something similar a few years ago and we loved it. We started off strong this year, but slacked off toward the middle and never got better. I want to really focus on us this year and having fun as a couple and not just parents.

  2. How fun! What a great gift idea!!


  3. I'm excited to find out what your dates will be!

  4. This is such a great idea! I know that he will love it. I can't wait to follow along as you guys go on your dates. Happy Happy Birthday Chris! SO cool that our sweet men share the same birthday.

  5. This is the greatest idea! And just so happens to be one of my goals for 2017. We do not make enough time for just the two of us. We need to work on that! Can't wait to read all about your dates! Happy New Year!

  6. Oh how fun!! I love that you're doing this again! Last year we definitely went on more dates when I gave that to Seth and a present and this year we TOTALLY slacked and almost never went out. I need to do this again too ti encourage us to go out more!

  7. So much fun. I really should do this one year too. That way we might actually make dates happen :P.


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