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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wrapped and Ready to Go!

Can you believe there's only 4 more days til Christmas?!?  While I feel ready and prepared, I still can't believe how quickly this month went!  I felt pretty good about getting my shopping done early, but unfortunately the post office is giving me some anxiety with one last gift.  I keep tracking the package and really hope it will arrive in time.  Other than that, I have one last gift I need to wrap, and then I'll be all set!  This year, I decided to put a little more effort into my wrapping.  I always love picking out pretty paper, but for the most part I leave it at that, adding a gift tag sticker and at most a stick on bow.  And while I still wouldn't call my wrapping fancy or creative, I love how my gifts turned out with some simple ribbon and tags!

My favorite paper hands down is this red truck and tree print I found at Target.  I wrapped some books in this for the Mommy & Me Book Exchange (as well as some of our 25 days of Christmas books) and everyone seemed to LOVE this paper!  I was tempted to wrap every single gift in this paper, but part of me is rationing it so I have some left over for next year!  This year I stocked up on some pretty ribbon and I love how it instantly makes my wrapped gifts look more complete.  And the best part is the ribbons don't get smushed like the stick on bows I used to use!  

This next package is about as fancy as I will get.  Last year I experimented with adding jingle bells to my gifts, and while I did that for my nephew this year, for the adults I stuck with these red berries.  I had some artificial red berry stems that I must have purchased a few years ago.  I found them in my seasonal closet and the leaves were faded and not really pretty enough to put in a vase anymore.  Instead, I snipped off a bunch of the berry stems and used them on my gifts.  

Since Noah loves to write and draw, I had planned for him to decorate some gift tags for a personal touch.  He wasn't really interested in drawing pictures, but he did end up putting a tree sticker on each tag and was willing to write their names on the tag.  The only problem was that Noah's writing is still pretty large and he could only fit smaller names on the tags.  We made do and I learned to go with the flow ;)  I do however love seeing Noah's handwriting on most of the family gifts!

Also at Target, I found these really cute gift boxes.  They are so pretty that you really don't need to wrap them, which is a really good thing since I don't think my wrapping skills would translate well to a round box!  I even bought the larger round boxes thinking they would be perfect for a grandparent gift, but was disappointed when they too small for what I needed by about 1/2 inch.  I contemplated returning them, but think they will come in handy in the future.  This small box though was perfect for one of our gifts and I love that I got to use these red truck and tree gift tags again!  

And while I really do love the traditional red and green, I was also drawn to this metallic paper this year.  I used this to wrap a gift for a family friend.  It just seemed a little more grown up and sophisticated compared to my other paper. 

And while I have upgraded to real ribbon this year, I couldn't help but use this cute black and white gingham stick on bow for Noah's teacher gifts.  I'm really loving the random black and white touches to my traditional red and green!  We are bringing these gifts into his teachers today and I really hope they like them :)

And while I had so much fun picking out fun and festive paper for our gifts, I stuck with some super kid friendly paper for Noah and other kid friends.  Last year after Christmas, we found so many character rolls for really cheap at Walmart.  Everything from Snoopy, to Thomas the Train and Cars, to Bubble Guppies and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Considering how much we have, I'm sure Noah will be over these characters before we run out of paper!  And if you have to go kiddie, you have to admit that this Snoopy paper is pretty darn cute!

Do you enjoy wrapping?  Do you pick one print and wrap every gift with it?  Do you add ribbons and embellishments or keep it simple?


  1. I actually love wrapping gifts. My friends think I'm crazy, but the paper makes me so happy and I love sitting with christmas music on and just wrapping away. I find it relaxing. Love your paper and you've made the gifts look so beautiful.

  2. I love wrapping, too! I've been using the same paper for YEARS with the exception of "Santa" paper, but this year I finished about 4 rolls. The day after Christmas I'll be stocking up on new ones. I can't wait! haha!

  3. Aaaahhh SO pretty. I used to say I could totally work at a gift wrap counter. I LOVE wrapping gifts. I think I have one more to go. You know, the really awkward one. Can't wait to tackle it. Maybe I'll look for a big box to put it in.

  4. I am completely done with all things Christmas as of last Thursday. I wanted an entire week of chill before the celebrations began and they start tomorrow for us. The only task I have left is to bake some cookies but they are for Santa so I am in now rush to make them.

  5. Love all your wrapping! Such fun paper choices this year! I'm getting so so excited for Christmas Day to be here, but also sad that it's all coming to an end!

  6. I love wrapping gifts and I'm seriously swooning over the paper you chose.

  7. I really, really need to slow down and put more effort into my wrapping. It’s not my favorite thing to do, so I am normally pretty ‘lazy’ with it. But seeing yours and how great everything looks I know I need to step up my wrapping game! That red truck paper has my heart! LOVE it. Beautiful packages, friend!

  8. Ooo!! Oo!! I was able to find ONE roll of the red truck and trees at our Target and Im totally hoarding it for next year :D Love your wrapping!!


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