The Adventure Starts Here: Snow Day and a Visit From Santa!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Snow Day and a Visit From Santa!

We had our first real snow on Saturday.  Nothing too crazy, especially compared to what we got last winter.  But there were a few inches on the ground, and with the freezing rain, a birthday party we were supposed to go to was rescheduled.  Instead, we all bundled up in our winter gear and got outside.  When we headed out, we weren't aware that it was already raining.  While it didn't bother Noah at all, I was constantly putting my camera into my jacket for safe keeping in between photos and throwing my hood on top of my winter hat to stay dry best I could.   Noah on the other hand couldn't care less and jumped right in.  He was very eager to help Chris, everything from shoveling to cleaning off the car.  We had to remind him multiple times not to use the scraper on the actual car.  And while his shoveling was cute, where he emptied his shovel wasn't really helping the greater cause.  But Noah had fun and thankfully there really wasn't much to clear and Chris was able to get it done pretty quickly.  

After making a few snowballs and realizing the snow was perfect for packing, I decided to try my hand at a snowman.  Last year I felt like the snow was never ideal and we never even attempted it.  I have to admit that this is probably the first snowman I've made as an adult.  But I guess my Canadian roots came through because I think I did a decent job.  Since we didn't have a crazy amount of snow, my snowman was a little dirty and had random leaves sticking out of it, but Noah didn't seem to mind.  While we rolled our three snow balls, Chris searched for one of the snowman kits Noah got last Christmas (both my mom and me and Chris gave him one!).  While I love the idea of the kit, I think we will go back to finding old school accessories from around the house the next time we make one.  The plastic parts kept falling out and they looked a little on the cheap side.  But it was cool that they had a few options for the lips and the eyes so you could make your snowman a girl or a boy.  Despite the accessories, I'm actually really proud of this snowman... probably more than I should be!

my coat | Noah's hat, jacket, snow pants, boots

Here's the thing... one of the reasons we were so eager to get outside was because Santa was supposed to be stopping by our house in a firetruck.  Our town has a volunteer fire station and each year they do a fundraiser where you can bring a wrapped gift down to the station with a $50 donation per family.  Then Santa comes by on a fire truck and delivers the gift to your child.  We did it last year and loved it.  We were assigned the morning shift, and since we were supposed to have the birthday party, I requested that we be first on the drop off list.  With the weather, they bumped the time up to 8:30 am, so we were out bright and early waiting for them to come.  By 10:15, Santa still hadn't arrived and we were getting cold and losing steam.  So we opted to come inside and warm up with some hot chocolate (for me and Chris) and blankets.  While Noah is a fan of chocolate milk, he doesn't like hot food or beverages.  Instead, he stuck with the blankets but made sure to eat lots of the marshmallow toppings ;)  

Chris kept his eye on the window the entire time, because he wanted to make sure we were outside to see the firetruck drive up to our house.  Thankfully, they have an SUV that gets to your house first to kind of give you a warning.  We quickly grabbed some dry coats, hats, and boots, and ran out the door.  Noah remembers Santa coming last year, so he was very excited!  Here are some screenshots from the video that Chris took as Santa pulled up.  Noah made sure to stay very close to me, but was very excited that Santa had brought him a gift.  We then made sure to get a family photo in front of the fire truck before Santa drove to our neighbor's house for another delivery.  I really love that our town does this every year.  What a great way to raise money for the fire department and make so many little kids happy!

my hat 

Curious what Santa brought him?  While the Imaginext Batman helicopter is on his list, this Santa brought him a Green Lantern toy. I was a little nervous that Noah would be disappointed when he guessed that fire truck Santa was going to bring his biggest (in size) toy, the Stellosphere, but thankfully he was thrilled!  It's making him even more excited to get the Batman helicopter!  

And if you're interested, here's last year's visit from fire truck Santa!

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  1. The Santa visit is so awesome!! What a cool thing for your town to do. I want to talk ours into doing it now. :) Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh that is so, so cool! We have a very small town, I wonder if they'd be interested in doing something like that. Merry Christmas!

  3. Noah's hat makes for great pictures with the snow! And how fun to have the snow out when Santa came!

  4. This is SO cool. What a great way to support your fire station and create some awesome memories for the kiddos too. I wish our town did something like this!

  5. Wow that is so cool that Santa comes around on a fire engine! What a cute idea!

  6. I want snow!! :) I think your snowman looks great. The firetruck/Santa delivery is just about the coolest thing ever. I love that your town does it. And great job on getting a family photo in front of the truck! Love it!

  7. Awww... What a precious snow day! And your little man is such a great helper! <3


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