The Adventure Starts Here: Santa Was Here!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Santa Was Here!

Every other year, Noah's cousins (and my older brother and wife) spend Christmas with us in New Jersey.  We all head over to my parents' house for a fun (and loud) time.  It's become a tradition that we spend Christmas Eve with my parents and Christmas Day with Chris' parents.  This year, that really worked out well, since Christmas fell on a Sunday and my brother and his family would be spending the morning at church.  So we jam-packed Christmas Eve with all of our favorite Christmas Eve and Day activities.   Decorating cookies for Santa, acting out the nativity (I shared all about it here), singing Christmas songs, and opening SO MANY gifts! The kids all wore matching Santa shirts, Grandma was perpetually worried that someone would get hurt, and I followed everyone around with my camera.  While there's something to be said about last year's quieter Christmas Eve, the hustle and bustle of 4 kids under 10 is really what Christmas is all about.  Kids really do make everything better and more magical!

 looking at the annual Shutterfly calendar that I make for my parents
 it definitely came in handy that both Noah and Aidan got Batman Hideouts!
 playing Guess Who really brought me back to my childhood!

We left my parent's house around 9pm and I was really shocked that Noah didn't fall asleep on the car ride home, even if it is only 10 minutes.  Not only was he awake, but he wanted to play when we got home.  I let him play for as long as it took me to get ready for bed, because let's be honest, Santa was tired and still had lots of work to do.  Chris brought all the gifts up from the basement while I got Noah to sleep.  I then got everything organized under the big tree and the stocking stuffers under Noah's personal tree in his room.  I've mentioned before that Santa leaves his stocking in his room just as my parents did for us when I was a kid. And I will take full ownership that we went overboard. And not only did Chris and I get Noah a lot, but in addition to the many gifts my mom gave Noah earlier in the evening, she also sent a bunch more for Noah to open Christmas morning.  This boy really is loved!

Thankfully Noah didn't wake up to find us playing Santa and slept all night.  I usually end up co-sleeping with him in his bed, and every day this month, he would ask me three questions when he woke up.  "Is it morning? Is daddy home? Is it Christmas?".  I was really expecting that to be his first question when he woke up Christmas morning.  But instead, he just woke up and asked if he could watch his iPad.  He didn't even notice the stocking and gifts under his tree in the corner of his room, and since I was happy to wake up a little slowly, I gladly handed over the iPad.  Chris and I eventually decided it was time to tell him it was Christmas and Noah then excitedly jumped off the bed to see what was in his stocking!

I was able to brush my teeth and put some makeup on while Noah and daddy did some activity books that were left in his stocking.  Then it was time to head downstairs and see what else Santa brought.  Noah was so excited!  Noah had asked for 4 things from Santa.  When he peered over the balcony, he said "I only asked for 4 things, that's a lot more than 4!".  I asked if we should return the rest since he was happy with just the 4 gifts from Santa, but he quickly declined that option and was thrilled to open all his gifts ;)

Chris picked me up a gift card to my favorite store, Loft, for Noah to give me.  Noah really had no idea about it but he was so cute with helping me open it.  But my favorite photo is when I tried to get a hug and a kiss from him afterwards.  He's definitely not my baby anymore!

Chris is a Mets fan and I was surprised that we didn't have a Mets ornament on the tree.  So I decided to surprise him with one.  And while Noah really has no interest in baseball yet, he has grown attached to the Red Sox team, to the dismay of his extended family Yankee fans.  Chris is a really good sport and thinks it's funny that Noah is so adamant about his "favorite team", so I made sure to get Noah his own Red Sox ornament that we can put up each year next to Chris' Mets ornament.  Who knows what will happen in years to come, but it will always be funny to look back and remember that Noah was a huge Red Sox fan when he was 4 :)

After all the gifts were open, Noah was very eager to start playing with EVERYTHING!  After we fought with the boxes to get every last piece free, it was finally time for him and Chris to play with all the new toys.  I took the opportunity to go shower and get ready for Christmas at my in-laws' house.  I was impressed with how well Noah took it that he had to leave all the new toys he just got.  He even smiled for the family photo I requested.  I told him that my Christmas wish this year was for him to smile in a few family photos, and he happily obliged... Merry Christmas to me!!!

How was your Christmas this year?


  1. You had an amazing Christmas. I like how you balance time with both families. That is something we really don't have to worry about since we live far away from family. They mostly just come to us when they can. I'd say Noah had a great Christmas, but so did you. So special.

  2. You did a wonderful job capturing the magic!

  3. Looks like an amazing time was had by all. Such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing, Meghan. Looking forward to more of your blog. Happy 2017 from Alan and I.

  4. I agree! Christmas should be loud and busy and everything the little ones dream of! It’s so fun to experience Christmas as a parent (and even as an aunt or uncle). They bring back the magical feeling of it all. Mason has had that Batcave for a few years and he still loves it! He plays with it all the time. And now he has all the other Batman Imaginext sets to go with it. So much fun! I love the tradition of putting the stocking in Noah’s room. I may have to do that next year. Oh my word!! He’s the cutest. “I only asked for 4 things, that’s a lot more than 4! The excitement makes my heart smile. I love that family photo. We totally bombed that one this year!

  5. What a fun Christmas you all had! I cant even believe it's over. It just goes by so stinking fast. That family photo at the end is precious. You should frame it next year for sure!


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