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Monday, December 5, 2016

Santa 2016

Noah has an interesting relationship with Santa.  He's a huge fan of him... from afar.  He loves to talk about him and even watch him from a safe distance.  It's just going near him that he isn't interested in.  As he grows up the more I'm learning how much of an introverted personality he has.  I don't want to push him into unnecessary situations that make him anxious.  So while we did take him to Santa, when he wanted Chris and I to go up with him, we happily obliged.  Noah didn't cry or anything, but he barely said a word to Santa and wouldn't even give him a high five.  Sitting on his lap or taking a photo with him by himself was out of the question, so we got another family Santa photo this year.  He asked Chris to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas and only spoke when we almost forgot to tell him one of the items on his list.  He still didn't speak to Santa directly, but rather spoke to us to remind us before we left.  

While Noah is hesitant about meeting Santa in person, he's more than happy to write him a letter.  I found this "letter to Santa" on Pinterest and had Noah write his wishlist.  While he's only asking for 4 things, they are all really long words.  I was impressed that he stayed interested and was able to write everything himself... with help from me on spelling ;)

On Noah's list:
Stellosphere (from Miles From Tomorrowland) - it's massive but it's the toy he's most excited for
Batman Helicopter (Imaginext) - when writing this on his list, I told him to write it on two separate lines (since I wasn't sure he'd fit it all otherwise).  He was really concerned that Santa would think he wanted a Batman and a regular Helicopter.  I told him not to worry, Santa would know!  
Lion Guard Lair - There are two sized lairs.  I was worried he wanted the big one, but thankfully talked him into asking for the smaller one!
Lion Guard characters - He loves playing with little figurines.  I'm surprised most by his request for Lion Guard toys since he doesn't even watch the show, but he's set on it.  

Once his letter was complete, we headed over to Macy's to drop it off in the Santa mailbox.  He was very excited to put it in the big red mailbox!  Macy's sells little red mailbox ornaments with the year on it, so we of course had to get one!  This will be his 2016 ornament so we can always remember this was the first year he wrote his own letter to Santa!

How do your kids feel about Santa?  What's on their list this year?

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  1. I think you guys just have a tradition of family pictures with Santa!

  2. Cam is exactly the same way with Santa. He talks non-stop about him, but when we went to see him or have been out and about and there's a santa he's shy or afraid. Silly boys.

  3. Marissa has always been a HUGE fan of Santa. No fear, at all. But Emily, Emily hated him for years and years and years. It was just last year (when she was nearly 5) that she decided he was okay. I love the family photo though, so sweet.

  4. Noah is so cute! Good for him staying focused and on task, but I guess if your gifts are on the line you put up lol. We (I) are slacking and need to get on our Santa letters!

  5. So many kids are apprehensive of Santa and prefer him from afar. And that’s okay! I love the family Santa photo. Noah did such a great job with his list. I was impressed by the big words he wrote. The mailbox ornament is the best keepsake to monument such a special and sweet time. Noah is so cute in front of the red mail box. I just adore that sweet boy!

  6. We are having Breakfast with Santa this weekend and I can not wait.
    I love that Noah was able to mail his letter. I've never done that and would love to find a way to allow C to do so.


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