The Adventure Starts Here: Holiday Ornament Exchange Reveal

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Ornament Exchange Reveal

Today is the day!  When we finally get to share the ornaments we received in the Holiday Ornament Exchange!   Liz, Crystal, Beth, Stephanie, and I were so excited to host this exchange and have been eagerly anticipating reveal day!  

I was partnered with Shelly from The Queen in Between. We emailed each other back and forth a few times, sharing a little bit about ourselves and talking about our Christmas decorating style.  After checking out her blog, I learned that we have pretty similar decorating styles.  I knew right away what ornament I wanted to send.  Head on over to Shelly's blog to see, but if you are familiar with my current holiday obsession, you might be able to guess on your own!  

As for the ornament Shelly sent me... I'm in love!  She sent me a Li Bien ornament.  While I'm not familiar with the brand by name, I am definitely going to be looking out for them in the future.  Shelly said that she loves that they are a little fancier than her normal ornaments and likes that they have the year on them.  That's exactly why I loved this ornament so much too!  It's easy to forget when you added specific ornaments to your collection, so I always love it when they add the year.  I also love the playful snowman on the back... it definitely fits in well with our family friendly tree!  

I really enjoyed cohosting and participating in this ornament exchange.  Our two trees are filled with sentimental ornaments, and we love adding a few new ones to our collection each year.  I love going through our box of ornaments each year and remembering details about a certain moment or year.  And so far, it seems Noah has inherited my love of Christmas and ornaments!  Last year, we gave Noah his own Christmas tree for his bedroom.  We then picked out a some ornaments of his favorite TV characters (like Jake and Thomas) as well as a few random ornaments (like a box of Dunkin Donuts donuts!).  I love seeing how excited he gets to decorate his tree.  He was so proud of the end result that he wanted to pose next to it for a picture, and even put his arm around his tree!  

I was a little nervous Noah would run out of steam and not be interested in helping decorate the big tree as well, but that definitely wasn't the case.  He loved directing the whole thing and telling us where to put each ornament.  I loved showing him his many many baby ornaments, especially the ones we got as gifts and the ones with photos on them.  It was also pretty cool to show him the ornaments Chris and I got before we had him.  Like our "first Christmas married" ornament and the ones we picked up in Italy on our honeymoon.  I'm so glad that Noah's at an age and has the personality where he's very careful and gentle with our special ornaments.  While I still like to be careful and keep the felt ornaments on the bottom and the more delicate ones higher up, I'm happy to report that we have yet to break an ornament :)

I let Noah pick out a new ornament on a recent trip to Crate and Barrel.  I love all their felt options and was kind of surprised when he picked this little pink pig... but it is really cute!  We also got him a Santa Mailbox ornament from Macy's to commemorate this as the first year he wrote his own letter to Santa.  I like letting Noah pick out ornaments he simply likes the look of, but also getting him one that represents something from the year.  

While not really an ornament, I love finding new things to add to our tree.  Last year was the beaded garland and some little red bow.  This year was some little sprigs of berries... and I really love how they look all over the tree!

And just like letting Noah choose a new ornament or two each year, I like to add a new family ornament to our collection.  For many years, we would get those family ones from Personal Creations where you choose how many people are in your family and they add your names.  But since our family won't be changing in number, I decided it would be more fun to add a different kind of ornament each year.  Maybe from a vacation or just a pretty ornament I find while shopping.  This year, I found a tree trunk ornament on Etsy and loved that I could personalize with our name and the year.  Next year I hope to have an ornament (or two) from our San Diego vacation!  

Do you enjoy getting new ornaments each year?  Is your tree full of sentimental ornaments, or do you prefer to have a color coordinated tree.  

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  1. Love the ornament you received!! So pretty and that saying is my favorite!! So beautiful! We have that same rocking horse ornament from Cam's first Chrismtas. :)

  2. Oh goodness she did SO well, that is really pretty. I am LOVING the ornaments that you shared too. That little T-Rex just might be my favorite! Well, that and baby Noah.

  3. I've never heard of that particular brand of ornament, but I love it! And it's the best when ornaments have the year on them!

  4. Shelley sent you such a gorgeous ornament. I'll have to look up the brand because I, too, love that the date is included on the piece.

  5. I’ve never heard of Li Bien either, but now I am curious. The ornament is beautiful and I am a sucker for ones that have the year on them. Noah’s ornaments are adorable. Mason has really gotten into Nutcrackers this year. I love the ornament you found on Etsy! We always save a sliver of our Christmas tree to use as an ornament, but they do not look this cute! haha

  6. You decorate so beautifully!! I love your and Noah's ornaments (especially the Dunkin Donuts box lol!)

  7. Such a fun exchange, and that is one beautiful ornament!

  8. Shelly picked out a great ornament! I just loved this swap, it's always so fun!!


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