The Adventure Starts Here: Buddy the Elf Shenanigans 2016 - Week One

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Buddy the Elf Shenanigans 2016 - Week One

Last year was the first year we did the whole "elf on the shelf" thing.  We decided to wait until Noah was old enough to really appreciate it.  While our elf doesn't cause problems or make messes, he does move around each night and get himself into some pretty funny situations.  And while I would love to take credit for Buddy's creative shenanigans, I can't... it's all thanks to Chris.  As soon as we started talking about starting the elf on the shelf tradition, he was vocal that he wanted to have creative control.  He comes up with all the ideas, executes them, and then sends me nightly photos of what Buddy is up to.  Every morning, I record Noah looking for Buddy.  Even though Chris can't be there every morning, he at least gets to see his reaction (which is usually pretty funny) on video... and I get to have a month's worth of videos for documentation purposes!  

Over the next few weeks, I hope that by sharing Buddy's Shenanigans, I can give you some inspiration, or at the very least put a smile on your face :)  And if you want to look back at past Buddy posts (from this year and last), you can see them all here.  In addition to my weekly recaps, you can also follow along on Instagram (hashtag #buddytheelfshenanigans2016 )

Buddy arrives for our North Pole Breakfast...

Buddy takes a sweet bath...

Buddy practiced his building skills...

Buddy's helpful even in the bathroom...

Buddy helped us kick off the first day of our Advent calendar...

Bedtime is the right time to fight crime... I can't think of a rhyme

Buddy wanted to be tall just like Noah...

Pin for later???

Have a great weekend!  I hope your elf stays out of trouble :)


  1. Chris is so creative! I love it. My favorite is him fighting crime with PJ Masks.

  2. Love all of these ideas! Cute yet simple to execute!

  3. So cute! I love having fun with our elf. Chris is doing great!

  4. I love creative Chris is! The marshmallow bath is my favorite!

  5. I adore the fact that Chris wanted control of the Elf shenanigans and that he gets so into it. That’s just awesome! I need to start videoing each morning too. I just wish there was more light in the mornings when Mase is looking for his elf. These are all great. I think my favorite is the “Buddy wanted to be taller” one! So creative. I can’t wait to see what else Buddy gets into this Christmas season.

  6. I love that you and Chris tackle this project together. I think if I had help I would have done it again this year (maybe even last!) but I found that when James is traveling, I'm solo on this and well, I don't want the extra work.


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