The Adventure Starts Here: 2016 Christmas Home Tour

Friday, December 2, 2016

2016 Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my home!  I'm so excited to share how I decorated our house for Christmas this year.  As I've mentioned many times before, Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday and therefore I love everything that goes along with it... especially decorating!  This will be our third Christmas in this house.  I feel like each year is a learning experience where I try out new things and figure out the things I love or not so much.  The first two Christmases, we were making some pretty large purchases in order to start our Christmas collection.  From our artificial tree, to the garland and outdoor wreaths, none of it is cheap.  This was the first year we didn't make any large purchases and instead just added a few new smaller touches.  

First up is our living room.  For the most part, this room is very similar to last year.  The tree is still filled with sentimental ornaments and has the same star and tree skirt.  I once again lit the tree with a combination of small and large bulbs to give it some dimension.  I used the same beaded garland and red bows that I added last year.  The only difference is that I added some sprigs of red berries... and I love it!  

The biggest change in this room is my Christmas village collection.  While the houses aren't new, how I displayed them keeps changing each year.  While I can never be sure, I think I've officially found my favorite way.  The first year, we had them lit up and displayed on our dining room buffet.  Last year, we had them on a bookcase shelf, but they weren't plugged in and lit up.  This year, since Noah is now old enough to be careful with our decorations, I decided to display them on our sofa table. Noah has been really good with not touching the houses.  We did have a few broken pieces, but that was my fault when I was taking them out of the box.  Nothing a little super glue couldn't fix.  Noah does however like "driving" the red truck ornaments to the different buildings ;)

I love that they are in our living room but can all be lit up.  And just as I did with our tree, I have plugged them all into a power strip (using some extension cords) so that I can leave each individual switch on and control it all with the power switch on the power strip.  I love that with one switch, I can turn all the houses on and off each day.  We have the same set up with the tree lights, star, and the garland.  It makes life so much easier!   

 houses from Michaels 

I also added a new pillow to the mix this year and switched up the garland on the stairs.

 pillow from Home Goods

Speaking of the garland on the stairs... this was my biggest annoyance this year.  Originally I had planned to upgrade my garland.  I had contemplated using real garland, but after getting some advice, went with some artificial garland from Costco.  The garland was absolutely beautiful, but the lengths of the garland made it a little tricky.  One strand wasn't long enough to do the stairs, but two strands was too much.  I ended up buying three, hoping that we could make it work on the stairs and the landing, but it just looked funny.  While the Costco garland was much cheaper than other stores I've looked at, it still wasn't cheap.  So instead of hanging something that we didn't love, we opted to return it and stick with our old garland for the time being.  We did however hang our garland a little differently this year, and I'm liking it a lot more.  I'll spend the next year brainstorming for next year!  

 Mistletoe "ornament" (old Target)

Next up is the kitchen.  This is the first year I really decorated the kitchen other than adding some festive dish towels.  I added some artificial branches and hung some mini boxwood wreaths from the windows.  Right now they are attached with ribbon and painters tape, but I think I will pick up some 3M command hooks for a sturdier hold.  I love how some simple touches add a big impact to our kitchen.  

A Christmas candle, poinsettias, and some wine always help me get in the Christmas spirit!

Last but not least is our dining room.  It's a nice mix of keeping some of the decor the same from last year while adding in a few new accessories (Target is my weakness!).  Just like last year, we won't be hosting a Christmas dinner this year.  So instead of setting the table, I opt for a casual table that is ready for whatever board game or puzzle we want to do.  I love adding a few decorative touches to the gold tray that can easily be moved out of the way if we need to use the entire table.  

gold tray | poinsettia | snowflake napkin holder | reindeer (Target)

I displayed my favorite nativity set on the buffet again this year with some artificial trees on either side.  I love the addition of this felt Merry Christmas banner that I found at Target.  I am obsessed with red buffalo plaid, so I just had to get it!  But this isn't our only nativity set, Noah also has his own.  He's learning all about Jesus' birth at school, so it's nice for him to come home and be able to play with his own set too, since mine is definitely off limits!  He's already excited about being a shepherd on Christmas Eve when we act out the nativity with his cousins!


While I've tried to decorate our house with a mixture of old favorites and just enough new touches to keep things interesting, one thing will always be the same.  This right here is my favorite spot to sit at night.  Now that it gets dark so early, I love spending the evening hours, curled up on the couch, looking at the glow from the Christmas tree!  

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  1. Your decorations look beautiful and add so much holiday fun to your home. I love your Christmas tree and the houses are awesome. My mom has a bunch of houses, so those make me smile. Such a bummer about the garland, but what you have looks good. Your kitchen is so bright and cheery. I love the simplicity you did in there.

  2. Just gorgeous! Your pictures are beautiful! I love your village. My Mom has a village that I used to play cars with when I was little. haha! I have a firehouse, but would love to add more.

  3. Your photos are beautiful and all the decor is so cozy and classy. I love seeing other Christmas villages, I'm the same...constantly changing where I put ours.

  4. I love the little village! Great photos.

  5. Everything looks so pretty! I need to finish this weekend. I don't think my ceramic village is going up this year, though. My 3 year old will destroy it!

  6. Everything looks beautiful! So much to love - those mini wreaths on your windows, that Merry Christmas banner, and the cute kid friendly decor. Great job!! I need to finish decorating our house this weekend.

  7. I love your Christmas decor! You do such a nice job making everything feel cozy!

  8. Holy moly your house looks AMAZING and so festive!!! I love all the decorations. This year my mother in law added a garland to our stairs and I LOVE how much more festive it makes the place look. I need to take some pictures!

  9. So simple and SO pretty. I love the photos you took Meghan. Thanks for joining the home tour fun.

  10. First, your photos are amazing!! Next, I love all of your decorations, everything is so pretty! I need to find that mistletoe ornament ball from Target :)

  11. Your kitchen decorations are so cute - simply and classic, but enough to add some Christmas spirit to the room!! Love your nativity scene, and the little banner above!

  12. Everything is so beautiful, friend. I love the Christmas village and where you put them this year. They look great there. I am loving all of the bokeh in your pictures. I’m obsessed with bokeh. I need to get a mistletoe. Mason keeps asking why we don’t have one and I really don’t know why we don’t. I think my favorite thing is the Willow Tree Nativity. I have wanted one for the longest. I need to just pull the trigger and get it.

  13. Your home is gorgeous. I am quite envious of the natural light you have.

  14. I love your garland on the stairs! I really wish our stairs were in a place to do that! Also, we had similar ideas for our kitchen wreaths! Looks so great!


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