The Adventure Starts Here: The Evolving Play Date

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Evolving Play Date

Ever since Noah was about 6 months old, we've been scheduling regular play dates.  It all started when I joined the MOMS Club.  Play dates with 6 month olds are really kind of cool and definitely more for the moms.  The babies would sit on the carpet and happily play with a  toy, or at most they would crawl a few feet over to grab something new.  All the while, the moms would chat and get some much needed adult interaction.  As the kids grew more mobile and opinionated, play dates became harder.  I remember going to a park to meet up with friends, and sometimes you wouldn't even get to talk to the other moms because your kid had no desire to go where all the other kids were.  Noah never seemed interested in the swings when I wanted him to!  So instead, you ended up following around your new walker making sure they didn't fall off the play structure.  Then there was the stage where your kid would happily play next to the other kids, not with, but next to.  But since they were still so young and their speech so limited, you had to make sure you were always close by in case a sharing, hair pulling, or biting incident needed to be handled.   But it seems that we have finally turned a corner when it comes to play dates.  Now that Noah goes to school, he and his friends are happy to go off and play with each other, often without any assistance from the moms.  They can now communicate well and are able to come to us if a disagreement occurs.  As a result, I am finally able to sit back and chat with my mom friends again!  

With this new found independence, I've begun to tweak how I entertain when hosting these playdates.  It used to be that you just worried about the kids.  I made sure to always have kid snacks on hand and maybe some waters for the moms.  Who had time to eat when you were making sure your 2 year old didn't destroy someone else's house or break a toy.  But now that we get some downtime to actually sit and chat, I've started putting out a little spread for the adults to enjoy.  

While I would love to say that we sit and talk over a glass of wine, most of our play dates are still in the middle of the afternoon.  So instead, I opt to put out some muffins and tea.  It's the perfect balance of showing you cared by taking the time and effort to prepare for your guests but also being super easy.  Chocolate chip muffins that I made from a mix in under a half an hour, a variety of tea bags and some hot water and you are all set!  And with the colder months heading our way, this is the perfect way to beat that afternoon slump.  The kids enjoy playing with each other and you get some downtime before having to prepare dinner!  

And before I know it, I will be dropping Noah off for play dates and not even sticking around!  In fact, we've already hosted a drop off play date with one of our best friends... and it was really successful!  It's crazy how fast they grow up!  

So tell me, what stage are you at with play dates?

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  1. My 3 year old is is a toddler tornado right now, so playdates aren't very relaxing. I can't wait until he gets out of this phase because I would love to talk to my friends again for more than a minute without chasing after him!

  2. Oh man, I kinda miss play dates. We don't really have them anymore. Now days if we are doing things with friends, we are going places. Big sigh!

  3. I'm pretty sure I've never even been to or hosted a play date. I'm totally missing out!

  4. Goodness, Im still halfway into the hovering around my toddler and getting some chatting in with mom friends lol. But all those stages go by so fast! I would love to have a cup of tea with you lady :)

  5. <3 Playdates are my favorite!!! I have a great group of moms that I do them with and, since they have a few slightly older kids, their kids keep an eye on my toddler so I can chat!

  6. A drop off play date sounds like heaven on Earth. Imagine all the things you could accomplished without your sidekick.


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