The Adventure Starts Here: Some Super Celebrations for a Super 4 Year Old!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Some Super Celebrations for a Super 4 Year Old!

This past weekend was all about our little boy turning 4!  While Noah's actual birthday was last Wednesday, and we had a breakfast celebration complete with gifts the weekend before, there was still more celebrating that needed to be done!  

On Saturday, we had a party for Noah with all of his friends at a bounce house place.  This place specializes in making sure kids have fun... they had 25 parties on Saturday and another 20 scheduled for Sunday!  We've gone to a few parties there before as well as many open gyms.  Noah absolutely loves it there and he was so excited to have his party there!  Chris was equally as excited and was right in there with all the kids the whole time.  Chris isn't the dad to just watch and observe, he's right in there playing with the kids.  Letting them tackle and wrestle with him to the point that I had to be "the mom" and come in every once in a while and say he needed a rest.  At one point they all followed him out of the bounce house as he was going to take his break!  

After bouncing for well over an hour, the kids were all sweaty and ready for some pizza.  We had a superhero theme with an Avengers table, balloons, and cupcakes.  We even had our friend make Noah a Captain America and Hulk birthday shirt and told our guests to wear their superhero shirts if they had them :)  It was a nice mix of Noah's school friends, friends we've known since Noah was a baby, and even some of my friends that I've known since middle school that also have kids!  With 18 kids, it was chaotic at times, but everyone seemed to have a really great time... especially Noah!

 ^^^ friends since Middle School!
 cupcake tower and candles from Party City
cupcake toppers from Etsy

On Sunday, we had our families come over for a birthday dinner.  My parents came, as well as Chris' parents, brother, and Gram.   It's become a tradition that we take some photos with the birthday boy (who needed to be bribed with Starbursts this year), open presents, and then watch the super long (I'm talking 30 minutes) video I make before we eat dinner.  Noah said his favorite gift was the Batmobile that his Uncle Justin gave him, which he proceeded to play with throughout the entire video.  

 ^^^ Grandma & Papa (my parents)
 ^^^ Chris' family - Granddad, Uncle Justin, Gram, and Nonna

After dinner, we sang to Noah one last time over this fire truck cake.  He originally was going to continue on the superhero theme, but changed his mind last minute while flipping through the book of cakes!  That cake was absolutely delicious, but boy did that blue icing stain!  I was a little nervous he'd have a blue mouth for picture day the next day, but thankfully it came out with lots of face washing and teeth brushing!  

So that's a wrap to the weeklong birthday celebrations!  Now it's time to play with all of Noah's new toys... and find a place to store them!  I think we will need to go through Noah's old toys and do a major purge before Christmas!

Happy Birthday to my goofy 4 year old!!!


  1. Awww, Noah had one heck of a birthday. The bounce house place looks like a lot of fun and yummy cake!! I'd say he had a pretty amazing time turning 4.

  2. Well, I'd say that Noah had the best birthday week ever! Is the video a compilation of the last 4 years or from 3 to 4?

  3. Lol that last photo is my favorite. We are HUGE fans of silly faces. It totally looks like Noah was celebrated with a whole lot of love.

  4. Looks like the perfect week celebrating such a sweet four year old! I adore all of the pictures! I love that you guys watch a video in your family gathering! So special.

  5. The party looked like such fun and I love the cupcake toppers! I also like that you are matching in stripes in the family pictures - and your dad too!

  6. Such a fun fun day!! We did heroes last year and it was a hit with everyone! Happy Birthday sweet Noah!! Here is to year 4!

  7. What a fun party!! We have a local place called The Bouncin Barn and it's so much fun. Looks like everyone had a blast and that first picture of Noah getting birthday kisses is so sweet :)

  8. What a fun weekend!!! Man that bounce house place is busy but I guess they have enough rooms to cover all those parties, so that's good! Bounce house parties are always fun and are especially great for moms since we don't have to clean and decorate and we get to enjoy and then leave the mess behind :) Sounds like everyone had a really great time!


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