The Adventure Starts Here: Happy Birthday! | Noah at 4 years old

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Birthday! | Noah at 4 years old

Today is Noah's 4th Birthday!  And as Noah often reminds me, I am no longer a mom to a "baby" but rather a "big kid".  Since Chris is at work today and might even have to work late, we decided to do a little celebrating this past Sunday.  Chris and I sang him Happy Birthday over a stack of donuts and gave him a few gifts.  This coming weekend is going to be all about his birthday as well.  His kid party is on Saturday and we will be getting together with the grandparents on Sunday to celebrate some more.  As for today, I will be bringing in a treat and reading a few books to his class in honor of his birthday.  My mom and I are then treating him to a birthday lunch and maybe even a trip to the toy store :)

Here are some photos from our Sunday celebration as well as some details all about Noah at age 4...

^^^ we made sure to get Noah's favorite... chocolate and pumpkin :)

In preparation for this post, I went back through some of my old "Noah posts".  I love re-reading them, reminiscing on how little he was, and seeing how much he's changed over the months. While many things stay the same, it's really fun to see how his interests have changed and how much he's learned over such a short period of time.  Just last update I was commenting about how weird it would be to have a 4 year old.  And while I'm still kind of shocked that we are already here, in some ways it just feels right.  Noah is growing into an amazing young boy and I feel very fortunate to be along for the ride.  

Height:  43 inches
Weight:  44 lbs
Size: 5T pants, 5T (toddlers) or XS (boys) for tops, 11.5 wide in shoes

While there's always a chance of it changing over time, for now it seems Noah is a lefty.  He writes, draws, and paints with his left hand.  So far the only thing he seems to use his right hand is to cut with scissors.  
We recently got Noah a bike with training wheels (an early birthday gift). Until then, Noah was riding a Ninja Turtle big wheel.  He's really good at riding it and can go really fast.  He's slowly getting more and more comfortable with his bike, but most times he prefers to ride his big wheel since he can ride faster on it.    
He's becoming more comfortable on the playground and is becoming more physically agile.  He's still a cautious kid compared to most boys his age, but he's getting better with time.  He used to hate slides at the playground, but now he happily goes down the small ones on his own and will try the larger ones if one of us holds his hand.  While he's still hesitant about the tall playground slides, he has no fear when it comes to those huge bounce house slides, which is a good thing considering that's where we are having his birthday party!  
Noah's swim skills have really improved over the last 6 months.  As of the last update, Noah was just starting to hold his breath and stick his head in the water on a regular basis.   Now he's swimming very short distances on his own.  If you asked Noah, he would tell you he knows how to swim.  And while he's doing really well, I wouldn't trust him to go swim in a pool by himself.  But with weekly swim class, I'm excited to see how he's doing in another 6 months!  
Noah is now able to dress and undress himself all on his own.  While he still prefers me to help him, I'm proud that he's fully capable.   
Noah is a pro with the alphabet.  He can sing the song, identify all his upper and lowercase letters, and write all of his uppercase letters.  He can write his own name with no help from me (not even spelling it), as well as "Mom" and "Dad".  He can write any word as long as we spell it for him.  
He loves to draw and is getting better at drawing things that we can actually identify.    

While Noah was a little delayed with his speech compared to his friends, he is definitely catching up now!  He is now speaking in full sentences and I love to hear all his questions and thoughts.  There are still many words that he doesn't pronounce correctly, but he actually likes it when we tell him how to properly say each word so he can repeat it back to us.   For example, he was saying "aminal" and "reboon" for animal and balloon.  We would repeat it back to him correctly and when he takes his time and thinks about it, he's really good at pronouncing these words correctly now.  In the car one day, we randomly came up with a game where we would each come up with different stories involving animals and balloons.  Simple sentences like "the animals love to play with balloons" and "the man was making balloon animals".  I love that Noah was having so much fun while practicing his speech.  

Recently, I've been sharing some "Noah-isms".  Here are a few current ones...

One morning before school.
Me: I'm gonna miss you today when you're at school.
Noah: Not me.
Me: You're not going to miss me?
Noah: I'm going to miss giraffe (his stuffed animal).
Me: That's not a very nice thing to say.  
Noah: I'm going to miss giraffe and your hair.  

We were at the store and I had a migraine and Noah was tired.  He said that when we got home, he wanted to go upstairs and lay down.  When we got home, I said I think it's time we go up.  
Noah: I agree
Me: You're the cutest kid ever
Noah: You're the best mommy in the whole world.

Noah loves to play his guitar and make up little songs.  In reality they are just little stories they come up with while he strums, but they are so cute...
"There was a cupcake who was looking for a friend.  He found a watermelon.  Happy ever after."
I'm telling you, I have a future songwriter on my hands ;)

His teacher does a mystery box each week.  She puts an item in the box and then the kids try to guess what it is based on some clues.  One day, it was a tape player that they use for books on tape.  None of the kids guessed it and even after seeing it they still didn't know what it was.  He was telling me about it but couldn't remember what it was called, so he described it as a rectangle that read the words of the book instead of his teacher.  I guessed what it was and then started telling him that before DVDs (I don't think he even knows what a CD is) and my iPhone/iPad, that we would listen to things on tape.  To which he replied, very excited, "That's what SHE said!!!".  

After watching a new Patrol Patrol episode, for days he would tell me his favorite parts.  
"When Robo Dog hits the horn" and "When Marshall says who turned out the sun and shake your bootie".  

We were at the store one day and I sighed at a frustrating person.  When they were still in earshot, he asked me "why did you just go... and then proceeds to recreate my face and sigh".   It was spot and rather embarrassing!  

The first thing he says each morning...
"Is daddy home?"  

What was your favorite part of the day?
"When daddy got home"

He asked for me to help him go to the bathroom...
"But your my best friend, so you need to do everything with me"

"Carry me downstairs.  I'll give you hugs all the way down"

On the way home from the grocery store, I kept worrying that the watermelon was going to crush the eggs.
Noah: I have an idea... next time daddy asks you to get a watermelon, tell him no.

When I got off the phone from making our anniversary dinner reservation for me and Chris...
"Why 2 and not 3"

Books - Brown Bear Brown Bear, How Deep is the Sea
TV Shows - My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Little Einsteins, Super Why, Thomas, PJ Masks, Daniel Tiger, Octonauts, Team Umi Zoomi, Paw Patrol
Toys - Magnatiles, Legos, board games, puzzles, Octonauts Gups, Transformers, Superhero figures
Foods - hard boiled eggs, plain pasta, grilled cheese (when I make them), "dinosaur" chicken nuggets, cheese and crackers, smoothies. Banana bread, apple zucchini muffins, pumpkin muffins.  Carrots, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, apples.  Ice cream with sprinkles, Skittles, Swedish Fish, Milky Ways, popsicles, Oreos, chocolate Munchkins.  Pizza and Chipotle are his first choices when going out to eat.  Chocolate milk is his preferred drink now (even over apple juice).  

Preschool, swim, art and sports enrichments.  Going to the playground and riding his bike. Playing at home.
Drawing, writing, painting, coloring, cutting, play-doh... anything crafty!  
Doing puzzles - the big 100 piece kind now!
Bubble baths, his iPad, playing with daddy, board games.   
His best buds... Owen & Jonathan, JP.
Superheroes!  His stuffed animals, giraffe specifically.
Playing with my hair.  Being carried.  

Wearing real pants.  Rushed mornings. 


Naps are very seldom.  When he does nap though, it really pushes back bedtime.  Normally he sleeps from around 8pm to 6:30 am, but with a nap he often doesn't go to sleep until 9:30.  
Still doing well with the potty.  Last year he was struggling with using the bathroom at school, but he's a pro at it now.  They take the kids after they go outside and before snack even if it's just to try.  But he's also good at telling them if he needs to go at random times too.  He's really good at giving me warning when we are out.  At home, I sometimes have to remind him/make him go because he gets so involved with playing that he holds it longer than he should.  But so far no real accidents.  At night I still put him in a pull up just to be safe.  Though he's really good at waking up in the middle of the night to go.  We've only had two mornings where the pull up was wet.  
Noah can be really shy at first.  I think he's just cautious and likes to get the lay of the land.  Once he feels comfortable, he's not shy at all.  From what I understand, he is very similar to how Chris was as a child.  

In addition to candles and singing, we gave Noah his gifts (from us) a little early.  This year, an art easel (and the bike we got him a month ago), were his "big gifts".  Since Noah loves doing arts and crafts and always runs to use his friends and our family's (Nonna & Granddad and cousin Kaitlyn) easels, we figured it was finally time to get him his own.  We got him the Melissa & Doug art easel and accessory set that includes paper, spill proof paint, chalk, and a dry erase marker.  In addition to his main gift, we also got him a Lego Junior Race Car set, a Melissa & Doug self correcting puzzle, Superhero sheets, and an old school (2009) Hess Race Car that Noah loves to play with at school.  The funny part about the Hess Race Car is that Noah told us that the one at school ran out of batteries.  Now that we own it, I have a feeling the batteries were conveniently misplaced... boy is that thing annoying!  

^^^ I found the camo wrapping paper at Target.  He was so excited when he saw his "camo" gifts!
^^^ Noah loves putting Legos together, but he especially loved racing the cars with Daddy for the rest of the day!
^^^ while I was nervous he wouldn't be excited about getting sheets as a gift, he really loved these Superhero sheets!
^^^ Noah didn't look very excited when he first opened the puzzle, but it was the first present that he wanted to open and play with.  He was adamant that we do the whole alphabet before we even sang to him!
^^^ Noah's face here cracks me up.  Pretending he didn't know that the paint set was for him to use with the easel!  

Another amazing year has passed but the birthday celebrations just keep coming!  I don't mind though... I absolutely love celebrating this kid!  

Happy 4th Birthday Noah!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Noah!! Glad you guys got some family celebration time over the weekend. I love the donut "cake". Such a cute idea. He's got so much to look forward to this week!

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  4. Happy Birthday to Noah!! Four is such a fun age!!

  5. Every single time you do these updates I am surprised at how little Reed is compared to Noah. I think it's because they're birthdays are so close, but I don't know why it still shocks me every time. I would so love to see them side by side! (We're sitting at about 41 inches and 30 lbs over here, haha!)

  6. Happy Birthday! Some of things about him remind me of my Simon. I have a leftie child too - Zachary, not Simon though! And I lol'd at his quotes. I loved the tape recorder story!

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