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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Educational Gifts for Kids - Making Learning Fun

In my opinion, screen time is not all bad.  I know that there are times where I need to unwind, and watching a show or playing a game on my phone or iPad is the perfect way to do so.  The same applies for Noah.  And while I don't think kids (or adults for that matter) should be glued to a screen all day, I do think that they offer a great supplement to learning.  The main issue is choosing educational based material so screen time is a benefit rather than just mindless junk.  I love that there are so many educational shows on television that Noah loves to watch and most of the time requests on his own.   And while Noah would watch toy reviews on YouTube all day if I let him, I'm glad that I have found the KidloLand app since it is not only educational, but also super fun.  

KidloLand is an interactive app that shares thousands of songs, nursery rhymes, stories, games and educational activities catered to children 0-5 years old.  Noah was so excited to explore the app and after playing with it for weeks, there are still parts that he hasn't uncovered yet.  His favorites at the moment are the Colors and Shapes, Fruits and Veggies, Animal Kingdom and the Dinos.  He just recently discovered the Activities section and loves doing the puzzles, sorting things by color, and doing connect the dots!

Besides the fact that it keeps Noah entertained while he's learning, my favorite part of the app is that it doesn't require using data.  Noah's iPad is the kind that only works on wifi.  When we are at home or somewhere with free wifi, he's free to roam, but otherwise he's stuck to apps that don't require using data.  This fall, we've made an effort to get outside for afternoon walks while the weather is still nice.  Noah isn't always as excited about sitting in the stroller however, so I have to entice him in some way so I can get a 30 minute walk in.  Since we keep our mornings pretty busy, I figured this was the perfect time to let him have some extra screen time.  Since there's no wifi on our neighborhood walks, the KidloLand app is perfect!  Since we already downloaded all the books, songs, and games when on wifi, he's ready to explore the entire app from his stroller.  Noah gets to learn and have fun while I get a peaceful walk without any complaints.  And who needs an exercise playlist when you can listen to KidloLand's catchy songs! 

While I am often skeptical about monthly subscriptions, this app is totally worth it!  There are so many activities for your kids to explore.  The books, games, songs, activities, and puzzles will keep your child interested and learning for months, if not years, to come!  And with the holiday season, a subscription would be a really great gift to give to your child or even from a grandparent or other family member.

KidloLand is available for download on these devices:
iOS (KidloLand) // Google Play Store (Nursery Rhymes For Kids) // Amazon Appstore (KidloLand)

In addition to watching shows and playing with apps that are educational, Noah's also liking more and more "educational toys".  He loves reading books, playing board games, building Legos, putting puzzles together, and doing art projects.  While he loves playing with his superheroes and monster trucks, I find that he really enjoys doing more hands on toys that help him learn.  Noah just celebrated a birthday and these are some of our favorite educational gifts that he received... 

Ukloo (a game that helps early and non-readers learn some sight words)
Highlights and National Geographic subscriptions

Thank you to KidloLand for sponsoring this post. We were given a 6-month subscription in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own and I only share things that we really love and use!

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  1. My girls always loved High 5 when they were younger. Marissa is a huge fan of Ranger Rick too!


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