The Adventure Starts Here: An Untraditional Thanksgiving

Friday, November 25, 2016

An Untraditional Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that we don't seem to have a set plan year after year.  Chris' parents are often away in Cancun, and since I've known Chris we have seemed to do something different each year.  In case you have any interest, here's a rundown on our last seven Thanksgivings: In 2009, right after we were engaged, I went with him and his family to Cancun but came back early because I was in my friend's wedding on Black Friday.  In 2010 and 2011, Chris' parents were in Cancun, and we spent the holiday with my parents and my brother's family, once in Rhode Island and once here in New Jersey.  In 2012, Noah was only 3 weeks old.  Chris' parents were once again in Cancun but my parents and younger brother brought a traditional, yet super casual, Thanksgiving dinner over to our apartment.   2013 was the first Thanksgiving since I had met Chris that his parents were home for the holiday, so we spent it with them at their house.  In 2014, we flew out on Thanksgiving day for my brother's wedding in Toronto.  We spent Thanksgiving night at their rehearsal dinner eating steak :).  And last year, we were back at my in-laws.  

While not necessarily unusual for us, we had a somewhat untraditional Thanksgiving again this year.  Instead of a full and loud house with hours spent in the kitchen, we went out to eat.  And while this isn't the first time we've gone out to eat on Thanksgiving, here's our reasoning behind the decision.  First off, my in-laws were back in Cancun.  So that meant we were spending the holiday with my family.  My older brother and his family were staying in Rhode Island and my younger brother and husband are currently on a cruise in South America.  Which meant it would just be the three of us and my parents this year.  In addition to that, my mom and I just made a huge turkey dinner complete with all the sides, a month ago for Canadian Thanksgiving.  Since we just had a Thanksgiving, and Noah is happy with a hard boiled egg and some raw veggies, we really didn't feel the need to go through all that hassle for 4 adults.   So instead, we made a reservation and left the cooking and cleanup to the professionals.  

We were able to have a relaxing day at home, watching the parade in our pajamas (Noah's favorite was the Trolls float), before getting dressed for dinner.  We went to Seasons 52 where they offered a Traditional Thanksgiving menu in addition to their regular menu.  I wavered back and forth up until I placed my order, but in the end decided to mix and match and order exactly what I wanted. 

We started off with a flatbread appetizer and some cesar salads.  While they offered the traditional Thanksgiving menu for kids too, Noah has no interest in turkey and potatoes, and instead opted for his usual butter pasta.  While Chris ordered the turkey, the rest of us ordered off the regular menu.  My mom and I both decided we wanted the traditional Thanksgiving sides, but weren't really excited about the turkey.  So instead, we ordered the short ribs but requested the mashed potatoes, butternut squash, and green beans.  It really was the perfect Thanksgiving compromise!   And since it took us much longer to eat our multiple courses than it did for Noah to eat his pasta, he made himself at home on the large booth and watched some YouTube.  

Everything was going great until it was time for dessert.  Leading up to and during dinner, we kept telling Noah that if he ate well he could have vanilla ice cream for dessert.  So when it was time to order desserts, Noah ordered his ice cream and was very upset when they said they didn't have any.  He immediately started crying and demanded to go home.  I actually felt bad for the waiter, cause there really wasn't anything he could do.  Noah just kept asking, "how do they not have vanilla ice cream???".  As if that wasn't bad enough, they were also out of the pumpkin pie dessert that Chris was really looking forward to as well!  Thankfully Chris was able to contain his disappointment and didn't end up crying like Noah did.  As usual, Grandma saved the day and told Noah that she had some Dove ice cream bars at home.  Tears were wiped away, the check was paid, and we rushed home so that Noah could enjoy his ice cream.  Thanksgiving was saved!   

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?  Hopefully it was with plenty of pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream ;)


  1. I think your non-traditional thanksgiving has become your tradition.

  2. Dang fingers. And I love that it's different. You had fun and enjoyed your family. That's what it's about.

  3. Looks like fun, besides the missing ice cream!

  4. Sounds so relaxing!! And we have that monkey backpack too! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Poor Noah. I am totally in agreement with him though. Glad grandma came to the rescue. Also I think Chris' parents have the BEST idea ever. I want to spend Thanksgiving in Cancun :P.

  6. It may have been unconventional but it sounds like it was wonderful!

  7. This actually sounds like a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving! I am all for not having to wash all those dishes. Our time was split between 3 different places making it a busy day!

  8. We went out to dinner too and it wasn't too bad but I think this may be our last attempt at that. The restaurant was only serving Thanksgiving and I didn't really dig what they had to offer. And poor Connor got stuck with a grilled cheese because that was the only "kid" dish they had.


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