The Adventure Starts Here: Practicing our Shapes with Have You Seen My Monster?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Practicing our Shapes with Have You Seen My Monster?

Even though Noah goes to school 3 mornings a week this year, it hasn't stopped me from including some fun learning activities into our daily schedule.  Noah loves to read, craft, and draw, so he's always excited when I tell him I have something fun planned.  I recently learned about this book called "Have You Seen My Monster?" and figured it was the perfect jumping off point to practice our shapes.    

The premise of the book is that a little girl is walking through a carnival, looking for her monster.  On each page, there's a black and white drawing with a colored shape incorporated into the drawing.  Noah had fun finding each shape, but especially liked spotting the little girl and the monster on each page... it was like a super easy look and find (which he adores).  While Noah is very good at identifying and naming all the basic shapes, this book goes much further than that, with shapes like a nonagon and trapezoid.  He really liked learning the names of these "new" shapes and even told Papa and Grandma all about them when they came over for a visit... he even asked to read the book again with each of them.    

Since Noah didn't really need practice identifying his shapes (we did that here), I focused on having him practice drawing his shapes.  He loves to write his letters and make pictures, so I figured he would have fun practicing drawing his shapes as well... and he did!  We stuck to the four basic shapes for right now and will move on once he's mastered these.  I found this great printable and had Noah work on tracing the circle, square, triangle, and rectangle in all different sizes.  As with most things, he did much better when he took his time.  

Now that he had the hang of tracing the shapes, I gave him a blank piece of paper and he attempted drawing them on his own.  At first he tried to draw the shapes in one continual motion.  By never picking up the crayon though, he had some pretty curvy shapes.  I then showed him how to do it and once he picked up his crayon after each line, he was doing much better.  The triangle was the trickiest for him, but once I realized he knows how to write the letter A really well, I showed him that they were very similar... you just have to move the horizontal line to the bottom ;)

While this is all I had planned for him, Noah wanted to keep drawing and decided to make a robot out of shapes.  While technically the robot is just made out of squares and rectangles, I loved that he came up with this idea on his own.  He named him Xray and was so pleased with his creation!  

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How do you help your children practice their shapes?

You can find more "Have You Seen My Monster?" activities, recipes, crafts and more over at Raising Fairies and Knights.

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  1. That book looks adorable. I've never heard of it, but will definitely be looking for it now.

  2. That book does look so cute! Noah has some serious shape skills friend. all those lines and angles really make writing easier too. Happy Monday!

  3. Definitely adding that book to our wishlist!

  4. That sounds like the cutest book ever!

  5. We haven't read that one! I need to pick it up. Love the activities you coordinate with the books you guys read!

  6. That looks like a good book! I have been trying to work with workbooks for numbers and letters with Elin in the evenings.

  7. Your child is a genius. My kid still eats paper and crayons. ;)

  8. We're doing Halloween activities this week and I found some super cute ghost shape tracers you might like.

  9. Wow, his free-hand drawings are really good! And I love his robot! So happy you joined us for the month!


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