The Adventure Starts Here: My Month in Numbers | October 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

My Month in Numbers | October 2016

Happy Halloween!  It's hard to believe that when we wake up tomorrow morning we will be starting another new month.  What is up with these months that go by so quickly!?!  If only February would go by just as quickly!  We had a very busy month filled with Fall activities, as I can only assume many of you had too.  October always seems to be our busiest time of year, but I'm hoping that once we celebrate Noah's birthday in a few days that we can have a few weeks of calm before we get into the craziness that is Christmas.    While I may be a little early, I am once again linking up with Shoes to Shiraz where she prompts us to share a monthly recap in numbers... you can read my past posts here.  I love recapping our months and am really enjoying this format so far!  Here is my October in numbers...

Number of...

8 - Birthdays celebrated

Between kid parties, family, and friend birthdays, we've had a lot to celebrate.  Lots of gifts, singing, and cake, and we aren't complaining one bit :)

11 - Chicks hatched

Noah's class had an incubator filled with little chick eggs.  They got to watch them for about two weeks and watch them all hatch.  I'm not positive, but I think there were 12 originally and one didn't survive.  Thankfully the kids are not aware of this.

3 - Hayrides

We went to the farm twice, meaning we went on the hayride twice.  We also got to sit next to Ernie on the hayride at Sesame Place!

9 - Recipes made

While I've cooked most nights this month, I don't really consider all of my meals "recipes".  Some of the recipes I made this month were new, while a few were tried and true favorites.    This month we made pumpkin muffinsmini pumpkin pies, chicken teriyaki casserole, and chili & corn muffins to name a few.

30 (at least) - Pumpkins

Between the fake pumpkins I decorate with, the little pumpkins I used as place settings for Canadian Thanksgiving, to all the pumpkins we have picked up at the pumpkin patch and decorated, we have a lot of pumpkins in our house!

5 - Trips to the playground

I kind of expected us to have more trips to the playground this month.  We've had some pretty good weather (at least during the week) this month, so I'm not sure why we haven't gone more often.

31 minutes 22 seconds - Length of Noah's annual video

While Chris and I love watching these videos, I'm not sure if anyone other than family would be interested in a video this long!

3 - Trash bags filled with expired food from my pantry

Last week I got tired of things falling out of my pantry when I opened the doors.  So I finally took everything out, checked expiration dates, donated things we no longer eat, and organized the rest.  I'm kind of embarrassed that we had so much expired food in there.  My goal is to not overbuy so that we don't run into the same problem again.

1,733 - Photos in my October Folder 

Plus whatever I take today... which could be a lot, since it is Halloween!  Boy do I take a lot of photos!

55 - Days until Christmas!

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I really can't wait for December so we can start enjoying all the festive fun!

What are some of your "numbers" for October???


  1. Your pantry is so organzied!! I'm just happy to have one in our new house. Ha ha! Looks like a great month. I'm so pumped for Christmas and can't wait to decorate.

  2. Woah pantry craziness. Sometimes I find lots of expired condiments in my fridge. Mustard, salad dressing and other weird stuff. What was in your pantry that was expired?

    Looks like October was a pretty great month! And Wahoo, 55 days!

  3. Holy birthday parties!!! Also can't believe it's only 55 days until Christmas. I would like to decorate now.

  4. Great month! I think when Noah is bigger he will love that video! My kids watch videos from when I was younger sometimes!

  5. Sounds like your October is my July! Birthday party overload!
    And MAN your pantry is organized!!! I don't even want to show you a picture of mine! Ha!

  6. 2016 has flown by, but October especially. I mean, where did it go? I love these posts by numbers. For the first time ever I kept a running note on my phone and after each day I jotted down the things we did. This may be my largest in numbers post yet. How cool that they got to watch the eggs and chicks over a period of time. That’s exciting! I love that you make Noah a yearly video. You are so great at things like that. So jealous of your organized pantry. That’s one thing our home lacks…pantry space. We have to improvise with cabinets and a shelf in our utility room!


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