The Adventure Starts Here: How To Host a Football Party... And Actually Watch the Game!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

How To Host a Football Party... And Actually Watch the Game!

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Football season is in full force.  And whether you are a college or professional football fan, many weekends are spent on the couch watching the game.  And while I am the first to admit that I am not a huge football fan, my husband is.  While my idea of a fun weekend doesn't involve sitting in front of the TV all day, I do like to entertain.  So I decided to combine our two interests by hosting a football party.  And in case you want to do the same, here's how you can host a football party... and actually watch the game!

We like to spend our time as a family on the weekends, which often leads us to entertaining our friends who also have their kids in tow.  So when we host, there are inevitably people who come to watch the game, while there are others who really aren't that interested (like myself).  In our group of friends, it's usually the guys who want to watch the game, while the women usually end up chatting and keeping an eye on the kids.  But that's not always the case... I know for example that my SIL is a much bigger college football fan than my brother is!  Whatever your situation is, one of my biggest tips is to make sure that everyone, regardless of why they came, is having fun.

For those who want to watch the game...

Since the the reason for the "party" is to watch the game, let's start there.  Food plays a pivotal role whenever I'm entertaining, and it's no exception here.

On the menu...
something filling: chili (staying warm in the crockpot) with some sour cream and cheese toppings and some corn muffins
something salty: popcorn and pretzels (in personal "football" bags)
something sweet: football themed SNICKERS® Bars and SNICKERS® Crispers

I wanted to make it super easy for the guys to get up and refuel even when the game is on.  So I set up the food on the sofa table in our living room.  While the guys don't necessarily care about the presentation, I couldn't help but have fun with some simple football decor.  It's really easy to add a few football themed touches without going overboard.  From a black and white checkered runner that reminded me of the referees, to the football inspired treat bags, to the red and yellow napkins inspired by the penalty flags.  You don't need to go crazy to make your football party fun and festive.

But my favorite part are these SNICKERS® Bars in the football themed packaging.  With football phrases like "Tackled", "Incomplete", and "Offsides" they are the perfect addition to any football party (or tailgate!).  I picked mine up at CVS, which is the perfect one stop shop for your game day needs.  And right now, CVS has a digital coupon to save $1 off SNICKERS® when you buy 2!  

And these football inspired treat bags couldn't be easier to make.  I simply picked up some old school lunch bags (does anyone still bring lunch in a brown paper bag like we used to as kids???) and some white washi tape.  Then I just cut and placed the tape on the bag so it looked like the laces on the ball.  My husband was quick to point out that there should be an extra lace, but I choose to ignore comments like that ;)

For those not interested in the actual game...

Chances are that if you have young children at your football party, that they won't be interested in watching the game, at least not the entire time.  But it doesn't mean they can't join in on the football fun.  In my experience, kids like to color and they like to snack.  So I covered Noah's art table with kraft paper and turned it into a football field using white washi tape (same that I used for the football inspired bags) and a chalk marker.   Some crayons and some pretzels, and your kids should be entertained for a while, or at least 5 minutes ;)

Other than that, it can't hurt to have a designated area, that is away from the TV, where the kids can just play.  That way, once they've had enough of the game, they can go off and have fun and leave the football fans in peace.

Then there are the adults who are most likely watching the kids instead of the game.  Since I am in that group, I like to make the afternoon/evening special too.  I do this by putting out a nice cheese platter that we can enjoy while still keeping the kids alive and occupied.   Not to say that we don't also partake in the living room spread, but it's nice to have something extra that's all our own!

Cheering on your team!

Now that your guests have been fed, I like to add in some fun details to make the game a little more exciting than if you were watching at home on your own.  I do this with some pom poms and penalty flags.  I think guests of all ages will have fun cheering on their team and the penalty flags can get pretty hilarious!  Not only do the kids have fun throwing them around, but it would be rather comical to throw the penalty flags for things like foul language and other party fouls throughout the game!

Get moving!

Depending on the time of your game and party, I think it's fun to incorporate some games. If the weather cooperates, we love to get outside either before or after the game, or even at halftime, for some yard games.  Our personal favorites are corn hole and ladder golf.  But really, anything to get you moving after sitting and watching the game for so long does everyone some good.  And this is the perfect time for all of your guests, including the kids, to have fun together!

And finally... do yourself a favor and record the game.  Even if you are watching the game live, when you are watching it in a group setting, you'll be happy to have the option of rewinding.  Maybe someone won't stop talking or your kid interrupted the biggest play of the game.  Whatever the reason, you will be happy to be able to go back and watch it again.

How do you make game day more fun!?  You can find more game day ideas here!


  1. I'm all about the food and my husband is all about the football! I love your tablescape!!

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  3. SO smart!! I love having a play area for the kids near the TV so that we can all watch the game. I also love the cute football bags, yummy food and your football party set up. We are huge football fans so I could definitely put these ideas in our place for our next get together.

  4. Just picked up some snickers yesterday! Love them!

  5. Love this setup! What a fun get-together to watch the game! And now I'm craving chili and cornbread!

  6. I am much more of a college football fan! Friend! You are so good at this. I want to come to your next party. ;) everything is pure perfection!

  7. Great tips! Love paper table cover idea! (client)


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